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Halloween Poetry Competition - 2006, Page 1

Please see the rules on the main page:

Halloween Poetry Competition


This Competition Is Closed


How to post your poem:
Add the poem after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write its title and author ("Written by...").
Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag.

There is a theme:
Things That Go Bump in the Night. A Halloween contest where people show the traditional childhood fears of monsters in the closet, under the bed, etc.
Make sure the entries fit the theme, or they will be removed.


1. Creeping Fear

Dark, that clings and holds you in its cold embrace,
Dark, that rattles and claws at windows,
Dark that grabs you!

Alone, on the island that was once your bed,
Alone, too far away from the door and safety,
Alone and terrified.

Silence, that is too silent,
Silence, making your breathing boom and your heart crash,
Silence yet there is a noise…

A noise, deep and angry coming from below,
A noise, getting louder and angrier,
A noise directed at you.

Sleep, pretend to try your best not to look,
Sleep, you wish you were with eyes clenched shut,
Sleep the last thing you could do.

Hide, deep beneath the cave of your duvet,
Hide, away from monsters and creatures cruel,
Hide but know you’re not hidden.

Louder, is the beast that lurks just within hearing,
Louder, is your breath and pulse,
Louder and still oh so quiet.

Courage, as you rip off the duvet,
Courage, as you run for the door,
Courage, as you turn on the lights switch,
Courage, you wish you had more. . .

Written By [Barock]

2. Creaking Doors, Breathy Walls

There is no lurking thing in the closet,
your father said so.

There it is again, that rattler of empty coathangers...
and that shadow on the wall, it moved.. it did...

There are no creepies in the walls,
your father said so.

But what is that scurry you hear just above your head...
and and and.. the wall was not that dark a moment ago...
it moved, it did, it did...

The doorknob to the closet, did it move, just a fraction of a turn? Is the breathing you hear coming from the other side of the door?

There is no lurker in the closet,
your father said so.

Should you run to your parents room, should you leap to the closet and throw open the door, should you scream in terror and huddle in your quilt?

No said your father, you should turn off the tv and quit watching that scary movie and for heavens sake go to sleep!

Written by [Skydancer]

3. The Halloween's mascot

Susan is a doll
which everybody knows.
She is like a crow
and that's not false.

With a skin black,
black as the night.
She is no slack,
because she has the might.

She has that might,
because tonight
it's scary, right?
The Halloween’s night.

To obey the kids
And cook the freaks.
She has that power
gathered in a flower.

Written by [lyubomir]

4. There's a Monster in my Closet

Boom, Boom, What can it be? There's a monster in my closet that I can't see.

Crash, Crash, There's a monster in the attic!
It's so scary, my hair is static!

Bump, Bump, it's coming down the stair.
It's so loud I think it's a bear!

Oh no! It's in my room!
It's fuzzy, it's round, it's low on the ground,
It's a... a mouse?

Bang, Bang, I thought it was gone!
Oh no, something is wrong!

Slap, Slap, Yipes! It's after my feet,
I don't think it's hear to trick-or-treat!

Smash, Smash, It knocked over a vase!
Now I'll have to see it, face to face!
Oh, no! It's on my bed!
It's furry, it's pouncy, it's big and it's bouncy it's a... a cat?

...sometimes I get carried away about noises in the night.

Written by [Citrine] (Written at age 8)

5. Betty dollface

Breathe deeply, child.
False hysteria,
Hum mothers lullaby.
So precious made of moonlight,
With shadowed pearly perfections
Is filled with tears at night.
She screams at the walls
With her eyes.

You know she’s watching,
She’s watching
Enveloped in an ethereal disarray
Of blankets whispered lead.
Weighed down by self condolence.
Breathing hidden expected death.

Flower girls play patty cake,
Burnt the layered sunshine.
She feels the death with fingertips,
Fingers that aren’t mine.
Upside down frowns and unfamiliarity.
False hilarity.
Swallowing you in your own safety.

Scream through the layered dust,
It keeps falling into noise,
Lips intent with rust.
You’re choking,
Wide mouthed oceans full of tears,
She hurts you.
To better displease young years.
While darkness resists her smile.

note:Betty was once indeed a real doll, until I turned 5, and broke her up and put her down the sink...blender...thing o.o

Written by [toycar]

6. Who's there?!

It's three o'clock in the morning
Some say it's devil's hour
Today I am a bit scared than most times...
Because it's Halloween

The moon is glowing
My knees are weak and sour
I just start doing rhymes...
Because it's Halloween

I covered myself under the sheets
Scared and lonely
Someone is ringing the door
And I accidentally scream

I saw someone in the livingroom seats
They looked scary indeed
But were they the ones who rang?
No, they were only my neighbours smoking some weed.
Because it's Halloween

Written by [Shjahjdahdvwa]

7. "My Alleyway"

Scream in the night,
Filled you with fright.
There’s no more light.
Down the dark alleyway.

You turn away,
Your face turning grey;
You’ll never look down,
The dark alleyway.

Down the dark path,
You’d find hurt, and wrath.
Sucking the neck,
Of a young human wreck,
Down the dark, dark alleyway.

Blood lies in pools here,
You can almost taste the fear.
Cries out in rage, a cruel jeer;
Down my dark alleyway.

Written by [Jewl]

8. Untitled

Like a fist closing on a beating heart
Darkness pressing in on every side
Search for shelter in a lovers arms
But theres nowhere left to hide
Ticking away each minute
That passes like a year
Every noise, each shadow
Building upon each fear
Stumbling in the starless night
Find doors and push on through
Candles force away the darkness
Is this sanctuary true?
Tears of blood from statues eyes
While saints from windows leer
Fall to knees on cold stone floor
Will shelter Be found here?

Written by [Fire Panther]

9. Glowing red eyes and your underwear

With my glowing red eyes
Under your bed,
I’m not just in your head.
Maybe I’ll make you wet the bed,
You heard what I said.

Late at night when your snuggled in tight.
I crawl out from the darkness,
I’m not just after you.
I’ll steal your under wear,
Through and through,
And eat it until I’m sick.

Then I’ll throw it up just because.
And wait until you wake
Because I want to see your face,
Your nasty underwear will make you quake.

Written by [kittygirl1017]

10. The Darkness
2:45 and a bell goes off thank god
I hate the daylight i hate school
I walk home and wait for something cruel
I climb into bed i sit and wait until its dark
Then is when it starts, the fun begins

I sneak out of my room and scare the kids
I come out so quickly its scary yet true
I take off running like an animal escaped from the Zoo
When i hear the sirens Scream and flash
I dive into the bushes and dart off in a flash

I've never been caught but I love to scare people
They're coming They're coming i'd say to some people
You think Im a psycho and its probably true

But the darkness holds fun
Oh wait heres a clue
The next time you walk down a shadowy street
I will be hiding in the bushes with a nice treat
Maybe a dagger maybe a gun
Or maybe some money its all in good fun

Written by [elserpiente]

11. Trick or Treat

Trick or treat!
At the door we scream,
And the person within
Taking in our costumes with the greatest esteem,
What a fright, oh my!
Never have I seen such
Costumes by and by,
For I have seen many,
Oh yes I have
Like the creeping jenny
Only that they live in my rooms,
And they are quite scary
For their skins aren’t costumes,
If you can imagine…
Now we were silent in fear
And were less rowdy then we had been
For news of monsters and creatures
Frightened us silly
Listening to their hideous features
For the children that we were
Petrified in the intake
Of the facts of this transfer
And as we turned to run
She called out to wait
But we were done
Until Jimmy was grabbed
And Lilly was too
Matt then was stabbed
A view I got of the woman’s fangs, a close-up,
And I screamed for help
Then I woke up.

