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Halloween Poetry Competition - 2007, Page 1

Please see the rules on the main page:

Halloween Poetry Competition


This contest is closed


How to post your poem:
Add the poem after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write its title and author ("Written by...").
Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag.

There is a theme:
Make sure the entries fit the theme, or they will be removed.


1. The Troll Salesman

There once was a troll, who was really tall
He had yellow teeth and was ugly
He smelled really bad (that fact made him glad)
and a big rotten grin he wore smugly

But each Halloween, he had to get clean
'cause elseway he had to accept sweets
For kids in the street were going "Trick or treat"
and stealing his job. Those gits!

So now he decided (though the idea he chided)
each year to sell books that were sappy
Now Halloween means a wig and not to smell like a pig
and ladies that buy books and are happy!

Written by [Jitter]

2.[Leb]- Removed for not following the theme

3.[Chuck1986]- Removed for not following the theme

4.[InsanityAngel]- Removed for not following the theme

5. Rest for the Weary

A long time ago, or so it seemed
I met a girl of whom I'd dreamed.
All was not what it appeared to be,
For through this girl I could see!

She was a charming and graceful girl,
Leaping about, all ready to twirl.
I asked what she was doing on this fine eve,
As it was Halloween, a time(for humans)to recieve...
All the scares and glares
In the spooky, old haunted lairs.

She replied that on this special night,
As humans took up the job of fright,
The frights and horrors would take a well deserved rest
From scaring the worst of the best!

Written by [Changer]

6. The Night

The night of All Hallow's Eve has come
when the Big Boss comes marching out
of his office and begins to sum
up his troops, shouting loud and proud

'This is the Night!' he shouts with glee
'The very night on which we
the Hallows lost, we rest this night;
let now the children bring up fright!'

His troops, all dressed in slippers
answers his cry with cheering lippers,
while holding their teddies, plushies so soft,
happily holding their sleeping-hats aloft

'Now we sleep, not under the bed, but in it!'
'Let this night by lantern light be lit!'
'And so,' says the boss, adjusting his gown,
'let us lie down and sleep until dawn.'

Written by [Melocrie]

7. Three Halloween Guests

The Halloween bash has begun.
Most of the guests have come.
There's ghosts and goblins, witches, too.
They've gathered around their boiling brew.
Somehow, the party seems incomplete,
Even though, there's a variety of feet.

Then, the door opens and there stands three.
Three unknowns, who might they be?

The first is dressed in fleece, a sheep.
Silenced are all, not even a peep.
The second walks in, a pig for sure.
Grunts escape, as he leans on the door.
The third, the last, wearing a crimson hood,
Everyone's eying, in the entrance he stood.

The party resumes with ghoulish fun.
Some tricks are played on more than one.
No one's concerned with the three let in,
Nor to the fact, they're not even of kin.

The striking of twelve has long since passed.
The brew is cold, the scene aghast.
Where are the guests? No laughing or screaming,
'Cept the three, sleeping and dreaming,
With paws on their bellies, they're snoring loud,
They've really enjoyed, eating the crowd!

Written by [Artsieladie]

8. Day-Walkers (A.K.A Humans)

The day walkers flood the streets at night,
Not fleeing from darkness,
Embracing it.
Something that is only seen
This day is somewhat inconvenient,
For us night walkers.
They are not as easily frightened,
When they see me glide through
Shadowy tree branches.
Where’s the fun in that?
They are giddy, and hyped up on sugar,
Grade A. trouble makers.
Who do they think they are?
The darkness is mine,
Something I am deeply connected with,
How dare they try and steal lady Moon.
When the day walkers flood the streets,
I can join them, hidden in the masses,
But mostly, I prefer to hide,
Watching, and waiting,
To haunt them another day.

