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The Elites have left Earth, the Prophets are dead, and Spartan-117 is presumed KIA. Several years have passed since that horrible chapter in Earth's life was finished and the world was getting back to normal. Most of the damaged and destroyed cities had been repaired or rebuilt, apart for that barren hill where stands the monument to the loved ones who perished.

With the huge success of Spartan-117 the SPARTAN II Project was reopened, this time the facility was built on Earth, almost right on the southern pole in Antartica. There were some changes to the program though as they no longer kidnapped the children from their families. If a set of parents wanted their child to become a Spartan they brought them into their local government or military headquarters to take the test. If they qualified for the program, the kids parents would be compensated and the child is whisked away to Antarctica.

With the alien threat assumed gone, civilian space travel has increased, as well as colonization of new planets. And as always the UNSC and the Spartans are always around, ready for anything.

A C.U.R.E. endorsed RPG brought to you by [Lord Josmar].

Thats what I have for now on the backstory. Everyone is going to play as a Spartan, unless I decide later on to allow ODST and/or Marines.

Spartan App
Spartan Tech

Current Locations
The Arctic Base
Gret VII
New Tokyo

Our Brethren In Arms
Read the other bios first before submitting one. The last thing we need is a squad of people who do the same thing.

Aaron "Lil' Scorp" Slovack - Spartan 283

Amala "Spook" Donavin - Spartan 313

Tavish Redding - Shaft - Spartan 369

Gordon "Scorch" Pask - Spartan 372

Alexander "Stitch" Lauren - Spartan 402

Good source site:

Username (or number or email):


2011-03-02 [Darth Jacein]: well i'd pop on every now and then but i never had long enough to post, but again.. its cool if the answers no, id comepletely understand

2011-03-04 [Lord Josmar]: I have decided! I am going to allow you to come back, but this will be the last chance. You will have to send me the link to your character's profile (or leave it here in the comments). You are going to have to make sure you keep up and post regularly or I will remove you again. Since we are in the middle of a SL right now you will have to wait till we are done before coming back in.

2011-04-04 [Ravenclaw]: I want to know how tall everyone is.

2011-04-05 [Darth Jacein]:

Also my email is drop me a line when your ready

2011-04-05 [Darth Jacein]: thank you, btw

2011-05-04 [Evolution X]: Josmar? Us...?

2011-05-04 [Lord Josmar]: Oh shit! I wondered why I wasn't getting any updates. Looks like I accidentally stopped watching it.

2011-05-04 [Evolution X]: <_>

2011-05-04 [Lord Josmar]: If I don't post somewhere that I should have in like two or three days then definitely let me know so there won't be any delays.

2011-05-28 [Lord Josmar]: We are going to do a time jump now to a few weeks after the Spartan's return, when they have fully analyzed the data. Evo, we are going to continue Aaron and Tavish's conversation in the Spartan Command Archive2

2011-05-28 [Evolution X]: Ok, you need to post then. *nod*

2012-01-13 [Lord Josmar]: Get ready guys, I am going to be moving on to the next storyline here soon. Gotta contact possible new person.

2012-01-13 [Ravenclaw]: grrummmmmmmblllllleeeeeeeee. They're call sign had better begin with an S. Anything otherwise is just a redshirt.

2012-01-13 [Lord Josmar]: Lolz. Dont know, havent been in contact with him for a bit. Gotta message him.

2012-01-14 [Lord Josmar]: Slovia

Dont post on that wiki. Instead post on one of the other two wikis linked.

2012-01-14 [Evolution X]: What do you mean "one of the other two wikis linked"?

2012-01-14 [Ravenclaw]: there are two links on that page

2012-01-14 [Evolution X]: ah

2012-07-18 [ZeoOfFire]: Yeah...
This is probably not a shock to anyone.
I'm gonna leave the RP.
I decided to ensure I wasn't doing anything majorly important in the RP at the time, so people wouldn't go "Oh shit, what do we do now?"
Anyway reasons.
Honestly? I didn't enjoy my character. And I'm pretty sure I think proper Sci-Fi isn't for me in RPs.
Anyway, I wish you all the luck, but here's Stitch, signing off.
Feel free to kill Stitch in any amusing way you wish.

2012-07-18 [Lord Josmar]: Well I hate to see you leaving, but I wouldnt want you to stay in an Rpg you werent enjoying.

2012-07-18 [ZeoOfFire]: Thanks for the understanding.

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