Written by [Aeolynn] *Note: This might not fit the exact theme, but I hope it's acceptable...*

12. Samhain is back again

The wheel of time has circled round
Leaves are falling onto the ground
Night falls early every eve
And magick spins upon the breeze
Timeless is this night
Witches prepare for the magick rite
Light the fire, bless the space
Make the journey to an eternal place
Hekate smiling down at her children
Giving Guidance and wisdom
Letting souls free from her kingdom
Tonight the veil between the worlds is lifted
Samhain is back again, the world has shifted

Written by [Tranquil Insanity]

13. Poem removed for being too long
Written by [~*Luna*~]

14. The Witches Dance
A flash of red and orange
As the witches dance ensues
Cackles and howls rising
With the smoke

The fire's heat beating down
You cower behind the tree
It's trunk your only santuary
The hideous gala, enchants

Spells and Curses here and there
Wizzing gown's of a gossamer cloth
Black as night and trimmed with bones
unkempt locks dark as ebony

Fear seizing your soul
You feel the night casting a noose
about your small, helpless neck
the dancing fire, your only light

A simmering cauldron
You try to tear your eyes away
What shall meet it fate
Within that boiling concoction

You're thrust to your feet
You weren't as hidden as you thought
Silence, a heavy lump in your throat
You feel the heat, the jeering faces

Your eyes once closed now flash open
In suprise, Your fevered brow, dappled
with beads of anxious sweat
Such a nightmare, On one Hallows Eve

Written by [Captain Rachel Black]

As he came held my arm I felt his cold hand
  making me stone
His lips were on my neck making me shiver
I was horrified as he leaned in to me
I tried to scream I tried to run
   but no one was there to hear or save me
As I look down with blood dripping I saw the demon
   in his eyes
At that moment i was sure that i would die tonight
   with a vampire's kiss on Halloween night

Written by [Snow White Queen]

16. This Night

It's Halloween, for the moon is high
So white, so scared, and filled with fright
Lurking in the shadows, the many souls of lost men
The earth will shake
The dead will wake
And walk the land again
They haunt you while your sleeping
In your closet
Under your bed
Do you have what it takes,
To outrun the living dead?

Written by [Marhiah]

17. Original Horror

On All Hallow's Eve, they come.
The creatures of the past, the monsters.
A bat outside of your window,
the rush of the night wind,
a sudden bite on your neck.
A tall shadow moving,
the thump of heavy steps,
the monster has arrived.
A bush shakes nearby,
a howl to the moon,
the beast is upon you.
Frankenstein's Monster,
The Wolfman.
The Original Horrors...
have come at last.
Trick or treat.

Written by [EmeraldGrizzly]


As i was walking all alane
I heard two orcs making a mane
The tane unto the t'other say
Where sall we gang and dine t'day

In behint yon auld fail dyke
I heared there is a halloween feast there
And naebody is invited
But the fairies and thier likes

The first course will be made up of phlesh
The second is buns toasted with peanuts
while the drinks are juices and honey
so that makes the feast great

We'll sit on wite hause bane
singing fairy songs nd fairy tales
O'er this wite bane when there are bare
The wind shall blow for evermair
Bcos it's a HALLOWEEN feast

Written by [Lakayana]

19. Little Edward Gorey
Artist Edward Gorey read "Dracula" when he was six years old. It scared the hell out of him. This book influenced the delightfully eerie gothic art that he would eventually create. This poem is my tribute to him and the fears that he likely suffered as a child from reading "Dracula".

Little Edward Gorey
Just read a frightful story
Of a man with pointy teeth.

Dracula he was called
(Though Count Orlock was bald)
His hair was combed and neat.

This gentleman had
A habit dreadful bad,
He drank blood like wine.

Now it’s time for bed
And the images read
Run amok in little Ed’s mind.

This six-year old
Was much too bold
And away to read he did creep.

His mummy said not to read it,
Little Edward did not heed it,
Now he cannot go to sleep.

When the lights were extinguished
His toys he couldn’t distinguish
From shadows and monsters scary.

The Bloofer Lady’s at his window
She’s trying to get into
His room like an enchanting fairy.

Little Edward wishes with all his might
That the book never entered his sight -
It’s going to be a long night…

Written by [Dark Side of the Moon]

20. The Mimes in My Basement
This is about my real childhood fear of two mimes that came out of my basement at night and crept around the house.

It’s 8 o’clock, it’s time for bed
Lights out, a thing I dread.
I beg mommy to leave on a light
It makes me feel safe from hideous fright.
Mommy says, “Hush now; go to sleep."
The switch is flicked and now darkness creeps.
I pull up my blanket and clutch my bear
And tell myself, “There’s nothing to fear."
But there is, and I know it well
There are mimes in the basement, I hear them yell.
Mommy and Daddy can’t hear them at all
When they go to bed, the mimes scratch at the walls.
Clowns are funny, cheerful and bright;
But mimes in my basement fill me fright.
Their eyes are all black, their faces pale,
Their lips are all black, just like their nails,
Their clothes are all black and so is their hair.
They come up the stairs as an eerie pair
And shuffle about the kitchen all night alone
Bib-bib-bib-bib is their monotonous drone.
I begin to quiver, I begin to quake
For the mimes know that I am awake.
Out from the kitchen they lurch
It’s for me in my bed that they search.
Their black shoes are shuffling,
Their laboured breath is snuffling,
Their repetitive voices are drawing near
My child-heart races with fear.
With the blanket over my head
I repeat the words Daddy once said,
“Go away," my tiny voice squeaks.
It doesn’t work on these mind-made freaks.
Mommy and Daddy turned in only a few minutes ago…
There’s still nine hours of night left to go.

Written by [Dark Side of the Moon]

21. A Halloween Villanelle

At the end of each October
They went out creeping in the dark
When nights became much colder

That ghostly arm on children's shoulders
That slightly touched them in the park
At the end of each October

The darkest shadows in the corners
Whispered straight into their hearts
When nights became much colder

The strangest voices on the border
With the world of pain and fright
At the end of each October

All ghosts and freaks, all creeps and crawlers
That filled the rooms, the streets, the cars
When nights became much colder

And even when the child grew older
He screamed in jack-o'-lantern's light
At the end of each October
When nights became much colder

Written by [shadow_of_life]

22. Hallowseve visions

Paused he did
Upon the corner of the cobbles
Red glow swung above
Scattered shadows and glooms

Thought he, in the cover of a door
Echoed laughter passed by the way
Glass shimmered
Every vision, orange grimace
Scares he more than those that roam the river
Those Spirits of the hallowed dark

Him, fair haired ghost of eves long past
Questing for his home of late
Night on townscape settles far from mute
Bats did wake and in young minds terrible nightmares put

Passing by the tombs of dew
His reflection solemn eyes had caught
Pale parchment stretched upon his bones
Sunken soul windows stare
No warmth would you find dwelling there

