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Poems must be written by Elftowners and posted here by the original author. Which means, no matter how much you might like a particular poem on somebody's house, you are not allowed to add it here without the writers permission. Poems also must be written in English. Limit is 2 entries per person.

Since the chosen five poems will be featured on Main Street, we wouldn't like them to be too long. Anywhere from 8-35 lines is acceptable. Be creative but please keep that in mind!

Submissions for Daily poems on Mainstreet are usually not accepted when they feature violence, disturbing actions or insults.

For the Halloween competition we will be less strict about it, except for insulting contents. Racist or misogynist poems will be deleted right away with no further explanation.

And obviously, poems must have something to do with Halloween.

How to post it here:
Add the poem after the last one that has been already posted. Don't forget to write it's title and author (Written by...) .



Five Halloween poems will be picked out by the Daily Poem Team among all those presented. Participants will receive special Halloween badges and the winners will receive Masters of Building badges.




The one day where you
can be what you choose
and you are cursed because
everyone wants to be you.

Followed and tormented
into the night, howling
at the moon. One may
never know why they
carve pumpkins but we
do to keep away the evil
spirits that hont our dreams

Costumes that everyone wears
shadoes of forgotten tradision

Tattered jeens and a little
hair jell, berhaps some fake
blood to make it look real.

Today I am a wolf, but tomorrow
I will be the same, I cannot say
that about many other people
on this particular night.

Written by [pegasus1000]

The gouhls and the orks of the elftown world,
Will spit in your face and make your stomach curl,
You will puke on the floor
and all up the door
Then steal all of your mums pearls.

Written by [BirdHouse107]

Halloweens Night

Broomsticks and candles,
Witches who cackle,
Spiders, Ghosts,
And candied apples.
Monsters, masks, trick or treating
Cauldrons boiling, lots of eating.
Dressed up people to give a fright
All to celebrate Halloweens Night.

Written by [font]

All Hallows Even

Every year, All Hallows Even
when the sun went down
The ghosts are leaving
the realms they hunt
and go to the world
from which they are banned.

Every year on this one day
you can meet the people
who were not supposed to stay.
Put in your window a candle
otherwise finding home
for them is to much to handle.

But be careful ‘cause
there are dead souls
you don't want to rose
they will take you place
and you’ll be gone
from this world's face.

So it is and will always be
on the night of
All Hallows Eve’.

Written by [Sue Falkenkralle]


Watching as the children walk by with candy in hand.
And the pumpkins flying in mid air.
Witches, goblins, monsters none of them real!
Faces painted so pale you could swear they were dead.
Black cats scatter as you walk through the town.
The moon as bright as the werewolf's howl.
In the dark you hear the people scream.
Leaves are covering the ground as far as you can see.
An evil smirk appears on your face.
You know what time it is, HALLOWEEN!

Written by [Intrigued Lover From Hell]

The Witch's Calling
The wolf howels
when the clock strikes
to the witch's hour.
gouls hide in the shadows
afraid of the witch's power.

They cackle and they scream
their evil grins
cast an evil gleam
fear feeds
tonight, on Halloween.

They will cast their spells
they will rise the dead
they will wake up hell
and all who will see this
won't live to tell

Only tonight, innocent will fall
parents hold your children tight
for them stand tall
keep them tightly in their rooms
during the hour of the witch's call.

Written By [Melody_Rain]


behind my mask,
being creative on halloween night.
Hearing the sound of the little children
that roam around
awaiting for pieces of candy,
that soon they will taste in their mouths.
Fun and games they will see
mean while there is soon to see a party scene
thousand of costumes being different for once
halloween is one of the greatest nights.

Written by: [Sweet Tatia]

Vampire Dreams

Last night I had some wixked dreams and desires. I walked the streets of darkness searching for vampires.
I came upon a vampire with eyes of blackest coal. He gazes at me and whispered " I want your soul!"
" Come with me and you shall see I promise to be nice. Death will come quite easily, but not without a price."
" Take my had and follow me into my domain. Close your eyes and still your heart and there will be no pian."
I took his hand and followed him into the wicked night. He embraced me with such passion and gave me that first bite.
The blood beganto flow, so stickly and so sweet. The pleasure and the pain became my wicked little treat.
" O drink from me!" I said to him. "You hungry little beast! Take all your can get from me, enjoy this bloody feast!"
Suddenly, I awoke from my vampire dream. When I realized what I'D become I screamed and screamed and screamed.

