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2009-10-29 23:34:14
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This is an rpg in which characters can live a life in a world that now has zombies inhabiting in it. The zombie apocalypse has officially started, and you must do everything in your power to survive it. There are several guidelines that I must put out there in order to make it what I want clear.

1. All characters a NOT supernatural. Meaning nobody has special superpowers or anything. Everyone is just a normal human (or zombie if you chose to be bitten) that is trying to survive (or bite survivors).

2. No killing other players without asking first. This is just plain common sense people.

3. You are allowed to control as many characters as you wish. Just don't control other people's characters obviously.

4. Let's have fun!

So whenever you want to join rping, just simply jump right in. However first put the name of your character on this page, and fill in the following description of your character:

Character Name:
Approximate weight:
Favorite Weapon:

This is the rping link---- zombie takeover!!

Username: [gilmour]
Character Name: Jack Kanot
Gender: Guy
Age: 22
Height: 6' 5"
Approximate weight: 200 lbs.
Favorite Weapon: Sawdoff Shotgun

Character Name: Drez Timming
Gender: male
Age: 32
Height: 6' 3/4"
Approximate weight: 192
Favorite Weapon: hands, feet, and hammers
bio: lives alone as a construction worker. Has a military history and a dishonorable discharge.

Username: [KnightAngel]
Character Name: Michealon Mirshannos
Gender: Male
Age: 27 years
Height: 1,85
Approximate weight: 70 kg
Favorite Weapon: Hands & feet, sharp objects like knives or swords. (if one nearby.)
Occupation: Karate and Kenpo teacher at an sports academy.

Username:[Koho Ai]
Character Name:Aya Kisame
Approximate weight:120
Favorite Weapon:Bow and arrows.

Username (or number or email):


2009-09-18 [hammersmashface]: by hands and feet i mean i dont fight alot more of a "survivor run away" type :P 

2009-09-18 [hammersmashface]: but i got a question tho ummm do we know about zombies yet or are they JUST coming out now?? need to know for my next post

2009-09-18 [gilmour]: gotcha haha

2009-09-18 [gilmour]: they are just coming out now

2009-09-18 [hammersmashface]: since this just started imma chainge my character up a little bit to one of my other characters if you dont chainges will be made to rp

2009-09-18 [KnightAngel]: Sounds fun but I'll have to work on the char XP Or rather come up with a good one, so it might take a while to get it ready ^^'

2009-09-18 [hammersmashface]: its cool liek i sayed we just started so you got some time to jump in when your ready :)

2009-09-18 [hammersmashface]: or you can do what im doing and play as yourself... :P well with a fake character :P

2009-09-18 [KnightAngel]: I prefer really making special characters for almost all roleplays ^^ Except if I think one I has fits better for that particular roleplay or someone similar with a slight change in him :P

2009-09-18 [hammersmashface]: yeah i knew you would say somthing like that :D lol i really did :P

2009-09-18 [KnightAngel]: Okay :P

2009-09-19 [KnightAngel]: What do you think?

2009-09-20 [KnightAngel]: Nobody react to my response on the roleplay? o.o

2009-09-21 [hammersmashface]: sorry im extreamly busy today and im running around liek a chikin with its head cut off...i promis ill post 2morrow :)

2009-09-21 [hammersmashface]: damn! i should of said "like a zombie with its head cut off" :P:P

2009-09-21 [KnightAngel]: *chuckles* Ah well, close enough ^^

2009-11-18 [NOOOPE]: Heya, I'm the unofficial Text Adventures rep. Is this rp alive and still looking for members?

2010-04-20 [Talos Cyrion]: is this rp still open? if so can i submit a character?

2011-01-22 [Thallion]: is this RP still open?

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