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Those who contribute to The Town Herald become Heralders.


[Rice] for Interviews, Articles & Reviews.
[Flisky] for Articles
[wicked fae mage] for Articles
[*Phoenix*] for Articles and Reviews
[Sir. Robert] - Just Fun
[Linderel] - Reviews, Editing
[Chimes] - Editor, layout & design
[Mirime] - Assistant Editor
[All_Most PUNK] - Assistant Editor

Senior Heralders:
[hanhepi] - Interviews & Lifestyle
[pixish] - General all-rounder

Retired Heralders: Veterans#Heralders



The netpaper about Elftowners, by Elftowners, for Elftowners.

Visit The Town Herald Offices.


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2003-09-11 [Anonymous]: Thanks Krazi :) When some change happens in the organigram, you can edit this page to update it :D That way you save me from too much work :D

2003-11-13 [Anonymous]: [Lerune] is in charge now of updating this wiki whenever it is needed.

2003-11-13 [Calico Tiger]: Awwww.... no more Anonymous spam? Dammit!

2003-11-29 [Lerune]: I thought it would be easier for me to keep up with it. =0) Give Anonymous a SMALL

2004-01-16 [Kaeirdwyn]: Someone put down cooking under my name...*grin* or no chocolate for you!!! LOL

2004-01-16 [Skydancer]: yes yes yes.. cooking.. do .. :D

2004-02-23 [Kaeirdwyn]: The img right over visit the town herald offices....isn't working for it just me? Just asking...*smile*

2004-02-23 [Calico Tiger]: Naw, not just you. Not working for me either. I think we scared it.

2004-02-27 [bluefan44]: hmmm so there is a contest on to draw one of you? or all of you?

2004-02-27 [Calico Tiger]: Indeed. I believe it's at Draw the crew!

2004-02-27 [bluefan44]: ^^ i'm in ^^

2004-03-03 [Paapuu]: I'm in too, I want to draw...I love to draw. Oh yeah, How do I get to the shire section?

2004-03-03 [All_Most PUNK]: Second door to the left

2004-03-03 [Wingedwolfelf]: how would i get a job on the heralder?

2004-03-03 [Lerune]: See Herald Hopefuls to apply.

2004-03-28 [Lerune]: Again, I remind you that we would prefer this page not be edited by anyone but Elftown Crew, as it is a part of the Hall of Fame.

2004-03-28 [TheRogue]: *Shoulders his Great WarHammer of Justice, glaring*

2004-03-28 [hanhepi]: how come that picture by [TheRogue], the one at the bottom there, is just a red x in a white box? (not your best work rogue! lol, although, it is a very popular picture... you know im jokin right?) is it my browser (i use IE. shame on me) or does it show up like that for everyone?

2004-03-28 [Skydancer]: sometimes the bandwidth limits are exceeded and outside websites will cut off referenced images, or there may just be an internet problem at the moment.

2004-03-28 [hanhepi]: oohh ok. that makes sence.

2004-04-06 [RiverStar]: lerune. I changed my title since I'm doing advice any longer.

2004-04-07 [Lerune]: No problem -- I didn't realise I had not done it yet. My apologies.

2004-04-12 [RiverStar]: It's quite alright, it allowed me to make up my own title!!

2004-06-28 [Sheona]: [Lerune], I was just wondering, am I ok to add my name to this page and any other relevant pages?

2004-07-01 [Lerune]: Yes. You may go ahead and do that, just PLEASE don't let me forget to give you a badge. =o)

2004-07-01 [Sheona]: Lol. Ok! Remember to give me a badge!!! ;)

2004-07-01 [Lerune]: LMAO -- my husband ALWAYS does that! As soon as I tell him to remind me of something, he immediately reminds me. I used to hate it, but it makes me laugh every time now. 

2004-07-01 [The Red Baron]: I do that to my sister.

2004-07-02 [Calico Tiger]: Hehe, the hubby and I do that to eachother as well ;)

2004-07-02 [Calico Tiger]: Btw, give her a badge :P

2004-07-02 [The Red Baron]: I do many annoying things, I can be quite the nasty one once I unleash the powers of my tongue.

2004-07-02 [Sheona]: Ooh! *cowers in a corner* Scary stuff. I always laugh when someone reminds me like that!

2004-07-02 [The Red Baron]: The nasty sarcasm, the painful remarks, the scathing humor. Beware.

