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2007-02-21 22:38:23
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Helpful tips - Art

Welcome! Here I will write down some helpful tips for you
when you draw, tips I've stumbled over when I've been reading tuorials. :)
More to come.


This tutorial is made by [Zab]


In Adobe Photoshop

# If you're drawing with a mouse; try to hold down the shift key and click with the mouse while you have the brush tool selected. Then click again a little while away; a straight line will appear between the two dots you made. You can use this while drawing, to make round lines just keep the distance between the dots smaller. But don't forget to keep shift down. This works for some of the other tools too. :)

# With the magic wand you can choose more than one selection at a time if you keep the shift key down.

# When you color using the magic wand tool; (have the cloring layer under the lineart change the line art from Normal to Multiply in the layers window), select the part you want to color with the magic wand, then go to Select --> Modify --> Expand. Choose 1 or 2 pixels. After that you can color on the colors layer without getting white ubcolored dots beside the line art. :)

Traditional art

# The grid method is great for beginners, and even sometimes when you're more experienced than a beginner, but you should never be addicted to it. By making the squares larger and fewer each time you draw, untill you don't need them, you train yourself to learn to draw great without using the grid method as well.
The grid method:


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2007-06-24 [Demon Epona]: Oh.... XD! I use the grid method now. ....but I'm gonna do what you said!

2007-06-24 [Zab]: Hehe, yeah, it's a good tips..I don't really like the method (too much work) but I use it when doing has to be perfect..XD

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