Written by [IceFae]

True Halloween

Children scamper from door to door,
Sacks of treats in their hand.
Teens scamper from yard to yard,
Throwings eggs and messing land.
Ghosts in white,
Vampires in black.
No one knows,
Today isnt about snacks.
Romans begun this day,
Pomona with fruits' rain,.
An irish custom too,
Druids fear Samhein.
Goddess of the fruit trees,
Lord of the dead.
October 31st is the day,
November 1st it led.
Samhein brings ghosts,
Witches and cats come soon.
Dark spirits run wild,
Druids sacrificed on 31st at the moon.
Romans honor,
For the fruit havest.
Pomona gives sweetness,
Trees with fruit,the best.
Now candy bags
And costumed kids,
Troubling teens,
And "haunted" cribs.
Sad is it,
The Pagans,they grieve,
Tears of disappointment,
For the loss on Hallow's Eve...

Written by [davis van]

Halloween song

round and round go pumpkins around
hand in hand sings monsters band
you see the broom in front of the moon?
it's a witch who got a cat and a pot

children shout you "trick or treat!"
you should give 'em candy or they will beat!
'cause today is halloween, the day of fright
the day of slinking in the middle of the night

this is the night when monsters walk
this is the night when bats can talk
you'd better go inside and lock the doors
this is the night of evil force

you should be frightened, you should be scared
behind every corner is some creature prepaired
to scare you stiff and make you scream
believe me, it's true, not just a bad dream

tonight all bad creatures are dancing and singing
and creepy halloween to you all bringing
as a monster, ghost,maybe thing with a fang...
would you like to join our halloween gang?

Written by [Elmiira]

The Cravings Of My Mind

My mind keeps on drifting, from reality to dream
The Darkness ensnares me…. inveigle my soul
The beast inside me craving for more…. keeps knocking, knocking,

The waning moon is hidden behind the trees
I walk along the pathway…in the shadows of the mist
The mist that envelops and hides my feelings
Like a wolf I follow the cent…the cent that draws me in
The voice inside is calling…shouting…I know I need more!

I thought I had the strength to make them go away
But why when they can help me…show me the way
Why ignore a talent let it waste away!
So now I understand my power is a gift
I feed on those who lack it…. the cravings of my mind

The Cravings of my mind…. they'll never go away
Waiting in the night, sleeping in the day
Where shall I go what shall I do…I've never felt like this before
In turmoil and dismay…I always want more
I'll live forever…knocking, knocking, and knocking…

Written by [The Dark Lord]

The Night

The night is for fun and living
the night is a place to be something else
you run and play and gather treats
its the only time to run the streets

you dress in clothes that dont fit
you act like witches,ghouls and freaks
people comment the way you look
and reward you for the time it took

the night is a time to have lots of fun
the night is the time to be on the run
why not be helpful and the ways of the night
why not go out and give someone a fright

the night was blessed for those who care
the night was created for those who love
people only get this night once a year
so people so go out and and enjoy this night and all its glory
this is the night that is made for stories.

Written by [Draconius]

The Traveller

Here come that time again
Once more!
The night of eternal darkness
Ressurecting the long forgotten
When the dead walk the earth
The deamons from the past
Come to tell thier stories.

The traveller at the old inn
Dark, Mysterious. He then Checks in.
The stories he tells of times gone by
Of land and races lost to time.

He speaks many o'ancient language
His voice is dark and hush
He recites the rime of hallows eve
An the spirits he did conjur.

"Ye Anients I summon you,do do as i bid"
He calls in the voice of his...the locals at the old inn, stare as he calls out loud...

The laughter emmits from the inn
As the traveller has left again...
He always said that he would leave before the sun was set!