2004-07-13 [Sheona]: I just thought I'd make a suggestion...perhaps there is some way to organise this page better? It just seems a little confused at the moment. Alphabetical order or something might work. Anyway, that's my suggestions all done ^_^

2004-07-13 [Calico Tiger]: I think they're currently listed in the order they joined?

2004-07-13 [irulan]: I think you're right.

2004-07-15 [Lerune]: That is the way all the crew pages are. ^_^

2004-09-03 [lastartian]: is any one here right now?

2004-09-03 [irulan]: Yep...need something? =)

2004-09-24 [blackeyes]: hi is there anything which i could write articles for? say a newspaper or something?

2004-11-08 [hanhepi]: hello heralders! my lazyness has gotten the best of me yet again, and i made a contest to get my crew bio! open to writers and artists alike, (since i'm real lazy) come check it out. (also, any feedbak or tips on how to run a contest are welcome. han's crew pic sorry for the spam, but its open to heralders as well, since you guys probably know me best. lol

2005-01-11 [lady nytmare]: I'm so happy! Oh so happy! I'm a heralder at last, oh yessss! And I'm happy, because I'm now among the best! (Lucky I'm not a song writer) Hello colleagues! :)

2005-01-17 [pixish]: ;-)

2005-01-17 [pixish]: I think we might need an update up there with all the jobs and such...

2005-01-22 [Lord Nytmare]: can i work with capybara? she's got a cool job!

2005-01-28 [Kaimee]: ah, but the new heralders are still on 'guest' status are they not? howabouts, after we start the new theme, we promote all the new ones who stuck around to full heralder status?

2005-01-28 [The Red Baron]: Kaimee, I was actually a Heralder, why should I apply to the Herald Hopefuls?

2005-01-28 [Sunrose]: Uhm..sorry to bud in but why bring this to the wiki if you could've replied such in the forum? That's where this came up :)

2005-01-28 [The Red Baron]: I don't know how to use the forum (I found it annoying). I'd appreciate it if the reply as a message to me directly.

2005-01-28 [Sunrose]: Ah okay... :)

2005-02-11 [Lillith Winchester]: hey... i dont really know who to talk to about an idea i've had... can someone help me?

2005-02-11 [The Red Baron]: Try [hanhepi]'s advice column.

2005-02-11 [Sunrose]: Or, depending on the idea the Herald Hopefuls?

2005-02-11 [Lillith Winchester]: oh thanks

2005-02-11 [The Red Baron]: That'll work as well.

2005-02-11 [hanhepi]: wow, my column got a plug, and it wasnt from me??? omg! yaaaaaay!

2005-02-19 [Illegally Brunette]: How do you become a heralder?

2005-02-19 [Sunrose]: Apply at Herald Hopefuls ;)

2005-02-28 [lady nytmare]: I *heart* the herald :p

2005-03-22 [Talar-Atar Isilwen]: meep this is the firest issue of the herald that i have read

2005-03-24 [The Red Baron]: Well, you know what they say, "There's a first time to everything."

2005-04-15 [dribilie]: can i join your wiki??

2005-04-15 [irulan]: This isn't really a wiki to join, but you can apply for the Herald if you wish at Herald Hopefuls.

2005-06-14 [ugursarac]: i wanna be heralder.... how i can be??

2005-06-14 [shotokan_gal]: Read the comment directly above yours for a start ... :)

2005-10-08 [NightTheOwl]: How Do you Join In And What Is The Town Herald

2006-02-07 [Shamera]: The Town Herald is Elftown's Netpaper; written by and for fellow elftowners. If you wish to be apart of the crew that designs or organizes the herald, visit Herald Hopefuls, if you just wish to submit artwork, you don't need to join. Simply visit the section's wiki page you wish to submit to and fallow the directions from there. If you still have questions, visit Town Herald FAQs or feel free to ask. :)

2006-03-04 [Kaimee]: and remember folks: Herald Guest Submissions ;)

2006-03-05 [Shamera]: I forgot that one didn't I? Lol, thought I did. ^_^

2006-05-10 [lady nytmare]: I'm a contest organiser? Cool. I have an idea... *hmmmm* But how to go about it?