Written by [Alexi Ice]

9. Night-Walker (A.K.A Vampires)

Humans are so brazen,
Stalking the night in
Silly, vivid costumes.
My fangs could easily
Rip through the soft fabric.
What am I to do?
When they invade the night,
The only thing that is truly,
Do I dare hide in cowardice?
And risk being mocked
By my own kind?
Or shall I join them,
Hidden since I,
Am dressed like some.
How strange a ritual,
To forsake your human heritage
And be, for a single night,
Something that you are not.
This year I plan to stay in shadow,
And lure them unsuspecting,
Into the darkness.
Then, once we are hidden
Feed on their fresh,
Helpless blood.
Then search for my next target
Like a free buffet,
With food that struggles
When you bite down.
It almost makes me wish,
These disgusting creatures,
Would partake in this ritual
More than once a year.

Written By [Alexi Ice]

10. My Night Free Of Work

Today is a once in a year
Day with no work for me
With humans thinking there is no fear
Of monsters haunting their houses

I can enjoy the night
Watching my favourite football match
Humans always have a big fright
When their favourite team loses.

I’m sometimes annoyed
When humans think we have no feelings
I’m not like my living dead friend, Stan
All he says is, “Brains!!!”

Anyway I guess it’s time for dinner
Of sugared human heads
I guess the night is almost over
But there’s always the next Halloween!

Written by [dragonlover95]

11.The Ogre's Night Off

Papa Van Ogre said to his wife,
Get me my slippers and bring me my pipe!
At last a vacation,
I’m home for the night!

Well, don’t get too comfy she said with a smile.
I’ve invited some friends!
We will all have some fun for a while,
A nice little party before Halloween ends!

The house of the Van Ogre’s was very soon filled.
All sorts of Creatures were laughing and joking!
They sloshed down green ale and some of it spilled!
Boisterously gloating, and not without poking,

Shoving, and slapping their friends all around!
Poor Uncle Harry, a werewolf so scary,
Laughed so hard, he fell to the ground!
He sputtered and spat and soon he was hissing!

Then Mama Van Ogre discovered!
That Junior Ogre was missing!
Don’t worry said Harry, the werewolf so scary,
He went to the mall, dressed as a fairy!

Written by [Grandamelf]

12.Freaky Halloween

The freaky ones had collected
Not as one would have suspected
The standard of dress was totally fearsome
They were to dress as those they called awesome
The costumes in residence
Were about to set precedence
With the loss of their jobs
They came filling other’s jobs
There were bankers, judges, and lawyers
Why there were even teachers, preachers, and sawyers
They all had a ball
Showing up as the world’s all

Written by [loam]

13.Day Off

My chores are done
My meal's at it's bone.
My children are gone.
And my husband won't be back 'til dawn.
Maybe I can watch Spawn.
I really need to tend the lawn.
I kinda wanna lay down.
But, the dog's kinda feelin' down.
Maybe I can dye my hair brown.
My husband might frown
I'm gunna go put on a gown
I feel kinda down.
I use to be alright on my own.
Maybe I can go into town,
And make a few kids moan.
I could frighten them to a groan.
But, it is, the day of my own.
But, why'd it have to happen
On the biggest night for Halloween town?

Written by [Tynuka-Rhytishy]

14.Until Halloween

a vampire looking for a beautiful victim
frankenstein walking with his bride
a wulf howls
one day a year they can
one day a year they're free

next to me a ghost asking me for a mint
a giant pumpkin riding cinderella to her ball
on halloween they have vacation
on halloween, doing whatever they want
one night a year

the clock hits twelve o'clock
halloween is over
everyone has to go back
back to work
and they wait again a year

until halloween

written by [Decla]

15.Halloween Anthro-Dragon Bowl-A-Rama Drama-Rama

Bowling, bowling . . . rolling that ball down the shiny lacquered lane
Bowling, bowling . . . it’s Pauly-Dragon and his anthro-family
Why’re they bowling away sour memories of Halloween Past?
Jealous trick or treaters egged them ‘cause they're their own costumes.
Little Patrick's still sulking 'cause he wants to egg ‘em back.
Elvira forfeited the sexy-crown to Kathy the Anthro-Dragoness.
Soccer moms and zealous dads scolded Pauly’s concealed "artistic nudity".
Bad memories knocked over in groups of ten, then swept off and reset.

