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Those who contribute to The Town Herald become Heralders.


[Rice] for Interviews, Articles & Reviews.
[Flisky] for Articles
[wicked fae mage] for Articles
[*Phoenix*] for Articles and Reviews
[Sir. Robert] - Just Fun
[Linderel] - Reviews, Editing
[Chimes] - Editor, layout & design
[Mirime] - Assistant Editor
[All_Most PUNK] - Assistant Editor

Senior Heralders:
[hanhepi] - Interviews & Lifestyle
[pixish] - General all-rounder

Retired Heralders: Veterans#Heralders



The netpaper about Elftowners, by Elftowners, for Elftowners.

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2003-09-11 [Anonymous]: Thanks Krazi :) When some change happens in the organigram, you can edit this page to update it :D That way you save me from too much work :D

2003-11-13 [Anonymous]: [Lerune] is in charge now of updating this wiki whenever it is needed.

2003-11-13 [Calico Tiger]: Awwww.... no more Anonymous spam? Dammit!

2003-11-29 [Lerune]: I thought it would be easier for me to keep up with it. =0) Give Anonymous a SMALL

2004-01-16 [Kaeirdwyn]: Someone put down cooking under my name...*grin* or no chocolate for you!!! LOL

2004-01-16 [Skydancer]: yes yes yes.. cooking.. do .. :D

2004-02-23 [Kaeirdwyn]: The img right over visit the town herald offices....isn't working for it just me? Just asking...*smile*

2004-02-23 [Calico Tiger]: Naw, not just you. Not working for me either. I think we scared it.

2004-02-27 [bluefan44]: hmmm so there is a contest on to draw one of you? or all of you?

2004-02-27 [Calico Tiger]: Indeed. I believe it's at Draw the crew!

2004-02-27 [bluefan44]: ^^ i'm in ^^

2004-03-03 [Paapuu]: I'm in too, I want to draw...I love to draw. Oh yeah, How do I get to the shire section?

2004-03-03 [All_Most PUNK]: Second door to the left

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