Written by [The Dark Lord]

Once a year

Once a year the night of the dead appear
we celebrate with costumes and candy
we honour the dead by lighting candles
it's not only a night to enjoy
ghosts, ghouls and other monsters
they are all coming to haunt os
so flee the darkness in fear
no one your scream can hear
the moon shines bright to show you the way
once a year, yes this is the day
they are here, and the price you will pay

Written by [Noexistantanymo]

The Obsidian Spell

the moon is gold all hallow's eve
as the gods begin to die
all are old at the feast of all saints
we come to make our sacrifice

the dark mysteries stir the pungent air
the dead are again reborn
we can sense the hollow stares
exuding from the underworld

we light a candle made of black
within a circle cast of light
we hold the obsidian to the flame
and call into the night

souls of ancients we wish to see
to commune with the dying crone
our voices we use to speak to thee
to thee and thee alone

we hold the stone within our hands
and look into the glow
on this night of Shadowfest
the future we shall know

we then rest a moment on these things
with the gravest meditation
we share our bread and our cup
with solemned dedication

our thanks we give in kindness
as children of the wise
we are dressed for the occasion
remained unrecognized

Written by [mnightshade]

Halloween Spirit

I’ve got the strangest feeling
Because after trick or treating
I went beserk and ate it all
The chocolate bars and giant gumball
Nothing is enough for me
I ate everything my eyes could see
My hands have really begun to stick
My mouth is covered in smudge so thick
My clothes contain new pocodots
And my hair smells like sweet coconuts
Now is this Halloween you ask so cunningly
I dare state I looked so stunningly
Dressed as twisted witch with a broom
Dreaming of flying over the moon
A tweeky cat be at my side
No one did know where to hide
But now that I have stuffed myself
My broom awaits me on it’s shelf
The cat sits patiently by the chimney
Because of my strangest feeling you see

Written by [Sunrose]

She stings, she bites

As the story passed around
Through the years, the ages profound
No owl, no snake, no spider could foretell
Even though none actually mean to dwell
That this would effect all of eternity and furthermore
What would be hidden beyond the chestnut door
It is she who spreads the evil most certainly
It is she who is the most fearsome creature to be
She shall cherish none when she stings
For she can love none when she bites
The most beautifull songs she sings
Wondering around on many a nights
Innocent, golden locks and freckles on her face
Her hands gentle, her feet following a very slow pace
A preditor’s most fatal victim
She will rush them in a definitive whim
To the other side where none should remain
Attempts to escape will all be in vain
Trapped in her claws, tight grip, her eyes
One wonders what could it be that beyond the darkness hides
She will only hunt for more once a year
On halloween night, when she stings and bites my dear
Don’t open your door when it is she who rings
Don’t open your door when it is she who sings

Written by [Sunrose]

Pumpkin Revolt

On the night before Hollow's Eve
Human who are quite naïve,
Stab and kill pumpkins they receive
And make them decorations that they believe.

The stabbing of a knife through orange skin,
Rip their faces, into a ghastly grin,
Remove their organs, from within,
For the slaughtering of pumpkins, will begin.

Would you let your children all be killed?
Cried the pumpkin guild,
Let the massacre of thousands, be fulfilled?
Hate and angers in the pumpkins; filled.

So that dark night on the 31st
Sweet revenge would quench their thirst,
This fateful night, would be the first,
The night humans will fear their worst.

While little children dressed in clothes,
And the candles from dead pumpkins glows,
They are ready, assembled in rows,
No one was aware no one knows.

They jumped at you, and went for the head,
They bit you once, and you were dead,
Running and screaming people fled,
Surrounded and pounded, the floor turned red.

The sounds of fireworks and people went away,
And the dying, began to decay,
What caused this day to go astray?
Was it meant to be? Destiny’s way?

Or was it neglect, ignorance by humankind?
Basic stupidity, etched inside our mind?
Abusive behavior, to which we are blind,
Will cause something we will never leave behind.