Crept he to his bed
And slumber beckoned the memories
Shed soft troubles upon his head
Hilltops flocked with witches casting spells
Far away, rested in the view of his soul
A feared was he,
Of the dreaming who, by nightly noise, is led

Written by [Muerta]

23. "scared for halloween"

Darkness outside.
Small lights go trough the streets.
why did I go outside this night?
“Trick or treat E

Elfenkids with orc masks, trying to scare me.
Kids run around with their bags filled with candy.
wherewolfs running across the roofs of houses.
“Trick or treat E

Dwarfkids dressed up like dragons.
Their dad running after them.
with big axes in their hands.
“Trick or treat E

I rush home, but it almost seems to late.
A stinkey orc with an elf mask is jumping in front of me.
I scream, and try to run away.
“Trick or treat E

he jumps in front of me again.
Quikly i give him my last candy.
And I runn off bevore he can catch me.
“Trick or treat E

Almost home, almost home.
An halfling in a wizard costume is running bevore me.
I jump aside, and start running faster.
“Trick or treat E

I can allready see my front door.
With my last breath I stumble inside.
and close the door with a big slam.
“Trick or treat E

The full moon is coming trough the glass.
I hear kids screaming,and I close my eyes.
dont want to hear them.
It is halloween... “trick or treat E

Written by [Ishje]

24. The haunted house

There's a house upon the hilltop
We will not go inside,
For that is where the witches live,
Where ghosts and goblins hide.
Tonight they have their party,
All the lights are burning bright,
But oh we will not go inside
The haunted house tonight.
The demons there are whirling
And the spirits swirl about.
They sing their songs to Halloween.
"Come join the fun," they shout.
But we do not want to go there,
So we run with all our might
And oh we will not go inside
The haunted house tonight.

Written by [Nocternity S.]


As I lie as still as death
I hold my eyes closed tight
paralyzed with fear that "IT"
will come again tonight.

As I lay upon my bed
I hear the rustling 'neath my head.
What it is, I do not know
Why do the clock hands move so slow?

I dare not breathe or move at all.
I press my back against the wall.
I tuck my covers tight all 'round.
To be sure none reach to the ground.

For living underneath my bed
is a darkness which I dread.
Its hands reach for me in the night
and chill me with a touch of fright.

I fear this creature's cold caress
though what it is, I can not guess.
I imagine long black claws
and withered arms and toothed jaws.

It yearns to drag me to it's lair
and hold me as a captive there
'til it wants for something fresh
and feasts upon my tender flesh.

And so I hide again tonight
and battle overwhelming fright
confronting my most naked fears
still with me after all these years.

Written by [Ariandra]

26. Halloween Eve
Treat filled dreams come like a Christmas Eve
But a trick lies hidden, a card in shadowy sleeve
And from the lightless regions it would crawl
Some blackened horror from the angel's fall
A terrible hand some would say, ghastly and fell
So awoken would a piteous child hide in his shell
Fleeing back deep into that twisting nightmare
Where goblins, ghouls, and trolls ravage without care
And ebon cloaked horsemen scream for their heads
Still that prayer slips begging for his daily bread
So the shadows were poised like assassins
The line between reality and terror razor thin
These abominations that no sword could ever bite
Left the world devoured in absolute dire fright
Yet the child jumped into the real world with a shout
Still shaking as if his eyesight were in doubt
And when the wind howled shrill he jumped into his sheet
No more thinking of the delicious candies oh so sweet

Written by [Argent Dawn]

27. Midnight Fear
A knock on the wall
Creek under the bed
A shuffle in the closet
Fear consumes my head

Tired eyes
Fight to stay awake
They are coming soon
This child soul, they won't take

I grab my flash light
Scoop up my bear
Stay so very still
Breathe, I won't even dare

They've come before
Tried to take me
Do I have the courage to fight?
Soon enough we will see.

Eyes glow in the dark
Shadows on the wall
They've come at last
Will I finally fall?

Hands tremble in fear
Can't form a scream
This is it
Or is it a dream?

They creep ever closer
Dog scratches at the door
A simple distraction
I'll get them for sure

Sudden strength
Flick the light
They writhe in pain
I've won the fight

Shrink and fade
Sinister eyes disappear
I run to the door
There is no dog there

What am I thinking?
Nothing to boast
I don't have a dog
Was it, too, a ghost?

Written by [CrimsonDarkness]
28. Under my bed
I hear the bump
I hear the creak
I swear I see something move
I hear something laugh
Something whisper
Something is under my bed
Something is trying to get me,
On this cold Halloween night
It wants my candy
Or my soul
I'm not willing to give up either
I look at my wall
Take a deep breath
And peer under my bed
I jump when I see my candy bad glowing.
There's nothing there
Just like last year
I feel embarassed, but no one knows
No one saw

Written by [Piggly_wiggly]

29. A Formed Shadow
a silence breaks through fogged air,
a shrill voice peirces through the night,
a shadow lurks within the confines of darkness,
no prescence of like exists,
the vile creature steps forward,
a robe of death's caretaker is visible.

hatred swarms through it's veins,
creating a hallowed grave for those living,
the living souls that walk at day,
fear nonexistent in this foul creature,
driven only by hate of the living.

the shadow has no mask,
decomposition present now,
skin falling short to form,
a face that was is no more,
only this lifeless thing remains.

in the darkness,
this shadow lurks,
waiting in patient hatred,
once a man but is no more,
who is this foul creature?
he is the death that plagues the living,
horror in death,
he is the end of life,
death lurks one step away,
will it be your time next?
only time will tell.

Written by [Chuck1986]

30. Halloween’s secret

Its midnight now on hollows eve,
That time when we are mostly seen,

All the houses locked up tight,
All the children asleep to night,

We will come both silent and swift,
And to your bedside we will drift,

Open your eyes and feel the fright,
We have come to you this night,

We are hear this hollows eve,
To suck the blood from you pore thing,

We are vampires hear this night,
We have come dispight your fight

you will die with some pain
for your vains we will drain

We will leave your family in peace,
Until the next time we need to feas',

Written by [T_Pop]

31. Bump in the Night

There are always things that go bump in the night.
Mysterious monsters make you leap in fright,
Creepies and crawlies lurking just out of sight,
There are always things that go bump in the night.

Grisly ghouls and goblins with eyes lit up bright
Wait under the bed when you turn off the light.
Keep your head in the covers; stay out of sight.
There are always things that go bump in the night.

Up in the old attic there lives a wild wight.
Thumping and clumping he dances dark delight.
When the chill wind rattles, his moaning takes flight.
There are always things that go bump in the night.

The groaning ogre is not happy tonight.
Stuck deep in the closet, he's wedged in there tight,
Grumbling and bawling and roaring out his plight.
There are always things that go bump in the night.

There are always things that go bump in the night.
Mysterious monsters make you leap in fright,
Creepies and crawlies lurking just out of sight,
There are always things that go bump in the night.

Written by [itoe]

32. Nightly Demons!

Most days are uneventful, some would call them boring.
I guess because my haunters are so busy snoring.
All I know is that each night as the darkness looms,
I go throughout my parents' house to each and all the rooms.
Checking every corner, as a dark, inviting host,
Ruling out all chances to welcome any ghost.
Once my suspicions are settled, visibly erased,
I tell myself, my fear has really been misplaced.

