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Those who contribute to The Town Herald become Heralders.


[Rice] for Interviews, Articles & Reviews.
[Flisky] for Articles
[wicked fae mage] for Articles
[*Phoenix*] for Articles and Reviews
[Sir. Robert] - Just Fun
[Linderel] - Reviews, Editing
[Chimes] - Editor, layout & design
[Mirime] - Assistant Editor
[All_Most PUNK] - Assistant Editor

Senior Heralders:
[hanhepi] - Interviews & Lifestyle
[pixish] - General all-rounder

Retired Heralders: Veterans#Heralders



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2007-07-28 [Sunrose]: This page does not list [Dil*], so I have removed her badge.
There are some other members who had the Heralders-link selected without having the badge or being mentioned here. But they were not mentioned on the contributors page or retired page either.
Examples are [font], [Janouk] and some others.

2007-07-29 [Mordigen]: Thankyou so much for all of your help, I'm sorry for all the trouble >.<

2007-07-29 [Sunrose]: No problem :)
The retired Heralders are now on Veterans#Heralders. I've requested for an official veteran badge, once I have it I will hand it out to the people listed there :)

2007-07-29 [The Red Baron]: Ta very much, but I, for my part, don't want one for now.

Reason? Simple, I am considering a comeback.

Should I make up my mind, and still remain unemployed, I will request the veteran badge... or not.

2008-07-08 [Danboo]: did this place die?

2008-07-08 [Mordigen]: No, this place didn't die

2008-07-08 [Imperator]: WOOOOO!!!

2008-07-09 [Danboo]: hurray

2008-07-16 [Imperator]: What is the difference for who gets the "reporter" versus the "heralder" badge? I don't get it...

2008-07-16 [SilverFire]: The Weasel badge is old, and nobody gets that anymore, but if you were a Heralder when that badge was being used, then you get to keep it, and don't have to change to the new one.

I'm not quite sure why two were made, Might be that The Rogue didn't realise they already had a badge, or maybe he just really felt like making a badge. X)

2008-07-16 [Mordigen]: *snorts* That's a long story XD.  Either one is acceptable, but generally they give out the Raven Heralder badge nowadays. If you are a current herladers, and have Privi's to assign badges, you can technically give yourself both of them if you'd like's just........a long story *lol*

2008-07-16 [Chimes]: When do I get my amazing badge? Out of interest. *big grin* *is literally ecstatic*

2008-07-16 [Mordigen]: lol :P as soon as I go harrass somebody in the Council to appoint it to you -- I have a couple more things to do before I do that -- I like to try to consolidate my harrassing, so I try to get everything done in one day that I can *then* ask them to appoint so-n-so & so-n-so & so-n-so a badge at one time XD

2008-07-17 [Chimes]: Hehe. I am still all wired about being accepted, by the way. I am also beiginning to choose some things to write about for the current issue. I shall work like a machine to get it done by the deadline... Well, I'm not terribly busy so maybe not like a machine... I should be able to do it without the machine part.

2008-12-16 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Hm. Am I only an apprentice for cooking or both reviewing and cooking?

2008-12-16 [Mordigen]: reviewing and cooking, sorry. I'm a bit scatterbrain at the moment :P

2008-12-16 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Lol, it's fine. I was just making sure. =p

2008-12-26 [Chimes]: Mordi, when the apprentices need badges lemme know so I can badge them. :) Unless someone else wants to.

2008-12-26 [The Red Baron]: badge 'em and tadge 'em.

Couldn't resist; just had to say the pun.

Yes, it is, [The Red Baron]; one of this wiki's; shall we say, shadows of the past, making a haunting.

2008-12-26 [Chimes]: Wow, that confused me. XD

2008-12-26 [The Red Baron]: It's simple; badge 'em and tadge 'em; in a way like bag 'em and tag 'em. That's what you do to corpses; put them in body bags; hence the "bag 'em" part, and place name tags (if deceased's identity is known) on the bags; hence the "tag 'em" part.

I hope this de-confuses you.

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