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Those who contribute to The Town Herald become Heralders.


[Rice] for Interviews, Articles & Reviews.
[Flisky] for Articles
[wicked fae mage] for Articles
[*Phoenix*] for Articles and Reviews
[Sir. Robert] - Just Fun
[Linderel] - Reviews, Editing
[Chimes] - Editor, layout & design
[Mirime] - Assistant Editor
[All_Most PUNK] - Assistant Editor

Senior Heralders:
[hanhepi] - Interviews & Lifestyle
[pixish] - General all-rounder

Retired Heralders: Veterans#Heralders



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2004-03-03 [All_Most PUNK]: Second door to the left

2004-03-03 [Wingedwolfelf]: how would i get a job on the heralder?

2004-03-03 [Lerune]: See Herald Hopefuls to apply.

2004-03-28 [Lerune]: Again, I remind you that we would prefer this page not be edited by anyone but Elftown Crew, as it is a part of the Hall of Fame.

2004-03-28 [TheRogue]: *Shoulders his Great WarHammer of Justice, glaring*

2004-03-28 [hanhepi]: how come that picture by [TheRogue], the one at the bottom there, is just a red x in a white box? (not your best work rogue! lol, although, it is a very popular picture... you know im jokin right?) is it my browser (i use IE. shame on me) or does it show up like that for everyone?

2004-03-28 [Skydancer]: sometimes the bandwidth limits are exceeded and outside websites will cut off referenced images, or there may just be an internet problem at the moment.

2004-03-28 [hanhepi]: oohh ok. that makes sence.

2004-04-06 [RiverStar]: lerune. I changed my title since I'm doing advice any longer.

2004-04-07 [Lerune]: No problem -- I didn't realise I had not done it yet. My apologies.

2004-04-12 [RiverStar]: It's quite alright, it allowed me to make up my own title!!

2004-06-28 [Sheona]: [Lerune], I was just wondering, am I ok to add my name to this page and any other relevant pages?

2004-07-01 [Lerune]: Yes. You may go ahead and do that, just PLEASE don't let me forget to give you a badge. =o)

2004-07-01 [Sheona]: Lol. Ok! Remember to give me a badge!!! ;)

2004-07-01 [Lerune]: LMAO -- my husband ALWAYS does that! As soon as I tell him to remind me of something, he immediately reminds me. I used to hate it, but it makes me laugh every time now. 

2004-07-01 [The Red Baron]: I do that to my sister.

2004-07-02 [Calico Tiger]: Hehe, the hubby and I do that to eachother as well ;)

2004-07-02 [Calico Tiger]: Btw, give her a badge :P

2004-07-02 [The Red Baron]: I do many annoying things, I can be quite the nasty one once I unleash the powers of my tongue.

2004-07-02 [Sheona]: Ooh! *cowers in a corner* Scary stuff. I always laugh when someone reminds me like that!

2004-07-02 [The Red Baron]: The nasty sarcasm, the painful remarks, the scathing humor. Beware.

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