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        Hidden secrets loom in the passage way
    Hidden desires that cannot be explained stand still
           Hear is my Hidden secret.
       Getting over you is hard that it seems.
Your lies pulled me, Your eyes held my heart; but hear you knew not of.
         You broke my heart everyday
        You broke me everytime you spoke.
My thoughts were hidden from you. My emotions distorted in my heart.
       You never saw it; You never cared to know.
    As long as you had me, nothing else matter to you.
       Your hidden secret is deeper than everyone knows.
            You never saw.
   He sees, he knows. He wishes me healed.
           His eyes see every part of my soul. 
     He sees the brokeness you left me in.
           So hear is my hidden secret.
        I may be broken, I may be shattered;
           But he cares not.
  He loves even still. 
He cares only if He hurts me; He cares for the hidden emotions;
   He looks deeper than physical beauty. He looks the beauty inside.
           He is now my hidden secret, tho known by all.
        Your hidden secret will never hurt me again,
     For next time you see me I will be in his arms.
       My hidden secret is love that cannot be torn by distance,
By anger, by pain, by war, by innocence.
          He sees my innocence and will not take advantge of it.
                   My hidden secret is love everlasting.
  This is the Hidden Secret of all who truly live.
         Our one common secret. Our one common Hidden Secret.
            The world's Hidden Secret. 

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