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History of the Middle East

The Middle East is a complex region of the earth. At the crossroads of three continents, these lands have witnessed one of the first human civilizations, the many wars of great empires, and the incredible rise of Islam to prominence. From the astounding academic achievements of Middle Eastern scholars to the conflicts that created and destroyed the largest empires in the world, the Middle East has a colorful history that had its debut more than 5000 years ago.

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Brief Outline:

Ancient Beginnings
1. Sumer, Akkad, and Babylon
2. Ancient Israel
3. Early Empires

Classical Antiquity
1. The Persian Empire
2. Alexander the Great
3. Rome
4. The Byzantine Empire

The Rise of Islam
1. Muhammad
2. Islamic Conquests
3. The Crusades
4. Mongol Invasion

The 12th Century to 1945
1. The Ottoman Empire
2. World War I
3. Between World War I and II
4. World War II

Since 1945
1. Israel
2. Iran
3. Iraq


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2008-12-19 [Jayy Will Murder]: i want to be a student

2008-12-20 [Imperator]: Then you shall be. :-) Thanks for showing interest!

2008-12-24 [Jayy Will Murder]: your welcome...your studies seem to intrugue me.

2008-12-27 [Imperator]: I'm glad to hear it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

2008-12-27 [Jayy Will Murder]: When do we start!

2008-12-27 [Imperator]: Whenever you want, you can browse through this as you like. The Academy doesn't really teach like a classroom anymore due to a lack of students and since this is history, I can't really "instruct" you on it like I could in Math for example (not that I'm good at Math, lol). But I can always answer your questions. :-)

2009-08-03 [Jayy Will Murder]: Well I haven't been on in a while but i would like to start now. And i am really good at Math!

2009-08-03 [Imperator]: Cool! :D Well, I'm always hanging around if you have a question.

2009-08-04 [Jayy Will Murder]: well see i have no real idea how you go about this class thing so give me a random run down

2009-08-04 [Imperator]: Click on the link to the section you want to read and read it, lol. :D

2009-08-04 [Jayy Will Murder]: And you will give tests?

2009-08-05 [Imperator]: Nah, this is just a service to intersted people like you. :-)

2009-08-05 [Jayy Will Murder]: *bows* Thanks. Your service is much appricated

2009-08-06 [Imperator]: ;D

2009-08-06 [Jayy Will Murder]: LOL! And if I have any questions just ask right?

2009-08-07 [Imperator]: Yep. :-)

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