2006-05-10 [Kaimee]: Hop into the forum, suggest idea, get census on idea, if good, go ahead with idea. Winners and entries get featured in upcoming issue. Oh! The contest arena doesn't have a contest for this theme (arabian nights) cause I"m just too busy. If you want to make one, just follow the ususal format and put one up :D

2007-07-21 [Mordigen]: I updated this page 7-21-07, and I also created the Retired Heralders page and linked it to here

Just and FYI to everyone

2007-07-28 [Sunrose]: This page does not list [Dil*], so I have removed her badge.
There are some other members who had the Heralders-link selected without having the badge or being mentioned here. But they were not mentioned on the contributors page or retired page either.
Examples are [font], [Janouk] and some others.

2007-07-29 [Mordigen]: Thankyou so much for all of your help, I'm sorry for all the trouble >.<

2007-07-29 [Sunrose]: No problem :)
The retired Heralders are now on Veterans#Heralders. I've requested for an official veteran badge, once I have it I will hand it out to the people listed there :)

2007-07-29 [The Red Baron]: Ta very much, but I, for my part, don't want one for now.

Reason? Simple, I am considering a comeback.

Should I make up my mind, and still remain unemployed, I will request the veteran badge... or not.

2008-07-08 [Danboo]: did this place die?

2008-07-08 [Mordigen]: No, this place didn't die

2008-07-08 [Imperator]: WOOOOO!!!

2008-07-09 [Danboo]: hurray

2008-07-16 [Imperator]: What is the difference for who gets the "reporter" versus the "heralder" badge? I don't get it...

2008-07-16 [SilverFire]: The Weasel badge is old, and nobody gets that anymore, but if you were a Heralder when that badge was being used, then you get to keep it, and don't have to change to the new one.

I'm not quite sure why two were made, Might be that The Rogue didn't realise they already had a badge, or maybe he just really felt like making a badge. X)

2008-07-16 [Mordigen]: *snorts* That's a long story XD.  Either one is acceptable, but generally they give out the Raven Heralder badge nowadays. If you are a current herladers, and have Privi's to assign badges, you can technically give yourself both of them if you'd like's just........a long story *lol*

2008-07-16 [Chimes]: When do I get my amazing badge? Out of interest. *big grin* *is literally ecstatic*

2008-07-16 [Mordigen]: lol :P as soon as I go harrass somebody in the Council to appoint it to you -- I have a couple more things to do before I do that -- I like to try to consolidate my harrassing, so I try to get everything done in one day that I can *then* ask them to appoint so-n-so & so-n-so & so-n-so a badge at one time XD

2008-07-17 [Chimes]: Hehe. I am still all wired about being accepted, by the way. I am also beiginning to choose some things to write about for the current issue. I shall work like a machine to get it done by the deadline... Well, I'm not terribly busy so maybe not like a machine... I should be able to do it without the machine part.

2008-12-16 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Hm. Am I only an apprentice for cooking or both reviewing and cooking?

2008-12-16 [Mordigen]: reviewing and cooking, sorry. I'm a bit scatterbrain at the moment :P

2008-12-16 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Lol, it's fine. I was just making sure. =p

2008-12-26 [Chimes]: Mordi, when the apprentices need badges lemme know so I can badge them. :) Unless someone else wants to.

2008-12-26 [The Red Baron]: badge 'em and tadge 'em.

Couldn't resist; just had to say the pun.

Yes, it is, [The Red Baron]; one of this wiki's; shall we say, shadows of the past, making a haunting.

2008-12-26 [Chimes]: Wow, that confused me. XD

2008-12-26 [The Red Baron]: It's simple; badge 'em and tadge 'em; in a way like bag 'em and tag 'em. That's what you do to corpses; put them in body bags; hence the "bag 'em" part, and place name tags (if deceased's identity is known) on the bags; hence the "tag 'em" part.

I hope this de-confuses you.

2008-12-27 [Mordigen]: lol, alrighty Chimes - I usually harrass Punk to do it....but ya know, if you're volunteering for the job ;P

though, just an FYI in advance - none of the apprentices get badged until they finish their apprenticeship.
but, I guess you kinda figured that XP
so i'll shut up

2008-12-27 [Chimes]: Yeah, I did. :P I just figured I'd put myself up for it because I love badging people XD

2008-12-27 [Mordigen]: alrighty, well the job is yours! I'm sure punk will appreciate it XD

2008-12-27 [SilverFire]: Weirdo. :P

2008-12-27 [Chimes]: Maybe a little. :P

2008-12-27 [All_Most PUNK]: I won't mind it...