"Grawwr! Check it out, Pat and Kath!" Pauly says with a grin.
He talks to the bowling ball mimicking Shakespeare, trying not to laugh:
"'Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio: a fellow of infinite jest . . .’ Groof!”
Muscles rippling, gathering his strength in a golden-scaled crouch,
Pauly shot-puts the ball, vaguely inspired by bowling in Superman III.
Shattered broken pins making the automated systems wonkity ---"Fire in the hole!"
Pauly and Pat-Pat burst out laughing, but Kathy’s head’s tilted, claws on her hips.
The wildly gesticulating Greek maintenance guy ejects the three of them in a huff.

Bowl-a-Rama-banned and bellicose, Kathy gives Pauly the Look of Death
"Um . . . oops?" blushes Pauly, comforting Pat-Pat. "So, who's up for Taco Bell?"
Kathy roars, igniting Pauly's golden-scaled tushie with a lick of dragon-fire!
“So, who’s up for sleeping on the couch tonight, hmm?” snarls the anthro-dragoness.
"Wait!" says Patrick. “Let’s save Halloween by dressing as the human-us!”
"Grawwwr? Those are freaky and weird," says Pauly, slapping his crackling broiling bum.
"Look who's talking!" snarls Kathy the dragon-lady, shaking a fist. "Garrrr!!"
"Mom, Dad! It’s the weekend and we WILL have fun--- grawwawwrrr!”

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly theme plays as three backlit silhouettes emerge,
The sun slipping below the horizon, a tumbleweed smacking ghost-tot’s gawking mom.
Kathy the Anthro-Dragoness as Kathy Doyle, wigged and looking mighty “hot”---
Form-fitting tie-dye spaghetti top, blue denim Daisy Dukes and a tail-loop to keep it on   
Patrick the Anthro-Dragon as Patrick Doyle in board shorts and a puppy shirt
Pauly the Anthro-Dragon is Paul Doyle, all too busy staring at Kathy’s cutoffs
The beard will grow back, some of it spirit-glued to his snout in a bunch.
He‘s stiff, stiffer in a suit and tie and ’80s glasses than Chris Reeve as Clark Kent.

It’s a beautiful Halloween for the anthro-dragon family, fitting in by not fitting in.
Charming their amused neighbors and peers, tensions evaporating in hugs and cheer.
Pauly’s got a Trick and Kathy’s got a Treat for later, after Pat’s asleep. Happy Halloween!

Written by [Paul Doyle]

16. Upside Down Halloween

It's Halloween again
That dreaded night of terror
Of Witches and wizards
And Spirits and Ghost
When Jack'o'lanterns
Light up the windows
And when tomb stones
Grow out of the lawns

The humans get busy
Dressing up themselves
Like spirits and Gohst
All for Halloween.
Some like Witches and Wizards
some like Orcs and Gnomes
some like Fairies and elfs
Just for Halloween.

What about the spirits?
What will they be doing?
Maybe they celebrate too
Maybe an Upside down Halloween
They dress up like human
And Pretend to be humans
They Walk round the town
Watching thier opposites perform

Think of Wizards on suits
And Orcs wearing slacks
Living in good houses
And sleeping in good beds
Oh! what a Night to think of
Where one becomes it's opposite
That is exactly what I mean
An Upside down Halloween!!

Written by [Lakayana]

17. [Vou] removed for not following the theme

18. Horsin' Around

Care to shoot some baskets?
HORSE is my favorite game.
H stands for Headless,
Which is my claim to fame.

O stands for Old
Dutch Church, my stomping ground
One thing Irving never told
Is how I score off a rebound.

I come at you like a beast
Bounce it under you like a fish
R is for when I Release
And make the goal with a swish.

For a guy without a noggin'
S stands for Skill
Though I admit to ball hoggin'
I'll use my head as I will!

Now we arrive at E
The Ending of our match
Now if you'll excuse me
For I have a Crane to catch!

Written by: [crikketcandy]

19. What witches do in Halloween night

Every Halloween night the witches ride
to abduct the little kids playing in the dark dark night,
upon their sticks with laugh and pride
to later cook them all with great delight.

