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Have fun Wiki

Wikis in case you´re looking for a random laugh or game:

anti-rubber-duck union
Battle High
Best Features on a Man
Best Features on a Woman
Bob's Diner
Coffee Corner
Comedy Club
Cool words!!
Create the perfect game
Dark Casino
Deiscorides Bug Reports
Drakkar Magic House
Dungeon Crawl
Elftown Idiots
Evil Pinkies
Famous Sex Change
Female Pride
Funny signs and pics
How Many Clicks Does It Take?
How on earth did you pick that name?
Humourous Things To Do
Jokers of Elftown
Lost Book of the Bible:The Book of Amish
maze of guile
Magic Adoption
Mock The Week
Mr. Influence
Nonsense Comics
Nothing Like Sanity
online comic’s/furry
Order of Inari
Random Quotes
Random Quotes by Elftown Members
Random wiki
Revenge of the Chickens
Show me your boots
Study hall
Sugarfix Gardens
The Blonde Minded of Elftown
The Cow Dance
The Elftown Crash Site
The Front Door
Thinking inside the box
Too much time
Trivia for a cookie
Twisted Twitchers
Ways to annoy Voldemort
Weekly Funny Stuffs!
Who u b?
Zombie Apocolypse Awareness

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2005-02-03 [M_Sinner]: Ummm.... I'm not sure how I am supposed to get my wiki up here... but as far as the randomness and the laughing, a good place to go would be The Lost Book of the Bible:The Book of Amish... Bwahahaha!!!

2005-02-03 [Yoruno]: Okies... Lost Book of the Bible:The Book of Amish has been added in here too ^_^

2005-04-03 [Garden4Gnome]: can thinking inside the box be added in here or the crazy wiki pretty plz! thx

2005-04-04 [Yoruno]: Added!

2005-04-04 [Garden4Gnome]: Cheers -_-

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