Once in my room, before I turn out my light,
I inspect all objects that's within my sight.            
My slippers I place just along my bed.
The robe is lightly plopped on the post beside my head.
The drapes are hanging still over windows tightly locked.
If my parents knew my thoughts, I'm sure that they'd be shocked.
My closet is so neat, everything in place.
Why, I can't believe myself that I have extra space!
Okay! I'm ready. My cozy bed invites.
I glance around once more and clap off all the lights.
As my dreams commence, the creepies waltz on in,
And when I wake at morning, I'm tired with no win.

I look around my room aghast at what I see.
Gee, I could have sworn... My! This just can't be! 
My slippers are way across the room.
My robe is in my closet hanging from the broom.
The drapes are pulled aside, every drawer has been cracked.
Boy! I must be losing it! My brain is truly whacked!
My books are on the floor all in disarray.
Did I really want to waken to all of this dismay?
I scramble to straighten up such a major mess.
My mom is calling me as I slip into my dress.               
"Coming", I holler with a final glance.
Tonight there'll be nothing I will leave to chance.

Although I'm not quite sure why I'm thinking in this way,
Because I know the same awaits me today and everyday!

Written by [Artsieladie]


Moon bright shining, chill night air
sense of evil everywhere.
Only darkness in my sight,
no one dares to walk this night.

Inside the house all locked and barred,
lights all dimmed, I'm on my guard.
Ringing chimes sound in my ear,
the dog barks at something here.

At the door...who could it be
on Halloween night at half past three?
Heart full of fear, I peek through the gloom
and on my porch stands the hag of doom!

A touch of madness in eyes of green,
no sense of soul in them is seen.
Wild red hair in the lantern glows,
my trepidation quickly grows.

Trembling with naked fright
I run away in all out flight.
Hiding in the darkness there
I try to wake from this nightmare.

Orbs of evil cast their gaze
reflecting fires dimly ablaze.
Reaching for me with long sharp claws,
leaning in with gaping jaws.

Near to fainting I cringe away,
hoping for the light of day.
Ere the saving light appeared
I awoke and she disappeared.

Written by [Ariandra]

34. The Alarming Truth of Monsters and Beds

There is a world that few have seen
Existing places in between
Where darkness rule both day and night
Well hidden from the realm of light

It is a place of shadow play
Of endless murk and sweet decay
Where spirits roam and monsters dwell
The closest thing you’ll get to hell

And in between this world and ours
Created by their ancient powers
There are an unknown number doors
Well hidden under beds and drawers

They’re always where you least expect
In places where you won’t detect
A monster creeping out the gate
Until it’s already too late

Written by [Elegy - gone]

35. "Vampire's Delight"

Darkness closing in,
I've waken to prowl again.
You can't hide from my thirst,
I am the very worst.

I disturb you when you're sleeping,
Though I sometimes find you weeping,
I watch you when you smile,
I've hunted you for a while.

I need your blood to stay around,
and on this empty night without a sound....
I'll find you hiding in your bed,
I'll find you, I'm inside your head.

Written by [darcam]

36. Shadow Puppets

As I child, there were things I recall,
Of beings squirming and screaming from the wall,
They never attacked, in spite of it all,
They would never harm a child so small…

But there were times I never felt quite the same,
It was always at night when the weird sickness came,
Spasms and twitches shook my fragile frame,
And my body burned with some internal flame.

Now, lying in my ungrateful heap,
I feel as if something is erupting, from the deep,
At least my stomach is something I can keep,
Maybe it’ll all go away, with a bit of sleep…

An odd phenomenon, to find bloody human skin,
It caused the investigators to shudder within,
But no body meant it was an odd spot to be in,
It seems their problems have only begin…

A boy is awoken and turns on the light,
A silent bleeding, pulsating mass stands in his sight,
He runs for the door, purely out of fright,
Alas, too late, screams cut off at midnight.

Written by [Doormat]

37. "Emily"

I am in bed,
I rest my head,
I am waiting silently.

For the thing I dread,
Under my bed,
Which is growling angrily.

My mother said;
"Go to bed.
No time for jokes, dear Emily."

So I am in bed,
Cold and dead,
I am waiting silently.

The thing I dread,
Under my bed,
Has killed me finally.

Written by [Atayemi]

38. "MUM!"

There's a monster under my bed.
A creepy crawly
Ghosty gauly
A monster under my bed

There's a dragon under my bed
Red scaley wings
A tail that stings
There's a dragon under my bed

There's a GIANT spider under my bed
Hundreds of eyes
A nasty suprise
A GIANT spider under my bed

Written by [sexi_babe]

39. Monster Rave

“So kid, what is it that you’re afraid of?"
“Monsters!? Monsters with the thing and the growl with the horns and the teeth and they drool and make a face like this, arrghbblargh…"

Goblins wobblin, boogeyman, take a stand, “I’m no man!"
Things that live for the fright.
Creaky doors and bedroom floors, have no fear? Now it’s here.
Things that go bump in the night.

Leaky faucet, scary closet, howling wind to make you cringe.
Now they live for the thrill
Mummies, dummies, snakes and snails, evil pails, what a tale!
Stories that could make your voice go shrill!

Monsters that live under your bed, in your head, “it’s in your head!"
Don’t believe a word your parents say
They’ll come after you in the night, what a fright, stand and fight!
Grab your bat and try to save the day!

Evil laughs and hungry growls. Hungry growls? It’s your bowels.
Looks like it’s time for a midnight snack
Dare you even step down, to the ground? Your heart pounds!
Courage is one thing you definitely lack.

Slimy gross and icky fun, what was that? Now you’re done.
Monsters, they’ve come out for you.

Written By [Konobi]

40. What's that noise?

Don’t look.
Close my eyes.
If I don’t see it…maybe it’ll go away.

Again, what’s that sound?
Is it coming to get me? Should I scream for help?
No where to hide, it’s going to get me…
Has it gone away?

Don’t make a sound,
It’s the bogeyman, lurking around!
No, it can’t be, mommy said “Not real E
Yet again, there’s that noise!
Scraping, tapping, gently rapping,
Right outside my door.

Did I hear it right?
I’m scared to look,
Maybe it’s a monster, mommy said naught ‘bout those!
I want to see, want to know,
It can’t take me without a fight!

I sneak out of bed, feet patting on the floor,
I turn the doorknob, around, carefully,
My heart thumping in my chest,
Then I see! It was only!
It’s my mommy hiding candy in the hall for me to find,
Right outside my bedroom door.

Written by [FlowerGirl21]

41. The spooks of night

"Good night, sleep tight
Don't let the bed bugs bite."
But she forgot to mention
All the monsters and intensions.

As halloween draws near
All my dreams turn into fear
'Cuz monsters come to haunt me
Yes, they tease me and they taunt me.

Behind my closet doors
I hear scratches, I hear roars.
But behind the tv..
I hear things I cannot see

So when mom comes to check me
I may not be here.
Cuz of things like ghosts and monsters
The things that I most fear.

Written by [Tawnee.]

42. The Porcelain Doll
Awaken from my nigthmares I did,
Only to find that the scariest things were
in reality.

Skulls raining down the windows,
The bloddy mouthed porcelain doll at the edge of my bed,
She's where it all began.

My fears of the night, that nightmare
I awoke and she was real, it was no dream
it was no lie, all I knew was that morning,
she wanted me to die.

