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This wiki is here to help to promote healthy living in all areas of life, and will address concerns by giving useful advice and friendly critiques regarding such things as weight loss or gain, heart-healthy lifestyles, dietary aids and recipes, and many other things regarding changing one's lifestyle in order to ensure a healthy body and mind*. Hopefully this wiki will be able to address any and all concerns and/or questions that come to this page in a helpful and kind way.
If there are subjects that you would like to see addressed on this page that are not already listed or addressed, please leave a comment in the comment box regarding the issue and which points in particular you wish to see addressed. Should you have specific advice, recommendations, or useful information regarding any of the topics listed, please feel free to comment in the comment box below or in the comment box on the wiki that pertains to your advice and if your advice is useful, it will be added to the appropriate page.

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Free Weight Management Tools
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I have used both and both have been very good tools, depending on my diet at the time. keeps track of a lot more things, including vitamin levels, but doesn't have too extensive a database for certain foods and exercise. Keep in mind that it being caloriecount, it tracks calories, so if you're on a carb-counting diet, this may not be for you.

I'm currently using because the app is so much easier to use and a lot more user-friendly. The database for food seems a lot more extensive and accurate, though it doesn't seem to monitor water intake or vitamin intake at all. The emphasis for this site seems to be a calorie counter as well.

See also:
Cooking - awesome recipes!
The 99 Step to an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Challenge

* Please note that any and all advice, techniques, critiques or suggestions are given only by those wishing to share their experience and/or knowledge and in no way can or should replace a licensed medical doctor or medical specialist's recommendations.

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2011-05-31 [Linderel]: *lurk*

2011-05-31 [9jlriexqk,ktpk]: I can definitely add to the WF and SF section because I have to avoid Wheat and Gluten strictly-I also have to watch my intake of sugar because I cannot tolerate too much.

2011-05-31 [Nioniel]: Thank you! :) Would you like for there to be a Gluten-Free page?

Hopefully you won't mind if I reformat some of your submissions so that they keep to the same formatting as the other pages. :)

2011-05-31 [Rice]: OMG *storms into the room like god herself* I'm allergic to gluten and wheat..I can totally help you there.

2011-05-31 [Nioniel]: \o/ Woohoo! :)

2011-05-31 [Nioniel]: If you watchers wouldn't mind promoting this somehow, that'd be wonderful. I don't want to use the invite button, but I do want lots of contributers, and we don't all have the same friends in common here. :)

2011-05-31 [Rice]: Now it might be difficult, you living in America and all but I can give you few tips.
These are the three main bad guys, gluten, wheat and barley. Avoid them..they are evil. And you also need to understand that while all wheat is gluten not all gluten is wheat, so if something says 'wheat free' it can still have gluten in it. Chocolate is a difficult one and powdered substances are difficult. Rice flour and Dove flour are the only certain ones to not have wheat, everything else you need to read the packages of.

2011-05-31 [Rice]: Also if you go on the gluten-free or wheat-free diet and stick to it for a while, the second you go back off it you'll be ill. Trust me. I know I'm allergic and all but my mum tried it once for a month, gave up, ate some bread and was so horrendously sick for 3 days. Also this sudden increase will cause your body to pile on the pounds >_>

2011-05-31 [Nioniel]: [Rice], articles are also welcome, as long as they are like advice articles. :) I love what you just wrote, and if you wouldn't mind writing up an article and putting it on a wiki, I'll add it to the pages that it relates to. Separate articles for wheat, gluten, and barley would be awesome, because I'm not really educated on any of those, and your advice would be incredibly welcome as well as useful. :)

2011-05-31 [Rice]: I don't have time right now. *is home-working* But later on i'll work on something for you.
I put gluten-free recipes in the Herald though so you should keep an eye open. ;D

2011-05-31 [Nioniel]: Are those specifically for the Herald, or could I steal some of them for this page?

2011-05-31 [Akayume]: :D

2011-05-31 [hanhepi]: woo hooo!

maybe put up a "product" category of some sort, then when we try some of this stuff an find out it really sucks we can warn others?

2011-05-31 [Akayume]: (hasn't looked at the page closely) or a list of stores?

2011-05-31 [9jlriexqk,ktpk]: I would LOVE to see A Gluten Free section. I love all the advice I can gather. I will give what I can also :P This wiki is a good idea.

2011-05-31 [hanhepi]: a list of stores might not work as well, because we all live so far apart. i mean, i doubt they have Piggly Wigglys in Europe anywhere, and i don't think there are many north of the Mason-Dixon line, and i don't have a Kroger anywhere near me at all.

2011-05-31 [Nioniel]: Sounds good.

Anyone interested in doing a progress page? I thought maybe I'd add a section for people to keep track of their weights, diet plans, and progress that would be password protected so that only people who are trying to lose weight could keep track of how others are doing and share advice, bitch about how hard it is to each other, etc.

2011-05-31 [Akayume]: I like the sound of that!

2011-05-31 [Akayume]: @han: true, but then again some of us might have over-lapping stores. :D

2011-05-31 [Nioniel]: Listing stores is fine, but then we should be sure to add where we live, like;

blahproductblah: Wegmans: USA

2011-05-31 [Akayume]: Sounds good to me! :D

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