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A Wiki dedicated to the furthering, and maintenance of healthy eating.

    First off, I'd like to say a little something about myself, and why I'm starting this wiki.
My name is Sus, I'm a 26 year old woman, and I've been overweight almost my whole life, even beginning in early child hood, even though I was always bike riding, camping, in dance or gymnastics classes, was always chubby. In late high school, I tried to reform myself a little and began a healthier eating and exercise regime, but it fell off after I graduated, and my weight crept back up. Around 22-23, it seemed to level off at about 185-190lbs, and because I have a very stocky build, even though I am very short, that seemed a decent weight, if still a little too heavy. However, I went through a drastic life change around 24, and my weight ballooned to 220-230 lbs. Nothing I did worked, I tried pills, plans, and exercise. My weight stopped going off, but it would not come back down either. I resigned myself to a lifetime of just being fat. I told myself it was because I was biologically inclined to be overweight that I was just getting too old to do anything about it. All of this was wrong!
      Finally, last year, a friend of mine convinced me to try this diet, called "Dr. Abravanel's Body Type Diet" It was radical to anything I had ever tried before and I was very dubious. As a general rule of thumb, I hate "fad" diets, and dismissed this as one right away. Again, I was wrong, lol, but I’ll discuss that more later.  Reticent, I tried it anyway, and to my surprise, it worked. I mean, really worked! I lost 40 lbs in 6 months, and felt and looked better than i had in years. I'm not back down to 185lbs. I had stopped the diet over the thanksgiving and Christmas Holidaze, and have just begun my diet again, as of April, 2005.

So that was me, now here is my proposed Wiki.

    I would like to provide a sort of safe, anonymous support group. Nothing too clinging, intimidating, or demanding, just friendly people, cheering other friendly people on in their realistic weight loss goals.
    Weight loss isn't about being tiny, or some ideal of physical beauty. This is about feeling better, and being healthier. The truth of the matter is, being overweight is NOT good for you, it increases your chances for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and all sorts of other nasty illnesses. This is not just a gratuitous promotion for the diet I follow, but i do heartily suggest that every take a look at it's website, or buy the book for themselves. Though, if anyone else has any good plans that they've found, they are welcomed to mention them here!
    Just keep in mind, I want to promot HEALTHY eating habbits and lifestyles here, so please nothing that specifically denies one of the basic food groups, such as the Atkins diets and that sort of thing. They may work for some people, but are rather dangerous for others.

Myth Busting

1. You don't HAVE to be overweight
2. There is NO one size fits all diet Plan. 
3. "Diet" is NOT a four letter word! lol.. Okay, it is, but you know what I mean!

Okay, now to talk a little about the Body Type Diet.
I really encourge anyone interested to buy this book. I'll give some hints and clues about it here, but it's a very personalized diet, that I just would be unable to cover all nuances on, here.


Basically, this diet helps you identify the foods you eat, that cause you to gain weight. (you might besurprised.) According to your Body Type.


Aside from the obvious, this diet helps you increase your energy, and actually almost entirely elliminates cravings. It is surprisingly easy to follow, beause you feel so good doing it, you WANT to keep doing it.

Thyroid Type (men and Women)-
This is the Sugar and caffine addict! Your breakfast of champions is a can of coke (or cup of coffee) and a doughnut, or bag of skittles, or something with as much sugar as you can find. Sugar cookies and the candy aisle are you best friend.
Your trouble area is that "spare tire" about your middle. At lighter weights, it's easy for you to camflouge your extra weight, but you know it's there!

Putuitary Types (men and women)-
Another "sweet toother" but you also have a weekness for dairy prducts! A tub of icecream is not safe around you! And you are likely to eat it with a cup of milk!
Your weight is more evenly distributed, with a round little tummy but a general "baby fatness" all about.

Adrenal Types (men and women)-
The carnivores and salt tooths here! and the end of a long day, you can't think of anything better than a big, greasy hamburger. 
Your weight is in your front. Men tend to get that hard, round "pregnant" belly, and women the same, with heavy breasts. Legs and arms remain relatively slender, atleast by comparison, depending on how much extra weight you have.

Gonadal Types (women only)-
This type especially seems to be a bit of a cross of other types. A little bit of a sweet tooth, and salt tooth combined. You like heavy, cream based sauces, and tend towards spicy, rich foods and deserts.
Bootylicious! Your weight is predominantly in your rear end. A high, shelf like posterior and heavy thighs.

P.S. It's also possible to have a secondary body type, so if you don't se yourself in those little bios right away, don't worry about it!

Now, that said...
I myself am a G type, I'll try to post some photo examples of the different types, to give everyone a better idea.

as you can see from my picture, I'm an almost ideal G-type example. My upper body is comparitively smaller than my lower body, and this is AFTER I lost 40 lbs, lol

So, below, I'd like to record member names, our goal weights, etc. You may list as much or as little as you would like.

[Sus] April 14, 2005. Present weight 185 lbs. Goal Weight:150 lbs. Body Type: Gonadal.
[smakeupfx] big ol Scotsman...hoping for slightly less big ;-)
[Tillandsia] Present weight too much. Goal Weight 140 lbs.
[Dark Wizard] Chunky ass!

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2005-04-14 [Sus]: This is MINE! YAY!

2005-04-17 [nokaredes]: Yay!

2005-04-18 [Sus]: ::does a lil dance::

2005-04-18 [nokaredes]: *dances with [Sus]*

2005-04-19 [Sus]: ::giggles: Yay! but, you know this would be more FUN if we had more members!

2005-04-19 [nokaredes]: Yep.

2005-04-28 [Dark Wizard]: whe should put some of our resent pictures here, and start woking on something, and check the results!

2005-04-28 [Dark Wizard]: I dunno why elftown always inspires me to do things I dont do by my own, or by someone else's advice!

2005-04-28 [Sus]: I've been thinking of doing that too! It's one of the reasons I have my pic up, but I didn't want to ask anyone else to volunteer! lol

2005-04-28 [Dark Wizard]: well I suport the idea!

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