Since it's beauty what they always want
there will be no mercy on pretty kids next time they haunt.
Halloween is coming soon,
and the spooky night will have a full moon.

Beware, beware and take care,
they can be anywhere in the air.

Written by: [Nocternity S.]

20. Disgraceful Day

The creatures of fright
That scare in the night
The kids of the day
Will come out to play

At the loss of their fear
That the creatures hold dear
They see and they hear
That the kids growing near

The creatures watch and they wait
For the end of the date
A time so very near
So they can strike fear

The humans should run
While getting rid of thier fun
The creatures are waiting
To strike fear on the hating

All Hallows Eve
Creatures believe
Is disgraceful see
As the kids have stolen their jobs

Written By [Koho Ai]

21. Night

So many nights
oh so many frights
tonights the night
we have to retire

A romantic night
which we could take flight
but our jobs are over
just for this night.

But for our sake
we will scare
not for bets
but,for kicks.

So watch out little kiddies,
for this is the one night
we can actually scare!

Written by: [Zombie Prom Queen]

22.On Halloween Night

Tonight is the night, she's waited a whole year for.
Her folks think she's crazy, as she heads out the door.
She's all dressed up for trick-a-treating,
Side by side with the living, tonight she walks.
They think her cheerleader's costume is oh, so lame,
But they love her wrapped up mummy face.
She grins to herself, but not a word does she say,
'Cause the living will never understand her mummy ways.
The night goes by fast as she parties and dances.
She teases the boys, prancing around her.
Her desire to scare them gives her a chill.
I'll haunt you tomorrow, she thinks with a thrill.
Tonight's just for dancing and eating her treats.
She shakes her pom-poms, she does a new dance.
Ain't it a hoot? They all think she's grand.
Her pumpkin is loaded. It's full of great treats.
She had so much fun, it was quite a blast.
She can't wait till next year, loads of fun to be had.
Being a mummy ain't all that bad,
Especially once a year on Halloween night.

Written by [Morningstar Rising]

23. A Costume Dilemna

I dressed up as a goblin
And they thought I was a ghoul
I dressed up as a lioness;
They thought I was a fool
I dressed up as a toadstool red;
They fancied me a flea
So in the end, I was myself-
A silly pixie sidhe

Writen by [Moonlit Serenade]


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2007-10-26 [Alexi Ice]: So the poem contest is officially closed today! Woot!!!! When will we know the winners?????

2007-10-27 [Linderel]: On Halloween. ;)

2007-10-27 [Alexi Ice]: ^^ Lol that makes sence!!! Thanks

2007-10-28 [Morningstar Rising]: good luck to you all.

2007-10-29 [Alexi Ice]: Yes! Good luck, all!

2007-10-29 [Melocrie]: Indeed! Good game everyone!

2007-10-29 [Koho Ai]: Indeed good luck to thee all and may the spirits of Halloween past bring tiding of fright to your houses. JK

2007-10-29 [Melocrie]: Amen.

2007-10-31 [crikketcandy]: Grats to all of the winners and participants. Happy Halloween!

2007-10-31 [Jitter]: Congratulations everyone :3

2007-10-31 [Moonlit Serenade]: Happy Halloween, everybody! And yay for everyone!

2007-11-01 [Morningstar Rising]: Congrats to all the winners and nice job everyone, Happy Halloween.

2007-11-01 [Artsieladie]: Congrats to all the entrants. It was a great contest with a challenging theme. :-D <img:>

2007-11-01 [Alexi Ice]: May I ask why some of the donation badges are tinged in orenge? I noticed that when looking for the winners, is there a significance or is it just a fluke?

2007-11-01 [Linderel]: See Donors. ;)

2007-11-01 [Vou]: ;pouts; Lamiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!! Hello. <3

2007-11-01 [Linderel]: Hallo :o

2007-11-01 [Vou]: =3

2007-11-02 [Alexi Ice]: oh, ok thanks ^^

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2007-11-07 [Vou]: Yes. Yes it does. ^_^

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