Written by [Doormat]

Samhuin Night

A simple secret, lost in time
Now reborn and told in rhyme
Of spirits old and wisdom deep
Of dreams divine and ancient sleep

Where Incubi would stalked the night
And people would dress in sheets of white
Of pumpkins carved and lit from within
The veil between life and death was thin

When food was left by door and alter
And wanderers in the night would falter
Red apples were buried by path and road
Whilst the bone-fires sparked and glowed

A grand celebration of death and rebirth
Unity created by the lighting of hearth
Full of ancient ritual and rite
Were the ways of old Samhuin night.

Written by [Nere]

-=This year will be different=-

Hoard your candies little goblins
for a trick is what you'll get
when the likes of you step to my door
and haunt my doorstep yet

For years you have tormented me
with your tricksy little ways
but this time it will be I who gets
the upper hand, the coup de grace

no more poo on my doorstep
burning like a torch
no more toiletries flung about
my yard and on my porch
no more eggs and shell about
my brand new car I shout
no more, I say.. NO MORE!

A trick for me you think
little urchins from a hellish stink
I'll put you all in your hellish place
and laugh aloud to think

how I finally got you little tripes
and beat you at the game
Just wait and see you'll be the key
to the best halloween for me, teehee!

There is a knock at my door! SHHH!

God I love Halloween

Written by [TheRogue]

The Nightmare Waver

Swift on its heels
Under the shadow of night
It bounds and leaps
With great purpose and might

Unknowing to them
The elements sleep
As the nightmare weaver
Their slumber it seeks

To steer and to roll
Into a hideous mould
The precious memories
Of millions untold

Unleashing the terror
And fear from the deep
The elements startled
on all hallow's eve

Written by [Runingwhispers]

Halloween Wolves

It's midnight...
the moon is shinning
but theres no sign
of the wolves comming

whispers everywhere
children crying
they were finally there
the halloween wolves arriving

the silence comes...
everyone is scared
the wolves start to search
everyone beware...

A child was chosen
she was afraid of dying
then a wolf said...
please stop crying

Written by [Bye bye elftown]


The haunted moon
That lights the scene
For the ghouls to play
This Halloween
The delicious shiver
That claims my skin
Calling mischief’s maker
Out from within
The chill wind
That caresses my flesh
Awakening me from
Monotonous death
From the grave
I rise to walk
To visit those
Who may have forgot
To those I left
Without intention
Who blissful lips
Doth my name still mention
To whisper one last message
To those I still hold dear
Accepting this, my chosen fate
To return only once a year

Written by [kanaseria]


(This is a spaceholder. This wiki-linked poem is too long and demanding for this competition. Will put up actual entry before deadline.)

NO REST Written by [Paul Doyle]

25. Halloween.

It's halloween,
it makes you shout and it makes you scream.

A short and simple poem written by [samwhatermtape]

That mask.

On this night everyone says is evil,
a boy waits in a costume from a time of mideval.
He sits and he waits for friends to come along.
waiting to here that famous song.

  Trick or treat
  smell my feet
  give me something good to eat.
  if you don't I don't care,
 I 'll pull down your underwear.

He waited and waited, at least an hour.
Then he felt a deep dark power.
He looked up to see a face.
not of power, not of grace.
It screamed a loud screeching howl.
The boy screamed with a quivering Jowl.
His parents had left so they could not hear,
the boys great amount of fear.
His friends showed up as the boy ran.
The face attacked his friend, who was a lion of tan.
The face was removed so the boy could see,
and he said," how could it be me?"

Written by [Prettyinpink2]

Halloween's Ghoul

I'm the thing that frightens you,
In lonely parks,
In deserted streets.
I'm the thing inside your dreams
I torture you in your sleep.
I'm the thing that lurks in the dark,
that sends shivers down your spine,
I'll get into your coward's head and bring your fears to life.
You say i'm only imaginary,
but you know that's not right,
I'll rattle your widows when theres no wind,
and on Hallow's eve at night
I'll scream your dark, dark house down,
whilst you're curled up in bed,
and as soon as you close your fear-filled eyes
i'll send my nightmares through your head,
Watch your son hang from your curtain rail,
Watch his face go blue, his eyeballs bleed,
You cannot stop it, not at all,
"Mummy! help me!!" he screams.
You'll feel maggots chewing,
chewing through your face,
You'll scratch and try to rip them off,
and then when you awake,
you'll find your face is red and raw,
ripped to bloodied shreads.
There's holes now where your eyes should be.
You've scratched youself to death.
I'll torture you, i'll hurt you, i'll break down your soul,
I'm your worst nightmare, you're most evil dream.
Fear me. Beware me.
The ghoul of Halloween.