Torment in my dreams I received after that night
The greusome creatures that appeared took flight.
My heart racing, my mouth opening wishing to scream,
My voice not to be heard and terror not to be relieved.

Rushing for the bedroom door which often sprang shut in the night. I swore I saw the shadows move as the monsters came.
I was not safe until I reached my parents rooom, my sanctuary.
However, there it did not end.

To those creatures it was all a game.
A game of fear, the ghosts in my apartment, which are still there, the ghoulish skeletal faces raining down the window as
if a great storm came.
That doll did torment me, awakening and seeing her face to face, caused my heart to desperately race.

I screamed for my mother, but she did not answer my call.
I thought soon I'd be in the hands of that wretched doll.
A nightmare she was, a pathological and very real fear she becme. She is where my fears of childhood have been claimed.
For years she did torture me, and still in my teen years she tries to play her game.

Alone in the dark, I felt her and the other ghouls presence
They still bring fear to me in their remembrence.
Nightmares and childhood fears they will forever remain,
the ocassional sign of there lingering makes me feel such terror and disdain.

Written by [windgirl]

43. Frightened Child

A little boys frightened eyes peer from under cover
His quivering lips of whispering fear call out to his mother
His trembling frame now cold with sweat blends in with the night
And shadows dance across the walls just adding to his plight.

He whimpers on with eyes so wide and mouth so dry with awe
A shadow stills and now becomes a mighty searching claw
He jerks and shifts his little frame from where he had been sat
For on his bed with careful aim up jumps his faithful cat.

The little boy smiles in relief and strokes his furry friend
This fearful plight he witnessed has now come to an end
He settles down with quiet heart to find a happy dream
And put aside the creepiness that comes with Halloween.

Written by [Misty Lady]


I sit up startled from deep sleep
The sound of rustling nosies creeping close to my feet
My breath grows shallow afraid to scream
A coldness washes over me
As the closet light flickers uncontrollably
Casting dancing shadows upon my walls
Of people that my eyes can't see
Through fear filled eyes I stare at the closet door
Afraid to look away, not really wanting to see
I start to crawl out of my skin
As the closet door slids open effortlessly
Bathed in the light a figure steps towards me
It reaches out, it points to me
It opens its mouth as though to speak
But only silence reaches me
It steps back in and shuts the closet door
The light it fades, my room grows dark
My body drenched in sweat it trembles still
Afraid to lay back down to sleep am I
For fear it will come back for me one more time
The years have come, the years have gone
All hallows eve is close at hand
I wonder if it will come again
Or was it just a dream I had
On that hallows eve so long ago
I guess I'll never really know
But still I wait each hallows eve
With shivers coursing all through me

Written by [Morningstar Rising] 10-10-06

45. All Hallow's Eve

Trick or treat,
I choose trick,
Tear you up to see how you tick.

Trick or treat,
I choose treat,
You're blood's like candy, just as sweet.

Little girl,
Don't go out on your own.
Pay no attention to that unearthly moan,

Little boy,
Don't hide under your bed.
There's a monster there and he hasn't been fed.

Little kids,
Now, silence those screams.
Don't call the nightmares to your dreams.

Little girl,
Don't close your eyes tight.
They can still see you in the dark of night.

Little boy,
Don't act so brave.
Soon you'll end up in your grave.

So remember children,
No matter what Mommy said,
There really is a monster under your bed.

Written by [Cliché]

46. Death by Fear

It’s only the wind, they say
Close your eyes, go to sleep.
It’s only shadows outside, they say
Nothing to fear, go to sleep.

But I know the truth
She came to me last night
She said that I was hers
My soul belonged to her
She said I was her prize
And soon I would die.

It’s not the wind I hear
It’s her breath, her whispers
It’s not a shadow of innocent things
It’s her essence looming over me.

I will not close my eyes tonight
For she comes to steal my soul.
No prayer will save me, now
Death has come to claim her prize.
I cannot hide nor cry for mercy
Because, tonight, I die.

Written by [Soul Guardian]

47. A monster called Insanity

There’s a monster living under my bed
The doctors say it’s all in my head
The shrink claims its not really there
But I know this demon
It’s got me in its snare

There’s a werewolf lurking in my shed
And there’s a demon whose colour is red
As well as the monster living under my bed
But all of this is not really there
It’s just my mind making me stare

I am simply mad that’s what they claim
These monsters are fantasy I am insane
But I know the truth about what lurks
What hides and creeps and sniggers and smirks
What leaps and bounds and creeps around
What crawls and writhes under the ground
I know its fury rage anger and pain
I even know this monsters name
It’s my mind for I’m insane.

Written by [Danse Macabre]

48. The Man In My Room

I lay in my bed all alone.
My parents aren’t here.
They can’t protect me,
From the thing I most fear.
It bumps in the closet.
It moans under my bed.
It scratches at the window.
It crashes overhead.
He in the shadows there,
Watching me shiver.
He smiles viciously,
As my muscles start to quiver.
I pull my covers up,
My face now obscured.
My eyes watch the shadow move,
As if my fears are a lure.
I can’t help it anymore,
I cover my entire head.
I wish him gone, disappeared.
But I mostly wish him dead.
I hear a light switch in my room,
My dad is there to chase him away.
He’s failed this night to capture my soul,
But there will always be other days.

Written by [Flisky]

49. An Explication: Being the Peculiar and Obscure Recollection of a Night-Terror as Recalled Upon Reading a Certain Book
Witching hour, watch with me,
Count the dark-etchéd song rune,
Ancient life-dwelling sinks like the moon.
Falls down the sky.

Rising tower, umbra tree,
Faceless wandering dance
Storm-figure shadows and quiet advance.
Honor the moon.

Then city, then alley,
And beyond them it lingers,
Stark haunt of the milk-sleep mallinger.
Gone with the dawn.

Trace the words, wish the sea,
Shape the page with a finger,
Remember lighted walls, dream bringer.
Sorcerous book.
Written by [Amarantha]

50.Tangle of nightmares.
centuries pass with none a flicker,
of things forgotten, haunting trickster,
abilities lost to fight the darkness.

a creeping it comes,
a cloak of shadow,
nightmare realised,
too late it seems,
too late to run,
too late to scream.

fight it must be, aginst this night,
all hell's eve, things in flight,
so hard is seems to feel the light.

the mist rolls in,
the coldness too,
fear plays havic,
with your mind,
is it true,
what can you do?

you lay awake upon your bed,
whispers echoing in your head,
was it really a dream instead?

Written by [~morbid~abyss~]

For all those who stood for life
On Halloween night
When twilight thundered in
With a calvary of howling axes
And death suddenly sprang
From the belly of the grave
To the armpit of the waking stars
But mother earth said no
To thier crimson plot
Dusk yet, then, dawn
Waking with the sounds of busy bellows
Ushering in a fresh day
With hope and courage
For the horrible night of halloween
Is dead and gone.

Written By [king of Africa]

Now I know why the caged bird sings
As the slope of the night finally loiters
Through the convex cornea of the sky
And silence Rakes up the streets
With Epulettes of terror

Now I know why the caged bird sings
A kiwi-ed boot traps a star
In a rigimmed shimmer
The sky bird flips and flaps
As a cagey night now turns
A galaxy of gosthly creatures

Now I know why the caged bird sings
Why the caged bird chants every note
On the saddle of crawling hours
When living biengs twine into
Living spirits in the trembling sphere
Of our gathering fears of Ghost and Halloween
In the street corner of our dreams
It is nothing but the fear of
Living spirits that crawl all day.

