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Hello! Stickers

I am no longer making these, I don't have the time!
If you want one, save this base and edit it however you please!

Just right-click and select "Save Image As"


- See what kinds of stickers have been made at the Hello! Galleries.

- Or just type away at Hello! Chat!

Username (or number or email):


2006-09-07 [darthsenshin]: why no comments

2006-09-08 [soivant]: Juancarlos, Carlos, Juan, Charlie, Chucky, Carlitos, whatever is easier or more politically correct for your ass.

2006-09-08 [soivant]: what?

2006-09-09 [darthsenshin]: lol

2006-09-09 [.Toxic Valentine.]: wt.. ah well..

2006-09-09 [darthsenshin]: you still need inspiration?

2006-10-02 [.Toxic Valentine.]: i do indeed .. any ideas ?

2006-10-02 [Kamari]: [.Toxic Valentine.] here is an idea
The Sky Hat

2006-10-03 [badhgirl]: You probably already heard this one, but... "Hello! My Name Is - Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die. "

2006-10-03 [darthsenshin]: i will think and give ideas when not tired

2006-10-03 [.Toxic Valentine.]: thank you mad people ! you have actually inspired me all on your own ! thank you * hands treats out to all *

2006-10-03 [darthsenshin]: i do my best right

2006-10-03 [stuffAEAmade]: Hello! Chat :)

2006-10-04 [.Toxic Valentine.]: i know ! i chat there too lol ..

2006-10-04 [darthsenshin]: i dont

2006-10-04 [.Toxic Valentine.]: you dont ? dont you like us?

2006-10-04 [darthsenshin]: i do but im watchin so many wikis already

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