2008-12-30 [Imperator]: We should have a small version of the green bar between the regular heralders and the apprentices and then I would make the credits for the badges in the "sup" size.

2008-12-30 [Mordigen]: Nope, I'm following the format that was pre-set when the council set up the page, and following the same format that are on the other official pages so that it remains consistent and cohesive. 
As far as I know, they dont have a special badge for the Council Apprentices, nor do they have any sort of special format to list the apprentices, so I am just following format for the regular badges and regular listings of other official pages to keep them cohesive. 

2008-12-30 [Chimes]: Council trainees just have a green badge, like mine :] We get the coloured one when we are no longer training.

2008-12-30 [Mordigen]: yea, but there's no special format in how to list Trainees/apprentices correct?

2008-12-30 [Chimes]: Not that I know of, you could check on Council. :]

2008-12-30 [Mordigen]: Yea, I've already done that ;P
Was just double checking :)

2008-12-30 [Chimes]: Fair enough. ^^

2008-12-30 [Imperator]: I just thought it would look more appealing and organized that way.

2008-12-30 [Mordigen]: I don't know about the devider - but I do agree with the sup or sub text making it look more organized - but I want to keep in inline with the rest of the official pages.

2008-12-30 [Chimes]: It looks organised as it is...

2009-04-09 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: I have a question, am I still an editor or was it just for the recent issue? I know I wasn't the best, but I could try until someone else applies, lol.

It says on hopefuls as well about news writers. I could write some news stories as well to help out if no one applies before the issue is due.

2009-04-09 [Chimes]: Do you still want to be an editor? If so, I don't see why you can't still be one. :)

2009-04-09 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: I had no problem doing it. ^-^ I just edited my last post about the news writers opening. I could help out with that too if need be.

2009-04-09 [Chimes]: Well, I'll put you down for editing too then ^^

2009-04-09 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Lol, okay, thank you. =3

2009-04-09 [Chimes]: Done. ^^

2009-07-31 [Alexi Ice]: Can someone send me the link to the herald poetry...section..thingy? Please and thank you!

2009-07-31 [Kaimee]: It's the Poetry Corner :) You'll find links to it from several of the Herald wiki pages.

2009-07-31 [Alexi Ice]: Thank you ^^

2009-08-13 [Nioniel]: W007ness!

2009-09-26 [Duke Devlin]: Y'all are gonna have to remove me from the apprentices, right? D: Well, I'm gonna reapply in a few months, after I've gotten settled into uni properly, and have begun writing for classes again. :)

2009-09-26 [Kaimee]: Good luck :)

2009-09-26 [Duke Devlin]: Thank you. :) <3

2009-11-19 [Duke Devlin]: I know i just asked to be removed, but if I manage to write something before you guys publish - as in, when you know your final hand-in date - could I be chucked back into the apprentices? :P I figure I don't actually have that much work right now, so I could help a little. :O Or try...
Edit: Oh wait, it has been a couple of months. :P

2009-11-19 [Kaimee]: Hmm, if you want to participate, go ahead :D
As you have previously been removed, you'll stay in apprentices for a little longer perhaps until you can show that you can contribute regularly with decent content, but other than that, we all have busy schedules and understand that sometimes life takes over, so we wont begrudge you the break :P

2009-11-22 [Duke Devlin]: Haha I certainly understand that. :) I'll be sure to get as much as I can, done. :P

2010-02-06 [arthemis_]: What do apprentices do exactly and how can you become one? I might be interested in contributing something.

2010-02-07 [Chimes]: Apprentices do what normal Heralders do... they are just in the 'earning the full title' stage. You can apply to be one at Herald Hopefuls or, if you don't have the time to commit regularly you can submit guest articles at Herald Guest Submissions.

2010-09-23 [Rice]: Questiooooon? When do we stop being apprentice heralders?

2010-09-23 [Kaimee]: Please read through for new Heralders :)

2010-09-24 [Rice]: Understood boss.

2011-04-26 [Rice]: Old comment. *falls over from shock*

May I please update little jobs thing, I've sorted of started submitting to other things like articles and reviews etc? :3

2011-04-28 [Kaimee]: Sure thing :)

2011-04-28 [Rice]: Thankchuuu~

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