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Those who contribute to The Town Herald become Heralders.


[Rice] for Interviews, Articles & Reviews.
[Flisky] for Articles
[wicked fae mage] for Articles
[*Phoenix*] for Articles and Reviews
[Sir. Robert] - Just Fun
[Linderel] - Reviews, Editing
[Chimes] - Editor, layout & design
[Mirime] - Assistant Editor
[All_Most PUNK] - Assistant Editor

Senior Heralders:
[hanhepi] - Interviews & Lifestyle
[pixish] - General all-rounder

Retired Heralders: Veterans#Heralders



The netpaper about Elftowners, by Elftowners, for Elftowners.

Visit The Town Herald Offices.


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2005-02-11 [Sunrose]: Or, depending on the idea the Herald Hopefuls?

2005-02-11 [Lillith Winchester]: oh thanks

2005-02-11 [The Red Baron]: That'll work as well.

2005-02-11 [hanhepi]: wow, my column got a plug, and it wasnt from me??? omg! yaaaaaay!

2005-02-19 [Illegally Brunette]: How do you become a heralder?

2005-02-19 [Sunrose]: Apply at Herald Hopefuls ;)

2005-02-28 [lady nytmare]: I *heart* the herald :p

2005-03-22 [Talar-Atar Isilwen]: meep this is the firest issue of the herald that i have read

2005-03-24 [The Red Baron]: Well, you know what they say, "There's a first time to everything."

2005-04-15 [dribilie]: can i join your wiki??

2005-04-15 [irulan]: This isn't really a wiki to join, but you can apply for the Herald if you wish at Herald Hopefuls.

2005-06-14 [ugursarac]: i wanna be heralder.... how i can be??

2005-06-14 [shotokan_gal]: Read the comment directly above yours for a start ... :)

2005-10-08 [NightTheOwl]: How Do you Join In And What Is The Town Herald

2006-02-07 [Shamera]: The Town Herald is Elftown's Netpaper; written by and for fellow elftowners. If you wish to be apart of the crew that designs or organizes the herald, visit Herald Hopefuls, if you just wish to submit artwork, you don't need to join. Simply visit the section's wiki page you wish to submit to and fallow the directions from there. If you still have questions, visit Town Herald FAQs or feel free to ask. :)

2006-03-04 [Kaimee]: and remember folks: Herald Guest Submissions ;)

2006-03-05 [Shamera]: I forgot that one didn't I? Lol, thought I did. ^_^

2006-05-10 [lady nytmare]: I'm a contest organiser? Cool. I have an idea... *hmmmm* But how to go about it?

2006-05-10 [Kaimee]: Hop into the forum, suggest idea, get census on idea, if good, go ahead with idea. Winners and entries get featured in upcoming issue. Oh! The contest arena doesn't have a contest for this theme (arabian nights) cause I"m just too busy. If you want to make one, just follow the ususal format and put one up :D

2007-07-21 [Mordigen]: I updated this page 7-21-07, and I also created the Retired Heralders page and linked it to here

Just and FYI to everyone

2007-07-28 [Sunrose]: This page does not list [Dil*], so I have removed her badge.
There are some other members who had the Heralders-link selected without having the badge or being mentioned here. But they were not mentioned on the contributors page or retired page either.
Examples are [font], [Janouk] and some others.

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