Written by [Lakayana]

53. untitled
The scream in terror the scream of fright
They are afraid of this hollow night
The world of the living and the world of the dead
It’s time to question of the monsters under your bed

The witches crackle a frightening tune
as they fly into the night under the moon
The vampires cease to make their presence unknown
By picking victims that are traveling alone

Werewolves can be heard in the nearby towns
Their howling begins under the full moon
Zombies are seen walking under the sky
In hopes that they one day will die

The skeletons give their bones a shake
Scaring all the children awake.
The children are scared of their monsterous foe
on this night they wish to lay low.

This is the night wear children scream
This is the night of Halloween.

Written by [sXe=clean punk]

54. The Black Canopy of Fears, part I: The King of Underbed

With my children eyes I have seen
on the black canopy of fears --
where dark forms still somehow careen
despite the passing of the years --

there was the King of Underbed
whose crown of rotten, stinking lead
sent out the fumes of evil dreams
to foul the night with broken screams

of pallid Furies, wretchèd Fates
& children lost between the gates
of here-&-now & hereafter,
like owls screeching in the rafters.

Written by [Mekashef]

55. The Black Canopy of Fears, part II: The Duke of the Closet

With my children eyes I have seen
on the black canopy of fears --
where dark forms still somehow careen
despite the passing of the years --

There was the Duke of the Closet
whose eyes were rubies deeply set
inside two wells of fire bright-
ly gleaming all through the night.

& he was like a Ghost of yore
a frame of bones decked with offal,
loose sinews & clotted with gore,
bereft of skin to hide it all!

With my children eyes I have seen
these, on that canopy of fears.
Still dark forms there somehow careen
despite the passing of the years.

Written by [Mekashef]

56. A Dance With The Crypt Keeper

It was the night of Halloween.
And I felt quite daring
For I was going on a date
With someone guite scaring
He's rotted and dead
With barely a hair on his head
Though frightening his looks
And morbid his tongue
I found myself entranced
As we danced through the night
Oh how wonderful a night...

Written by [orchidflame]

57. The dance

Tonight is the night when dead will rise,
and witches will fly across the sky.
When elf and sprite come through in the night,
to flutter in the eerie moon light

tonight is the night when you hear creepy
sounds. A moan and groan from under the ground
When the grave gives up the evil dead and
Trolls creep out from under the ground to
Walk with the dead.

For all coming together in a dark, hallow for only one
Thing is to dance around there Halloween queen.
When your out on this hallow eve and when a creepy sound
Is heard its only ghoul, goblins and ghost for they are the host
Of the dance of the Halloween queen.

Written by [blueduck]

58. The Notary of Halloween

The Notary of Halloween,
he sits in carriage trundling
down gnarled roads all pumpkin-strewn,
and names the evils ‘neath the Moon.

His quill, well plucked from Demon’s wing,
it dips in inkhorn, then it sings:
olde Banshee, Witch, and Goat-men ill,
and lo! come they from hollow hills.

They hie the palsied Notary,
and coachman dour: Old Horney,
in worsted coat and boots hobnailed;
the Dyvill laughs, and olde things wail.

Yet cursèd scribe, their names he scrawls,
so olde no-one dare invoke, call;
thus overlooked are none of His,
and all are bid from Demon cribs.

And Notary of Halloween,
he sits in carriage trundling...

Written by [Headless Golfimbul] *Note: any words that are seemingly mispelled are Middle English*

59. A Shadow bumps in the Dark

The lights are out,
The night is dark,
Something is not right,
And no moon shines in the sky.

I wake in bed,
Open my eyes,
Feeling so scared,
Feeling like I want to cry.

I hit the light,
Nothing comes on,
Climb out of bed,
I tumble out when I try.

I grab my phone,
Turn it on,
Hold it out,
A tiny glow to see by.

I stumble out,
Of my room,
Wall shadows dance,
Is something in the dark?

I walk along,
An empty hall,
Creaks and groans,
Wondering what caused the lights to die.

I trip and fall,
And hit the floor,
With a loud bump,
I’m the thing that went bump in the night.

Written by [Lady of Lore]

60. Scares of Halloween

The wind, scratching at your window
The ghosts, howling at your door
The monsters, clawing at your closet
The bugs, crawling on the floor
The witches, scampering about the trees
The boogeyman, scurrying beneath your bed
The goblins, rising up from sleep
The ghouls, flying above your head
The night, of hallows eve
The night, scary things said
The night, of kids and monsters
The night, of the living dead

Written by [Tawnee.]

61. Appearing to the Unawakened

   Hearing of the sounds,
The night lerks with fear.
  knowing that the darkness will,
Show no mercy to your tears.
    Leaving lights bright, won't help.
but hopeing that the life will be there still,
  gets you through the tiring night.

   Don't peer into the darkness,
let your eyes keep getting heavy.
  drift off to sleep,
nothing you can't see won't get you...

Written by [tehUzume]

62. I’m not afraid.

I’m not afraid now, believe me I’m glad
I used to be almost constantly in panic
I used to fear things, what phobias I had
From afraid to terrified to manic

But not any more, ‘cause now I’m wise
It was just my head, just in my head
Stopped fearing fangs, claws and evil eyes
Nor am I scared by things that are dead

I seldom check my closet any more
And I sing when I walk, in the dark
Horror movies is pretty much a bore
The Shining’s a walk in the park

I sleep with my light off, I’ll turn it of soon
There’s no ghost, I see that, see that now
I hardly think of the man in the moon
and clowns are scary? Just how?

I’m not afraid now, not at all I’m afraid
I’m not afraid, not afraid
Not afraid

Written by [The Coffee-Prophet]

63. Things That Go Bump in the Night

I heard it again last night
that slight rustle outside my window
the branches scratching the sill.

I heard it again last night
the creaking of floorboards in the attic
the “thump thump thump Eof footsteps.

I heard it again last night
the flicker on and off
of the lights of the empty basement.

I heard it again last night
the sounds I always hear.

I heard it again last night,
those sounds that send a chill down my spine in fear.

I heard them again,
those things that go Bump in the Night.

written by [immortal daydreams.]


