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Hello! Stickers

I am no longer making these, I don't have the time!
If you want one, save this base and edit it however you please!

Just right-click and select "Save Image As"


- See what kinds of stickers have been made at the Hello! Galleries.

- Or just type away at Hello! Chat!

Username (or number or email):


2006-10-23 [.Toxic Valentine.]: im alive im alive?!

2006-10-23 [darthsenshin]: *sits on you and tickles you*

2006-10-24 [.Toxic Valentine.]: ugh *gasps for breath* ok .. love you and all.. but youre kinda sitting on my lungs ..

2006-10-25 [darthsenshin]: *sits up a little and tickles more*

2006-10-25 [.Toxic Valentine.]: *passes out from lack of oxygen* .. -ish dead

2006-10-25 [darthsenshin]: *does cpr again*

2006-10-25 [.Toxic Valentine.]: *wakes up , then kicks you .. then gets up and walks away crying*

2006-10-25 [darthsenshin]: *walks after you im sorry*

2006-10-25 [EmeraldGrizzly]: Thanks much DKS.

2006-10-29 [xxchelseaxx]: hello ppl my names ashlyn and i support CHELSEA F.C. BANG BANG!!

2006-10-29 [.Toxic Valentine.]: ashlyn .. you should talk to my b.f. he's a big chelsea fan .. [Twisted Dimension] if he babbles on to you about it he will hopefully have no need to annoy me with it . *turns round and huggles darth * im sry im just in a really crappy mood.

2006-10-30 [darthsenshin]: whats wrong

2006-10-30 [.Toxic Valentine.]: everything.

2006-11-01 [darthsenshin]: ohh

2006-11-02 [.Toxic Valentine.]: *hugs you* im a it happier now ..

2006-11-02 [darthsenshin]: thats good

2006-11-18 [THE ZaraAwesome]: Thanks for the sticker.. I appreciate it!

2006-11-23 [wolfnitehunter]: Hey i accidentally deleted my hello sticker off my page and i can't figure out how to get it back on

2006-11-24 [stuffAEAmade]: I'll send you the code.

2006-12-04 [*_*RAINBOWS AND BUNNYS, BITCH!!! *_*]: hay can i have a sticker?
i love stickers

2006-12-04 [Theblondphantom]: ummm... how do you create one of those hello stickers

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