Written by [indiechick]


Goodnight, My Little Child
Critique the moon light's glow in the sky of speckaled lengths,
From your pumpkin carved by astronauts floating out in space.
Forget the candle burning inside your belly, black,
But instead carress the wind that blows against your rotting back.
Breath softly little one, for your light might wisp away,
By the cold draft from your lungs of gold, the ones that blow decay.
But your time will come my child, when the pavment is your bed,
When your shell's no longer sturdy, and you leak a streem of red.

Written by [Tiny Suicide

29. Disbelief

What’s that? Did I hear you right?
I rub my ears to see.
Halloween gives you not a single fright?
No, this, it cannot be.

Have you never felt the anger,
rush through your tired bones
pains from inside burns so much,
that your entire body moans?
Why, this is the mood of the dead ones
Who walks the moonlit earth
And makes your armour and weapons
To absoloutely no worth.
And you ask of me just why to be scared?
No limits to what evil can achieve
When tortured souls are hungry
At Halloween’s Eve

Ah, now I see you trembeling.
I thought you said you did’nt believe?
That’s good, show the dead respect.
When they need it most; At Halloween’s Eve.

You don’t know what
The night can weave
as the lights goes out
At Halloween’s Eve...

Written by [imsdal]


Phantom footsteps in the hallway,
The heavy door creaks open wide,
A creepy voice speaks out of nowere;
"Step this way do come inside."

Candles flicker in the darkness,
A floating lantern leads the way,
Down the silent hall and empty passage,
Cold draughts blow and shadows play.

Cobwebs stretch from every corner,
Overhead hang sleeping bats,
Portraits watch as you creep by them.
On the floor run squeaking rats!

The lantern leads into the great hall.
Dimly lit by candle light,
But for one large coffin,
What a dreadful, fearful, sight!

As you aproach the lid creaks open,
A ghostly figure smiles at you,
Holds out a hand and bids you; welcome,
"Have some tea, one lump or two?"

It's good to make friends with your neighbours,
For who knows what could be in store,
So don't refuse an invitation,
If a VAMPIRE moves next door!

Written By [Claireabella]


I woke up this evening,and could not belive,
What I saw in my magical mirror.
A face oh so healty, with rosy red cheeks,
To look at it, it gave me a shiver.

For I am a vampire, and therefore should be;
As pale as a glass of cold milk.
With eyes as dark as coal, sharp teeth underneath,
And lips like dark ruby red silk.

But oh what has happened her during the day?
I really do not have a notion,
I took all precautions for going to sleep;
Sunglasses and high factor lotion!

But somehow the sunshine has crept through the room,
And entered a chink in my coffin.
To guess what the others will say when they see,
You don't have to be a real boffin!

For they'll laugh and they'll gossip, point fingers and say;
"Oh the sunkissed look must be in fashion!
She thinks that a suntan will increase her charm.
When we all know vampires should look ashen!"

So I think i'll stay put in my coffin for now,
At least 'till this deep tan has faded.
I hope in a while i'll be looking unfit,
And with luck just a little bit jaded!

Also Written By [Claireabella]

32. Nightlife

Inside there is a feeling of growth and change -
Outside I appear no different: for now.
It is strange and lonely in the dark, dark quiet
Moon shining, presiding - a queen her subjects to rule.
Lie quiet, stalk low, kill fast
Drink in pleasure.
Do they know me?
Not that me, the old me, but me?
Or am I the same?
Only with no conscience, my will as weak as milk.
Move, turn, swift and smooth as silk.
Quiet step, quietly met
A creature on the move.
Glide, slide and drink your fill
Sustained in pleasure.