Trying to run away from your dream

I open my eyes
I wonder am I asleep or am I awake
I look up,
I can see above my door that light from the passage
But wait! Something窶冱 got me!
They drag me to the floor
It won窶冲 let me go
I can窶冲 get free
It窶冱 too strong for me
I scream for help but my voice doesn窶冲 come out
I scream and I scream, but nothing happens
I try to move
But I窶冦 moving in slow motion
And out of no where this vampire comes towards me
Gets hold of me
I must be dreaming, please tell me I窶冦 dreaming
I try screaming again but no nothing
He pulls my long wavy black hair away from my neck
His pail long nail hand touches my skin
He starts to stroke my neck
His eyes turn red and his fangs with sharp points
And he brings his head towards my neck
I can feel the fangs dig into me and feel blood spilling out
That pain, I scream, my tears are streaming down my face
Please make this stop please
I think I窶冦 blacking out
I wake up the next morning
Pheww what a dream
So I do what I would usually do every morning
But I窶况e noticed something usual
I窶冦 pale, have I died
No of course not, my parents have spoken to me
Then I must me ill
But wait I feel fine then what is it
I move my hair away from my neck
I see two red marks on my neck
No it I couldn窶冲 of possibly of been bitten?
I look at my teeth
NO!! I have fangs

Written by [Sesil]

the darkness decsends on a heart so dark
the end of time and space is at hand
I see the light, shine on the open book
and hear the ghostly band

the darkness flies within our souls
but do not be dismayed
although some die on hollosever
do not be afraid

the soul is like a thirsting brook
forever in growth and change
do not fear the darkness around
it isn't bad, just strange

Midnight Festival

My heart grows heavy, as my sight grows dim
The echo of the night belongs to him
never known, what is never said
Long ago I was though of as dead

Night grows long
Ghouls come out and cry
As moonlight sheds
On the next line to die

Alone they stand,
Side by side,
In support of those
That live in the sky

The seeking of love
The deny of truth
A hand of snakes
Holds the beat of fate

As wolves howl,
The Ghost comes out to play
To sing another song
Of another dieing day

Hallows eve nameless shade
A death of the lovers
Truth of the stay
While the wolf is at bay

Singing the song
Reminding the people
That sometimes there are things,
Beyond the light

A day of the end
The day of the dark
The day before

Written by [Diiwica]

The things-don't-go-bump-in-the-night educational rhyme by Harry the big slimy monster.

In the glorious country of America there is not one young lad
Who doesn't realise that
Things do not go bump in the night
And ghosts aren't clean and white,

My friend the boogeyman doesn't come out of the closet,
he really is straight you see, and under the bed
No monsters can be found
Why should they lay on the filthy ground?

We're not stupid; by just entering through the door without ringing the bell
We can frighten the hell out of you kids as well!

Written by: [earthkynd]

68.) A Spirit Summons!

Stirring, stirring...

Dellaroo stands, smiling over her pot,
Stirring up a potion, bubbling hot.
"Come one, come all!
It's time for a spiritual ball!"
She spews forth a chant, repeated in three
She dances with joy, tickled with glee.
As the vapors rise, forms appear.
Her summons' been heard, far and near.
A wicked grin creeps across her face,
An assortment of spirits all over the place. 
"Spirits come forth! Arise! Arise!
Come! Come! Reveal thyselves before my eyes!
Ghosts! Ghosts! Condense your matter.
Your chains create a melodic clatter.
Goblins and ghouls, conspire, contrive.
The hunt begins when you all arrive."      

Stirring, stirring...

Dellaroo looks around, her heart aglee.
Piercing the veil of darkness she doth see.
So many eyes of perilous demise,
Each in their own unique disguise.
"Is everyone here? Practice your gloom.
Perfect your craft. The darkness consume.
The instillment of fright has begun
As this haunting commences, bring on the fun!"   

Stirring, stirring...

"The hour of twelve, ready, set, prowl.
The wolves, awakened, are starting to howl.
Go forth now. Frighten your best.
Many souls await you in your quest.
Utilize those closets and beds, underneath,
Perfect places to rattle and chatter your teeth.
Add some wailing moans, but don't call it quits,
'Til you've scared all the kids, out of their wits!" 

Written by [Artsieladie]

69. Monsters on a hollows eve

The bats they are a flying
the babes they are a cryin'.
The wolves are a bitin'
while the vamps are a frightnin'.

The goblins pop out,
from each and every corner,
To which the children shout,
in great horror.

The darkness seeps up through the ground,
and the sun sets, light fleeting all around.
The world is making not a sound
only monsters are a bound.

Children running,
Ogres stunning,
Priests praying,
and a shunning.

Written by [Fizban]

70. Halloween

How can normal, rational people
All lust after ghosts one night,
Like the moon on some church steeple,
Luring demons to its light?
Old fears lie buried in our pleasure,
Words within a midnight grave,
Each a truth that we must treasure,
Eerie horrors our hearts crave.
Nor should we all our passions pave.

Written by [shadow dust]

71. Nighttime is Frighttime

The light is out, the door is closed
Pyjamas now become your clothes
And in the eerie silence of your room
You fear your bed will be your tomb

Outside the wind howls through the rain
Tree branches tap on the window pane
The house's every creak and groan
Reminds you that you're not alone

The scratching from your closet begins
As your mind conjures up frightful things
You hear the footsteps drag on the floor
You hear the breathing outside your door

In the window you can see the glow
Of eyes redder than you'd ever know
You're sure you hear a snort of breath
You're sure you smell a hint of death

You close your eyes and try to sleep
As your skin begins to creep
But no dreams yet can fill your head
When so many monsters want you dead

You know just what you have to do
Shivering with fear, you don't want to
You're afraid to move, afraid to breathe
Afraid to stay, but afraid to leave

With trembling feet on the ice-cold floor
You run across the room and open the door
And as light floods in and shatters the gloom
You make your way to your parents' room.

Written by [Lady Chaos]

72. ghosts and souls

i evoke the spirts of death
and i classify the depth
that i am drowning in
this is the ultimate sin
the night spins all around
and suddenly there is no sound
as the bodies draw near
i hold my fear
they wait for my command
to march into the sand
i hear the death bells toll
i am now a torn and tattered soul

Written by: [fangirl]

73. Our Childhood Gift
Born with a gift, we think no one else knows
Magic and surprise fill our lives
Do we become fearful or recognize?
We feel so alone
Why must you digress?
It's just magick
You mustn't detest!
I'm not lying!
Why don't you believe?
Are you really that blind, that you can not see?
I hear things, I see things, no one else can
Don't call me crazy!
It's not pretend!
I know the real reason things "go bump in the night"
You call them my "imaginary friends"
But I see them!!
They're my spirit friends of the night
Is he friend or foe?
Mr. Creature under the sink.
Will I ever dare to know?
You can't help me now, you don't believe.
I'm on my own, in this world of "make believe".

Written by Aviel [immortal pherian Aviel]

74. The in Between: Part 2 of Our Childhood Gift
(I don't know if this'll count for the contest but I thought I'd put it up just the same.)
I'm 17 now, no longer a child, yet not an adult
I've lost my sight
No longer can I see the things that "go bump in the night"
I have not forgotten
My belief I hold dear
I can feel them
I know they're still there
But why has this happend?
Could I really be falling victim to my parents convictions?
Never did I want to go there
To a world so dull
Everything with a reason
I want to go on believing!
So many changes!
So many decisions!
My life as a teenager is so confusing!
What ever happend to my world as a child?
Fairies, spirits, creatures galore!
The magick within me soared!
Somewhere through the years I lost my sight
My magick right
Now I'm one of the 'in between'
Lost between worlds
Fighting a battle
Torn between sides
Will I remember?
Will I forget?
In this state of confusion, it's just another game of Russian roulette.

Written by Aviel [immortal pherian Aviel]

75. All hallow's Eve

Childern running around im masks mocking halloween creatures.
Sweeping down a hungry vampire hunts for blood.
Attacking i run home to tell my mum.
In comes a sigh and she tells me to go to bed.
I whine about the creature that lives under my bed.
Breathing and growling in the darkness of the bed.
Finally in under the covers
I look for what i dread.
I see no fangs and hear no growl.
My eyes close.
My mind quiets.
My mum closes the door and says
"Now go to bed my sweet. it's not time for tricks."
I wait
I hear
I see
A white face
A low growl
The things i dread
Under my bed
Finally killed my sweet head.

