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Currently under construction, it should be finished shortly.
If you have any questions, just comment or send me a message. Please use proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.
English, Swedish, French, German and Quenyan understood.

The course will be divided up into these different sections.

I. Ainulindalë

II. Years Of The Lamps

III. Years Of The Trees

IV. Years Of The Sun
a. The First Age
b. The Second Age
c. The Third Age
d. The Fourth Age

I. Ainulindalë

The Ainulindalë is the title of the first part of The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien. It deals with the creation of the fictional universe of Middle-Earth and the gods who become the dramatis personae of the following parts of the Silmarillion.

The supreme deity of Tolkien's universe is called Eru Ilúvatar (The One who is Father of All). The tale began with Ilúvatar's creation of spirits of lesser power than him, yet of independent nature, named the Ainur (The Holy Ones). Ilúvatar made divine music with them ("Ainulindalë" translates from Quenyan as the Music of the Ainur). Melkor, who was then one of the Ainur, broke the harmony. Then Ilúvatar began the music once more, in which Manwë Sulimo, Melkor's brother has sung the leading part. Yet again, the harmony was broken.

Finally, Ilúvatar began a third theme which the Ainur could not comprehend since they were not the source of it. Ilúvatar then ceased the music, and showed to the Ainur the essence of what their song symbolized, the history of a whole world. This is known as the vision of Ilúvatar. The Ainur became fascinated by it, and asked Ilúvatar to put it into being.

Ilúvatar muttered "Eä", that is, "be!". This order created the universe, and therefore the universe became known as "Eä". Four of the Ainur who possessed the greatest power formed a region of Eä which they called Arda, a world which was to be the scene of all the following tales of the Silmarillion. Melkor, who was one of the four, attempted to take it for his own. However Manwë, who was also one of the four asked for the help of other Ainur. They descended to Arda too and helped him and thus Melkor was forced to flee to some unknown part of Eä.

The dead souls of mortal Men go forth beyond existence to sing along with Eru Ilúvatar the second Music of the Ainur; this is the reason why Men are not constrained by the fate of the Music like the Elves and other beings of Arda are.

II. Years Of The Lamps

In the fiction of J.R.R. Tolkien, the Years of the Lamps are one of the three great time-periods of Arda. The Years of the Lamps begin shortly after the creation of Arda by the Valar. After they entered the world, Arda was still lifeless and had no distinct geographical features. The initial shape of Arda, chosen by the Valar, was of a symmetrical continent lit by two lamps: one in the continent's north, and one in the south, made out of the misty light that veiled the barren ground. The Valar concentrated this light it into two large lamps, Illuin and Ormal. The Vala Aulë forged great towers, one in the north, Helcar, and another in the south, Ringil. In the middle, where the light of the lamps mingled, the Valar dwelt at the island of Almaren. The lamps were destroyed by an assault by Melkor. Arda was again darkened, and the lamps' fall spoiled the perfect symmetry of Arda's surface. Two main continents were created : Aman in the far West, Middle-Earth in the middle, Land Of The Sun in the far East and Dark Land in the far South. The site of the northern lamp was later the inland Sea Of Helcar, of which Cuiviénen was a bay.

III. Years Of The Trees

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