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Harry Potter 7 Contest

brought to you by [Saffron]

OK, so you've all finished reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and what now, just sit and wait until book 7 comes out? You must have your own ideas about how the series will go on and what the end will be like, if it even ends. Give in to your restlessness and write your own Harry Potter 7!


This is a fanfiction contest about what happens after Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. If you wish to compete, the steps are as follows:
Write a short abstract (max. 100 words) of your story and add it on this page, together with your name and a link to the (wiki) page where you put the full version of your story.

There are 2 categories:
- Best story (whether the plot is nice and logical and such)
- Best predicition

Deadline: will be the day when the title of book 7 is officially announced, so keep in mind that the contest can be over any second. Note that we can only decide on best prediction once the book is actually released.

Prize: I, and possibly others who offer to do so, will illustrate your story. Also, you win eternal glory!


- This is a fanfiction contest, which means that the copyrights of any of the Harry Potter characters belong to either J.K.Rowling or Warner Brothers, but not you!
- You shouldn't write anything J.K.Rowling would never write about, so it should be fit for children (this means no pornographic scenes, killing is of course allowed XD)
- A general knowledge about book 1-6 is assumed, also that you check if your background information is correct.
- Please check your spelling

The title of book 7 will be: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Some websites to help you:

0. Harry Potter and the Unforgivable Curses
[Saffron] personally thinks her title matches the real book 7's title best.
The plotline goes something like: Harry, Ron and Hermione go to Bill's wedding, find horcruxes, manage to survive because of Hermione's (healing) skill. Voldemort didn't know about them destroying the horcruxes, but he did know about Sirius's death eater brother attempting to destroy one of them. He's hidden the last horcrux in they foulest place he could find. Meanwhilst Voldemort has been busy at Hogwarts, setting up a trap for them by possessing Ginny again. When it comes down to it Harry, Ron, Hermione and all their Order of the Phoenix buddies get help from... Malfoy. Snape and Voldemort die, the end.

1. Harry Potter and the Dark Lord
[Soul Guardian]
Harry Potter is in his final year at Hogwarts. Last year he faced his worst fears and survived to learn that he will have to fight Voldemort in order to save all of wizard- and muggle-kind.
Harry must face the wizard he defied seventeen years ago and finish the war he started. Unfortunately, he must do this alone. Dumbledore, Harry’s only strength throughout his life at Hogwarts has died and he cannot – he will not – allow his friends, Ron and Hermione, to help him. They’d only end up dead like everyone else he has ever loved.


2. Harry Potter and the House of Snakes
In Harry’s final year at Hogwarts, everything’s changed. McGonagall, acting as headmistress, has changed many school policies, the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher seems to have too much on her mind, and there’s a lingering presence in Harry’s mind, one that he has the feeling will lead him to Voldemort. But there’s something keeping Harry back. Can Harry overcome his fear of letting his friends help, or will they come to the end he is trying to prevent?

3. Harry Potter and Other Chamber of Secrets
VOLDEMORT HAS KIDS!!!11 Okay, so we all knew this was going to pop up (what did you expect!? it's fanfiction). Anyways...Harry now owns a house. Go Harry. He also runs around trying to defeat Voldemort (just trying to be predictable), and...we learn about pure blood culture, which turns out to be just aweful. Oh, wait! Harry gets unexpected help!! (just put two and two together, folks) Don't think this is actually what I think is going to happen. Voldemort doesn't have kids. Unless...(GO TEEN PREGNANCY!!)