Written by [Dezirae Darkone]


From angels above, to demons below.
your external bleeding
will always flow.
From Vampires teeth to lykens form,
to taste the salt from the warm crimson
To not be scared and faceing whatever competitor is out there.
To let my demons roam free and let them kill all my enimies.
For me to LOVE and not be
For this certain Vampire i do not say!!
From night we rise, to dawn we fall to change into our human forms and forget it
Tonight we are together at last, to drink the blood of something that has been
devasting. Written by [Drowning In A Daydream]

77. The Devil’s Child

Last night I got in trouble
for writing bad things on the wall.
I told them it wasn’t me
It wasn’t me at all.

Tonight I got in trouble
For talking and not sleeping.
I told them he was scaring me
And I began weeping.

They said I was a bad girl
For lying about things
For writing all that stuff
That had evil meaning.

I told them who it was,
The thing inside my closet.
They sighed and closed my door
I had made them upset.

He stood there and smiled,
The thing that scared me
The one who got me in trouble
The one they couldn’t see.

My dear, they don’t understand
And they never will.
The things that go bump in the night
That’s me having a thrill.

That shiver you get
That goes up your spine
That’s you feeling me
and saying everything’s fine.

I am the one
Who takes over your dreams
The reason you toss and turn
And wake up with a scream.

I am the shadow
That runs along your wall
That sound that everyone says
Is nothing at all.

I am the one
Who will take your soul
The one who will
Devour you whole.

I am the thing
That lives under your bed.
I am the bad voice
That rings inside your head.

I am the reason
Those symbols were made
They are my mark
They will never fade.

So, cry all you want
They’ll never hear you
I’ll teach you everything
I have planned for you.

One night they’ll go to bed
Saying, “good-night, Jade”.
They’ll wish they listened to you
But by then, it’ll be too late.

Written by [Soul Guardian]

78. Under the Bed

You might think i'm crazy
For what I had seen
I know what i saw
I saw what i saw
Two big red eyes at the end of my bed
It's a monster you see
It lives under my feet
There's so much moaning and groaning coming from the underside of the bed
I almost think it's sick of me from bottom to head
Just look what it's done
Just look you'll see
What the monster has done to me
It scratches and roars
It jerks and lurks
Growling at me
Mom won't believe
The monsters there i swear
In the darkness of the bed it waits
I pray
I wait
Isee those eyes
For tomorrow you see i'll be gone
It's too late for me
So now you see what happens when a monster lives under the bed.

Written by [Dezirae Darkone]

79. Don't follow a thing you can't see

Well well what's here..
Little eyes, full of fear.
Don't shut your eyes,
so pretty and bright,
don't believe all the lies,
scary things can be all right.

Hello, this is me
I'm nothing you see
I'm just a voice
you thought you heard.
you have no choise,
forget that you feared.

Go tell your mummy,
she'll say it's your tummy
that moans.
But hungry you're not,
it's me who groans,
and I'm all you've got.

Come here, my dear
there's nothing to fear,
I'll play with you
and give you a kiss
I can sing to you too
There's nothing you'll miss.

Humm humm
humm humm

That's my girl ---

Written by [Elmiira]

80. Where are the monsters?

It's all hallows eve, and all through my room,
something is missing, that should lurk in the gloom.
I look in my closet in the dead of the night,
but there are no ghosts, not a monster in sight.

I think about Gnawbones, from under my bed,
each night he tells me that he'll steal my head.
But tonight he is silent, and when I bend down to look,
I see naught but dust motes in each cranny and nook.

And then there's old Grim, the fritghtening witch,
who sells children to Arag, the child-eating lich.
She used to fly by my window, cackling all night,
but the sky is now empty, she's nowhere in sight.

I know it sounds silly, but I can't sleep without fright,
so I stretch for a moment, and turn on the light.
And then I can see them, dancing around on my floor,
Old Gnawbones and grim and Agar and more.

And then I realise it's a wonderous time,
on Halloween monsters crawl out of the slime.
Now ghosts and zombies and witches most warty,
come out in the light and throw a huge party.

Written by [Codename B]

80)Remember me

close your eyes, flash back with me
falling softly though the mist,
away the present slowly drifts 
falling into a black abyss.

here we stand alone it seems together
now it's Halloween,
crimson moon in the sky
shinning bright a cyclops eye.

melancholy ghouls and witch's' cry's
are my haunting lullabies,
monsters lurk in shadows black
vampires and zombies with soles of black.
scratching ,biting and haunting me,
banish my hopes of tranquil dreams.

All my darkest childhood fears
seem to never disappear.
until the time they set me free
remember me on Halloween.

Written by [maluna]


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2006-11-10 [lyubomir]: hahaha

2006-11-10 [Konobi]: Oh fiddlesticks, I didn't get my poem on mainstreet. Oh well, I should've guessed when I got my badge before the poems even got to mainstreet. x]

Congratulations, everyone. I'll just beat you all next year. XD

2006-11-10 [windgirl]: Congratulations to the winners

2006-11-10 [Morningstar Rising]: Congrats to all, this was fun.

2006-11-11 [shadow_of_life]: Yes, you guys were awesome, I'm just too happy to regret I didn't win - as I said earlier, wonderful selection this year.

2006-11-11 [Mekashef]: Congratulations to all the participants!

2006-11-13 [Morningstar Rising]: [Skydancer] I love that smiley, really cool.

2006-11-13 [Lakayana]: waoh hope u all had a happy haloween!!!!!!

2006-11-13 [maggot_pulse]: yay!

2006-11-13 [lyubomir]:

2006-11-14 [Fizban]: ya know what I realized.

there are never any thanksgiving poetry/art competitions.

I mean, not having them isnt that big, because I don't think of artistic expression when I think of that holiday either...

but maybe just one year, I think it would be cool to see what people could churn out for that subject.

2006-11-14 [Nocternity S.]: not really a good idea. I think only the U.S.A celebrates that...

2006-11-14 [Fizban]: oh crap, I think maybe one or two other places...but your right, I see the difficulty in that obviously lol. Well then...never mind, bad idea XD

2006-11-14 [Mekashef]: I suppose we could start a new tradition of "Hedda Appreciation Day."

2006-11-14 [Nocternity S.]: i think he has his club with fans already

2006-11-14 [Amarantha]: How about a "Fall in General" poetry/art competition?

2006-11-14 [Fizban]: that just evokes ideas of the two celebrations halloween and thanksgiving...and then makes me think of everyone jsut drawing a bunch of landscapes of changing leaves lol.

2006-11-14 [Mekashef]: But he does not have a whole day to himself.

2006-11-14 [Amarantha]: Well, at least Thanksgiving would be covered then. Halloween is interesting. It is more of its own holiday... Maybe Non-Halloween Autumn Poetry/Art competition?

That's ridiculous. Like the idea of a country named the "Former Republic of Macedonia."

2006-11-14 [Nocternity S.]: suggest your ideas to Elftown Competition Ideas i dont think they will work here ;)

2006-11-14 [Amarantha]: Ok... perhaps should decide on whole idea first. Thinking of things is tough - I need all the help I can get!

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