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High-Impact Workouts*

What Is Meant By High Impact Exercise?

To better understand the difference between high and low impact exercise, you need to take a closer look at both. An exercise or activity in which both of your feet come up off the ground at the same time is a high impact exercise.

Both high and low impact exercise is beneficial to your health. However, high impact exercise has a positive effect on bone health. In addition, high impact exercise also improves agility, endurance, coordination and balance.

High impact exercise is essentially the activities that most people enjoyed as a child, such as jumping rope. You will have fun mastering the skills that once gave you such great pleasure as a child. The intensity, coordination and effort that it takes to perform high impact exercise may seem difficult initially, but once you learn the skills and your fitness levels increase, you will be glad you made the effort, and start enjoying the benefits of both high and low impact exercise.

The intensity and jarring of high impact exercise may not be the ideal fitness routine for everyone. If you have joint problems, an autoimmune disorder, a cardiac condition or any other medical issues, consult your health care professional to decide whether a high or low impact exercise routine is right for you.

* Please note that any and all advice, techniques, critiques or suggestions are given only by those wishing to share their experience and/or knowledge and in no way can or should replace a licensed medical doctor or medical specialist's recommendations.

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