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History of Time before Christ

Welcome to History of Time before Christ !

In this class me [Fingon] and my very good friend [Nuit Darksin] will teach you every thing you need to know about time before Christ. It will teach you about Roman Empire, It will teach you about Old Greece, It will teach you about wars at Peloponnesian, and it will teach you about Egypt and its traditions. You want to know history, a real history? Here you can even find out about first man that ever walked the earth.

Teacher: [Fingon]



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Brief Outline:

1. The first man that walked the Earth
2. Roman Empire
3. Ancient Greece
4. History of Egypt


The first man that walked the Earth

1. The first cinde was "AUSTRALOPITHECUS"
They lived in eastern Africa, they were man like monkeys and they lived over 2 000 000 years ago

2. The second cinde was "HOMOHABILIS"
They find out an art of making weapons and they were moving in packs

3. The third cinde was "HOMOEREKTUS"
He is slowly standing up on his legs, he lights the first fire, and he is polishing stone

4. The fourth cinde was "HOMOSAPIENS"
The first a little intelligent man and he lived 300 000 years ago And "HOMOSAPIENS SAPIENS" that came after homosapiens. A very understandable man lived 20 000 years ago and they were very good hunters!

For More Information See: The first man that walked the Earth


Roman Empire

Roma was made by Romulus and Rem or so it says the legend! Did it hapened like this? The legend of making Roma was made up for making people think that they are blood line that came directly from gods.

The real picture of foundation of Roma comes from an archaeological examines. They showed that it was made from seven different groups of people that were living on the left side of the river Tiber.


Ancient Greece

Some thing that everyone knows about Greece is that it was at war with Troy and that it won that war after 10 years.
They left the shores of Troy and left a big horse behind as a gift to a godise Atina. Inside there were hidden solders.
That same night the hole Troy was burned to ground by Greece solder.

Ancient Greece


History of Ancient Egypt

The Egypt was made at the river of Nile.It was separated on two parts The Western side of the river where the people lived and The Eastern where people went when they are dead.
The Egypt people believed in Life after death and they had rituals after death. When someone says he is going on the other side of the river it means he is dieing.
The Pharaoh was the ruler of the Egypt and people thought that he is a god, a son of Ra god of Sun. The word PHARAOH means a Big House or a Castle.

History of Egypt


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2006-11-03 [H3_six]: Erm not to nitpick, or maybe I am nit picking, I don't know. I think that section on ancient Greece is actually a retelling from Homer's Iliad. Athough it was based on real events it is much embellished and not really a 'history' of the war over Troy. I'm sorry I can't help more than that but I'm no expert.

I like those banners, especially the second one.

2007-12-30 [Imperator]: Fingon, while reading through your classroom here, I noticed many minor spelling and grammar errors and if you would correct these it would make your text clearer. Also, I found a page called Ancient Egypt Lovers and got permission to use its information for the classroom History of Ancient Egypt. Seeing as you have a link to the same page, I was wondering if you wanted to take over this project?

2007-12-31 [Fingon]: Look, everything that is in my classroom is my project, you can do whatever you want but you leave my classroom alone, OK? If ancient Egypt is in my classroom it will stay there.

2008-01-04 [Imperator]: Um, there wasn't anything at History of Ancient Egypt. You were linking to a blank page. Additionally, I offered you the page if you wanted it... And I didn't even touch your page; I don't know what you're upset about.

2008-05-13 [Imperator]: I figured out what the issue was. The link you should have on your page is History of Egypt, not History of Ancient Egypt... lol

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