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Heru har Vistari



Human Name: Steve

Age when incepted: 25

Appearance: The term "know-it-all" comes to mind when you first see him. He has slanted, amber eyes that are those of a thoughtful scholar. He has ankle-length, straight, jet black hair which fetchingly frames his face. His body is rather angular, and noticeably feminine. You find he has an aura of soulfulness about him.

Personality: Heru is mild-mannered, observant, patient, and keenly intelligent. He’s no egomaniac or lover of tyranny, and detests unnecessary violence and cruelty as wasteful. Beneath his quiet politeness he’s cunning and calculating, capable of holding grudges (but not allowing himself to be driven by them) for years. His great passion is learning, and in this he feels well at home among dusty tomes and ancient historical commentaries. A knowledgeable historian, he wants to become an individual with an almost unrivaled understanding of everything, but he understands that this can only come in time.

The Nuclear Fallout: If the game is still set in the city (and if this is allowed) then he and his brother will still inhabit the apartment above the library that they live in. If not then he will have a tent or other camping equipment. Plus, he will have tried to take as many books as possible. That is something he is dead serious about: saving the knowledge of human civilization so that hara don't have to rebuilt everything.

Mutation - Past Memories. Heru discovered that after the radiation fallout he has been able to tap into a vast ocean of memory. Because it requires a lot of control he is unable to reach too deeply into the ocean, which is like a little river to him right now. Given enough time and training he will be able to access the very memories of the world itself. At the basic level it provides him with access to skills and knowledge a little bit easier. Later on it would grant him other abilities.

(I got these questions from the Wraeththu rpg book)

-When Human-

o What did your character do at school? - He was a student in the local county college. He attended classes and participated in a number of academic clubs, but he did not really interact with others in that school much. He is a history major and a lover of ancient lore (especially lost civilizations fo the past).

o Did your character have a part-time job, or were they in full-time work? - He worked as much as possible in the local library. He loved working in the library as a researcher and archvist, but didn't really like interacting with others.

o Was your character a member of any subcultures? - Because of his interest in anything ancient and forgotten he was a member of the local group of ocultists. It was through the members of this group that he became har, and thus he still has some interaction with them.

o Did your character take a specific education path? - He loved learning new things and exploring a little into every field that he could. In a field of study (besides learning to be a full-time librarian) he was eclectic in his class choices.

o What was your character's family life like? His mother left when he was six after divorcing his father. His father died when he was 18 leaving. The only family he has now is his twin brother who also works in the library (before his father died, he was the chief librarian in the library and got both his sons a job their). His brother had a number of the same interests as Heru, one of which was in the occult. The two brothers were members of the same group and both were Incepted at the same time.

o Did your character travel much or stay at home? - Besides camping in the area around the city with his father and brother, he never really left the city. Besides college, work, spending time with his brother, hanging out with the occult group he really was quite introverted. In fact his brother is the more outgoing of the two. Heru is the quiet one, but sure of who he is and what he wants. Heru likes gathering and analyzing knowledge, while his brother (Paul, changed his name to Zander) liked taking that knowledge and using it for physical things (like building).

o How did your character hear about Wraeththu? - Ash, one of the members of the occult group somehow became Wraeththu. Because of that he, his brother and the other members of the group were informed about the Wraeththu. Heru doesn't really know how Ash first learned about harish kind. He was actually glad about it and happily went through the change.


o Why did your character become har? - He had always felt unhappy and unsure about the world and his place in it. He had felt, for as long as he could remember, that something was missing, that the world was much more 'interesting' and 'deep' than modern mundane life had let on. When he was first informed about the Wraeththu he asked questions (in his analytical way that annoys some people) and thought about it hard. Eventually he decided to accept the offer.

o Were any of your character's friends and relatives incepted? - His brother was incepted and so were almost every member of his occult group (one decided to back out, he doesn't know what happened to him. The Inception that both he and his brother went through actually had the effect of brining them closer but causing them to fall apart, the love and friendship between the siblings deepened.

o Into which tribe was your character incepted? Heru is a member of the Vistari tribe. In a sense he is like an embodiment of all the drives and motivations that the tribe holds dear. Within the tribe he acts as a voice, but he is no way a leader; that is Ash's job.

o Did your character know what to expect or was it all new to him? - Because he refused to consider Inception until they told him about it, he and all the other occult members were informed of what it would entail. Of course he was not told how much it would hurt, but he was never lied to or have the truth sugar-coated.

