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Halloween Poetry Competition - 2007, Page 1

Please see the rules on the main page:

Halloween Poetry Competition


Want to Be Liked, Not Mocked

The humans dress up as us,
But we could never dress up as them.
Can you imagine a human with green or blue skin?
A human would never settle for a wart that is as big as the average witch’s.

Humans do a horrible job dressing up as us,
But a great job of making fun of us.
What they don’t realize is we have to live like this everyday
And we don’t have a mask to remove.

Let them have their fun this Halloween,
But after they eat their candy and want to go to sleep, they’ll go back to viewing us as evil,
That we live in closets to torture them.
They won’t come to visit the ghosts in haunted houses anymore
Or even bother to say, “Thank you” to all of us monsters for this fun they will have;
They’ll all be scared of us again.
So maybe this human tradition isn’t so bad if it makes them like us one night a year.

Written by [Leb]

Ghouls In the Darkness

the ghouls of the past,
the terrors of the future,
walking through the dark nights,
compassion unknown to these dark souls,
limbs and bones and so much more,
flying and seething for lustful death.

on nights of fancy they do roam,
for darkness and deceitful are they,
souls walk in disguise as one of them,
but know not what truths lie in wait,
for ghouls of unknown life walk again,
once more to find life walking amongst them.

one night evermore they search,
mischief rousing their senses,
imps of the eternally unknown remain,
victimizing fancies do draw them closer,
until at a moments time they wait,
for just the right time to show themselves.

so run not into the darkness,
micheiveous little ones do wait,
for once fear is not in that soul,
only for a moments time it will be,
for when faced by these ghouls of the darkness,
the horrors will awaken the fear within.

Written by [Chuck1986]

Vampires Lirking Around

I lirk around at night, with you not knowing it
Dark streets are were I walk looking for someone to sink my teeth into
All the other vampires love being vampires
But not me
I wish to walk in the sun when humans are about
Instead I have to hide from the big ball of fire to live
And cry wishing I were human or some other creature besides a vampire
If only I could have friends that are not vampires
I wish i could say that vampires will never hurt you
Unfortunately we will just to live
Taking humans from that life to being blood thirsty demons with the name of vampires
Walking in the sun is what i wish to do
I'm suck in this life sucking blood from humans and walking in only the darkness
The only light i can walk under are the street lights that light up streets
Moon and stars which keep the earth from being pitch black
I am a vampire that wishes to walk in the sun with out dieing a painful death
And leave this life of immortality

Written by [InsanityAngel]

Mother Always Said "No"

Mother always said "no" to...
Walking amongst the Living.
Being unlike my father.
Being a nonlover of Darkness.
And all of its glories I was sick of.
I must say, it wasn't fair
My "friends" thought I was sane.
It wasn't a good thing to be sane.
We are Devil-Spawn.
We are insane.
I just wanted to be different...
Is that so hard to ask for?
Of course it is..
Mother always said "NO!"

Written by [Vou]


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