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Happily Ever After review

Directed by John Howley

Starring Edward Asner, Irene Cara and Carol Channing

The evil queen is dead, and Snow White and Prince Charming think they are safe. Unfortunately for them, the witch had a brother named Lord Maliss, who has minions (one is an owl, who smokes) and a bad temper. And can change into a dragon. And has magic. (Now that I write this, I'm thinking he and Maleficent should get together; they'd make a great couple). As they're on their way, Charming is wooshed away by dragon-form Maliss, and Snow White is dumbfounded.

She eventually teams up with the seven dwarf-ettes, and they make a journey to try and save the prince.

While this movie is super corny (and teaches children not to smoke via a nasty, grouchy old owl and his sidekick bat), I think it's cute. Snow White is very gentle, and there's something rather alluring about her. (I used to play pretend that I was her, in fact.) And there's a twist! One I rather liked. I honestly cried the first few times I watched this.

For some reason, this really sticks with me. I'd recommend it to anyone with children. 

/ [Akayume]

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