4. Harry Potter and The Deadly Hollows [rossallyn]

Harry woke up from his bed at pivet drive ................
Dudley was acting abnormal these days. Magical things seems to surround him. Uncle Vernon used to curse Harry as the caus e but Harry was sure something was wrong. Later it cam to found out that Dudley do have magical power. Dudley came out to be a wizard.
Bill marry Fluer at the Burrow. Harry and Ginny reunite at the weeding party.
Harry turn to full wizard. He celebrate his birthday at the Burrow. Hogwart is close for the sake of students' security.
Many Howgartians have to continue their study at either Drumstang or Beuxbaxton. But the Weasleys, granger and Harry decided to end up their study.
Harry, Ron, and Hermione carry on their quest for the remaining Horcruxes. R.A.B. was indeed Regulus Alphard Black, Sirus'brother. So their quest lead them to Grimauld Place where the Order of Phoenix is residing as its headquater.
They search for the horcruxes in Grimauld Place but in vain.
Ginny joined the team for searching the horcruxes.
Later harry found himself as one of the 7 horcruxes.
He is the 7th Horcruxes. So thats why Dark Lord is not attacking Harry for the past few days. Death Eaters were given strict order not to hurt Harry.
Harry n his team found out that a weird creature is guarding one horcruxes. Harry get rid of the creature n destroy the horcruxe. The horcruxe was inside the cup of Huppelpuff.
Harry was badly hurt while fighting with the creature. Ron, Hermione and Ginny got hurt due to dark spell guarding the entrance leading to the horcruxe. Ginny as an underage witch manage to tackle the Dark spell guarding the horcruxe like Harry had done in the cave with Dumbledore the previous year.

Harry destroyed all other horcruxes except himself the last one. At last he have no choice other than killing himself to destroy Voldemort. He killed himself and Voldermort last Horcruxe is destroyed and the Dark Lord is mortal again. Voldemort ran toward Harry try to stop him from killing himsel but in vain. After Harry died Ginny cast AVADA KEDRAVA to Voldemort and Voldermort died instantly.

And the war finally ends. All the surviving Death Eaters are taken to Azkaban n the Wizarding World live in peace hapilly after.

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2006-08-05 [lunarflames]: It comes out in July of 2007.... and I can't wait..... I wish people would enter..... I guess not....

2006-08-10 [rebeccajlsk]: I'll enter. If thats ok?

2006-08-10 [lunarflames]: Of course! Go right ahead!!!!

2006-08-14 [Saffron]: I just got the wonderful idea of having this contest displayed at mainstreet, go me!

2006-08-15 [lunarflames]: yes, if anyone entered.....:/

2006-08-21 [Soul Guardian]: I will enter. I just now saw this so i don't have a wiki yet.
is it okey if i still put my name up there. i'll get a storyline going now...

2006-08-21 [Soul Guardian]: done.

2006-08-22 [Saffron]: Very nice! I hope there will be more entrants soon

2006-08-26 [Flisky]: As soon as I finish, I'll put mine up, it that's okay.

2006-08-26 [Flisky]: It's up, along with chapter one...I hope you guys like it...(BTW, it's not finished yet...I'm still going!)

2006-08-27 [Saffron]: Wonderful! ^^

2006-09-18 [justagirl09]: I HEARD HARRY DIES IN THIS BOOK!!!!!!...(there was this interview thingy on cable with her...saying that she was not going to verify the fact, but she wouldn't deny it, or the fact that other authors were begging her not too kill him (i think stephen king was one of them...but i thought he died so i dk)

2006-09-18 [Soul Guardian]: i already knew that. and yes, it's true. Harry dies in the last book.

2006-09-19 [Saffron]: ?! Haha right (just write what YOU think will happen)

2006-09-20 [Soul Guardian]: no...i KNOW it will happen. i've already read it.
but i won't tell you how...that's the best part! I;d never give that one away.

2006-09-21 [Rosanegra]: I don't know what I'm doing entering. I probably won't finish. Is it okay if we don't finish? By the way, sorry for the sarcasm.

2006-09-22 [BaNdIt 4 LiFe]: This all sound quite interesting...

2006-10-04 [lunarflames]: The book doesnt even get released until next year this time.... there is no way you know what happens unless you are J.K. Rowling, her editor or her daughter....unless you are one of those people. lol

2006-10-05 [Soul Guardian]: i know that.

2006-10-08 [justagirl09]: how did you already get to read the copy? *le gasp* you have a time machine! *points awkwardly at you with mouth gaping and eyes wide with the sudden realization*

2006-10-09 [Soul Guardian]: no silly!

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