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Hawk's Poetry


My tears fall washing away the mud, pain, and blood from the shards of my existance
(c) Maggie Jones

You can find [Silver Phantoms]'s Stories at Shadow's Stories,
[Silver Phantoms]'s Art at S.H. Art, You can find [Silver Phantoms]'s house at [Silver Phantoms], and more of Hawk's Poetry at More Of Hawk's Poetry


I am constantly thinking and writing new poems that I will most likely put on here. So if you DO like my poems please message me, and I would like CONSTRUCTIVE critizim, but I don't want someone messaging me saying my poems are crap. (But you can message me and say my poems are crap and give me suggestions on how to make them better.) Feel free to coment on the pages but remember ALL my poems are copywritten to ME! If you steal I will hunt you down and you will pay. So DON'T


The Poems


<img:>Poet |S|H|

<img:>Passion |S|H|

<img:>The World Cried Out |S|H|

<img:>Underneath |S|H|

<img:>Rememeber Me |S|H|

<img:>M's & W's |S|H|

<img:>Suicide Thoughts Addicting |S|H|

<img:>Holding Me Hear |S|H|

<img:>Bottle Caps and Cats |S|H|

<img:>Why I'm Here |S|H|

<img:>Silence Speaking Louder Than Words |S|H|

<img:>Flesh and Blood |S|H|

<img:>Sissors |S|H|


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