o Did your character have any strange experience during the Inception? - The Inception was a lot better than he thought it would be. In fact he remembers half heard conversations from those around him that mentioned something about it going weird, but that it was normal at the same time. He has memories of many dreams and feelings that occurred during the Inception, in fact many of his dreams include his brother in then in one way or another.

o Did your character dream and if so how did these dreams affect him? He had a lot of dreams during the process. All were quite vivid and quite beautiful. He only fleetingly remembers what the dreams were about. He knows that they included visions of the world in a time in which hara rule supremely, but actual events escape him. His brother was in a lot of them. In one of his most vivid dreams he remembers him sitting in an old rocking chair next to his brother and a number of kids sitting at their feet.

o When your character's body had fully changed and he awoke what did he feel? - Alive, for the very first time he truly felt alive. Not only that but he felt that finally he was connected to the world in a way he never felt before. In fact after some thought, he realized that the feeling of displacement and not belonging was gone. For the first time in his life he did not feel like he was missing something.

o With whom did your character have his first aruna, and was the experience positive or negative? - His first aruna was with the original Wraeththu occult member that first told the group about harakind. It was a positive experience that filled him with a sense of magic and the feeling that he was touching majesty. He will never forget that feeling.

o Now that the character is no longer human, does he feel bound by humanity’s laws? - No, he does not feel bound by any law made by a different species; for that is what he realizes that he is. While he does not feel that he is a god, he does believe that he (and all hara) are better than the humans that he came from. He will work with them, listen to them, but he won't ever submit to them.

-First Days-

o After Inception, did your character receive tuition or was he just left to ream the lands? - He never realized how much knowledge that the first Wraeththu in the occult group knew. In the time after Inception he, his brother, and the rest of the occult group were educated in the basics of Wraeththu nature.

o How did your character find about his psychic abilities and magic? - He and the other fellow Wraeththu were brought into the greater group of hara in the city where they were taught and educated in the beginnings of Wraeththu magic and his inborn psychic abilities.

o How did your character feel about his new boduy and change in consciousness? - He loves his new form and the mental, pyshic and magical abilities it grants him. Not only that but the awakening of his magical abilities make him feel that all the time he spent learning about the occult is not a waste of time. Plus he now knows that the world is a lot greater than the humans thought, a fact that makes him quite happy.

o With whom did your character make friends and why? - His brother is his greatest friend and most honest confidant. Both he and his brother talk and do not keep secrets from each other (like the fact that as a human Heru was gay and his brother wasn't). He has some friends among his occult group, and the local hara. As he doesn't know them that well he is hesitant to bare is soul, though he doesn't lie to them. And he would never betray them.

o How does your character feel about humans? - He never really felt like he had much in common with the rest of humanity. Now, that feeling is intensified. While he would be sad to see a human dead, and he wouldn't go out of his way to torture or kill a human. He would kill them if it would protect a hars life. He still believes that they are people though.

-The Future-

o What are your character's plans now that he has become a har? - He wants to explore and understand the truth behind the universe. His goal, both as a human and now as a har, is to know all that he can know and understand all that he can. It is now expanded because of his new state of existence.

o Is there any person your character desires to meet, or place hed liek to go? - He figures that the Wraeththu couldn't come out of nowhere, that they must have had a begining. A first, if you will. He doesn't know where this mystical person or thing or act might be, but he wants to find it. As for place, he wishes he could have a safe place to go, rest and relax.

o Is your character going to fight for his tribe or will he be a loner? He will fight for both his tribe and all of Wraeththukind. He is loyal to those who are loyal to him and will never betray those he loves. This includes his brother and the friends he has made in the tribe.

o What reaction would your character have if he should meet an erstwhile clsoe friend or family member? - Besides his brother he has no family members. If he meets a former human friend that is now a har he will greet him warmly. If the former friend is a human, and he is able, he will try to get him to convert to a hara. If he can't then he will ignore the human.

o How does your character feel about the fure, knowing that hara have not yet found a way to reproduce? - He is quite happy about the future and has a lot of good feelings. He feels that the Wraeththu will go through a period of barbarism before rising up and meeting their potential. Because of his dream during Inception (in which he and his brother are surrounded by little hara-looking children) he knows that something is going to happen.

Note: This page will be edited and modified as new material comes to light.

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2006-01-10 [xido]: Also, check out the WFR Application Page, which the Wiki Fantasy Roleplay uses, and see if those template portions may help this any more.... as if it needs any... nice and organized. Very good work, in my opinion.

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