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The History of the Drow 

-------------------------------------------- - Everhate is here! revenge of the drows..

Drow contest 3

<img:> I greet you traveller, to the house of the drow. I am your teacher [akhirah] and i will feed you with great knowledge of those dark, blood thirsty elves that live in deep underground caves.
Despite their dark nature, or perhaps because of it, drow have gracefulness of their movements and the force of their will power can make them powerful leaders who are at one and the same time attractive and terrifying but above all, Difficult to refuse.



[Angel Dreamer]
[Tal Anduril]
[Linn Scarlett]
[Thanato's Will]
[Fetish Dolly Koneko™]



They are often exquisitely beautiful and with a fascinating, but deadly elegance and grace

Skin color: Black/Very Dark Grey
Hair color: White, silver or light blonde
Eye color: Bright red, blue or yellow. (they shine white when light shines directly into them, like some dogs)
Height: 157cm - 188cm (tend to be smaller and thingger than the other elves)
Poisons: sleep, paralyse, instant death - (only for nobles)
per day: Total darkness, blue energy blast - (only noble drows can perform this technique) Magical Tears (rare)

Most importantly The females are also stronger and larger than the males.


Drow Personalities

Drows were banished to the underdark (underground) and lead a very competitive lifestyle and would rarely form what surfacers would call a Conscience. The Lack of of love and care in their upbringing adds to the lack of Empathy.

They are extremely arrogant, highly ambitious and utterly ruthless!

They have a delight in inflicting pain and the suffering of others, they have a vicious heart.
It is extremely rare to find any sign of Unselfish concern for the welfare of others; selflessness or a Conscience.



The start of the Drows lifestyle begins when the child Reaches the age of 8 and is able to walk and speak Fluently. (very young compared to the other elves)
From the age of 8-19 They are sent to schooling in the care of a junior priestesses. They are now ruled by very harsh regulated system by severe physical punishmet which is often totally unrelated to anything. Only bullies, the crafty and the strong have survived. Punishment can cause severe pain and can leave scars, but is never fatal. Children are a potential asset to the house and shouldnt be throwing it away for nothing in a fit of rage.

If a child is truely week and unsuitable, the house gains more benefit from sending them to be sacrificed.




Religous teaching also covers combat manouvres and other fighting skills.
Literacy, mathematics, Magic, natural history and artisan skills are most important.

1 in 3 drow children are killed by their classmates...

Those children with high natural attraction for magic, are given to wizards for apprentices.
Between ages of 20 & 80 are considered to be a period of development between youth and maturity. A drow finding a role like a mentor to teach them (mostly females) which make decisions of life and death over her pupil.



Energy Blast's

Drows are quick learners and can learn many magic tricks depending on their strength and energy they have in their body. A good well built drow can possibly do many of the different strengths of energy beams (like the one above) and each vary on what mood and energy the drow has left in their body.
Before a drow charges up their beams, their eyes glow brightly and leave a trail of light behind them. And when they shoot their beam the eyes brightness changes depending on energy left in their body. If the bright eyes do not fade, then you better get running because they can shoot one hell of a beam!

Total Darkness

Drow Magicians have the power to destroy everything, including the air, before them with a technique called Total Darkness, which leaves a black hole in front of them. The effects on the target are satisfyingly devastating. First the victim is hit with intense cold, then they begin to suffocate. In minutes, their lungs have collapsed, and they fall to the ground, dead. However, only extremely skilled (lucky) Drows can perform the spell, so it is very rare to encounter it. The only way to counter the Total Darkness skill is by forcing whatever purity and goodness in your being forward into the void inside of the few minutes before you succumb to the lack of air and die.

Religion and Rituals


Poisons and Potions

Drows are very talented in Alchemy, and are capable of making many potent poisons and potions. A key ingredient in the poisons is torture, and most poisons cause a long, painful, and drawn-out death.
The story is told of a king of the High Elves, pale fiends, who ingested Drow Poison, and suffered for thirteen years before his demise came, and even then, it was death by his own hand to escape the pain of the poison that swam in his veins.
Potions are very rarely much different than poisons in the hands of Drow, and never are they made for healing. Drow potions are made to curse, or paralyze, or worse, infect. A particular potion called the Viraen acted as a disease, and nearly wiped out the population of Pixies and Imps in the woods.

Other Drow Wiki's

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Drow language

[Trias] can give list of the Drow Language.

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Links outside elftown

info and pictures (c) [akhirah] , do not steal! or redistrbute without my persmission =p

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