Written by [mesaana]

Hallowed Moon

A silver light, birthed from the moon, Illuminate the
Midnight dreary

The children's laughter
prove the cheer,
At the stirred hallows

At hallows eve, the nightly walk,
A sweetended tooth,
An eerie moon,
The thinning time,

Till dawn comes with the

Hallows eve is comming.
Grab your masks
Grasp the thinning hallowed moon.

Written by [Amos the Flame]

All Hallows Eve

Swirling mists and darkened doors,
Lights in windows not on until dawn.
Hidden away from the mysterious night,
Away from the ghosts and ghouls that take flight.
Is it all a figment of the mind?
Childhood monsters that come alive.
We carve our pumpkins and find our masks,
To have fun on this most scary night.
Is it real or is it fake?
A chorus chanting ‘trick or treat’.
Groups of children smile and plead,
Once a year on All Hallows Eve.

Written by [Keii]

35. All Hallows Eve

As the sky from day is waning
There is the waxing of the moon
Black dogs bay to the stars
A sheet of bats fly cross the sky
The visions now are obscured
Black cats corssing your path
A raven shrieks to summon its kin
The undead ghouls and zombies
But this not an ordinary All Hallows Eve

Written by [champagnebommer 77]

36. Jack-o-Lantern

Light me up to see me snarling
Cackling in the night like fire
My features burning bright

Light me up to see me smiling
Whisping by you walk past me
My tears of joy consuming

Light me up to see me frowning
Weeping dimly from soul within
My bloody tears are scorching

Light me up to see my story
Slaying villagers in slumber
As their blood bursts forth as fire

Written by [champagnebommer 77]

37. Darkness Falls

Darkness will fall, and the moon will arise;
Death takes its toll, in the dead of the night;
The townspeople will flee, to the safety of home;
They’ll find no relief, for they’ve made there own tomb;
Their own home will be the place of their death;
When the creatures of the night lay them to rest;
Don’t make a sound, don’t even breath;
For all mercy is spared on the night of all hallows eve.

Written by [Gentle Genocide]

38. What They See

They watch the children run about,
Knocking on doors with bag holding hands stuck out.
They see them smile as the bag grows heavy,
Parents stand and wait to go home already.
So from the shadows they watch them play.
From the shadows they've waited all day.
In these shadows they prowl unseen.
In these shadows they they haunt the scene.
No one sees them, nor do they care.
No one sees them, nor do they dare.
So wander around this halloween night.
Jump as pranksters give you your frights.
Collect all your sweets and hide all your fears.
Just know that all those monsters are near.


Unknown Creature Below the Graveyard

Unknown creature has waken below the graveyard
Its tears have remained hidden
Understanding of its desire has gone insane
It greets the life of death
Lives beyond the darkness of universe
Loves the hate and hates the love
It has bipolor taste of emotion
Or does it still have feeling for it has died?

Written by [2000HRS]

40. Samhain Night Part One
The Lovers

The sky was black on Samhain Night, devoid of moon and star
He waited for her by the lake until the darkest hour
The moon came out and bathed the scene in glowing silver light
And as he looked into the trees he saw her pale, so white
She walked to him so silently, no sound her tread did make
She walked the earth so silently for fear that Death would wake

And here the veils were running thin
So thin between the worlds
She could grasp his hand in hers
Beneath the spins and twirls
Of Death’s cloak dancing in the winds
And drowning out the screams
The ever-wounding grief of nights
That broke one thousand dreams

The lake was cold and still they bathed, for time was small and fair
They’d loved this lake in times before, there swam without a care
The moon replaced a blazing sun as death replaced true life
As she would fade inside his arms, his soulmate, his dear wife
She kissed his lips, his cold blue lips and wiped his tears away
She held him in her arms until the dawning of the day

When the sun had blessed the sky
And the sky gave up the moon
His wife had faded wordlessly
Had left him all too soon
All hallows night deserted him
For Death had found His Prey
And led His people back with him
Along Night’s ghostly way

Written by [Liadan_Dark]

41. Samhain Night Part Two
Where the Worlds Meet

He stumbled back into his home, through the forest’s grasping trees
And scratched and bruised with broken soul he fell upon his knees
He called her name, and begged her come, he could not bear to wait
Another year to hold her close, its sweetness came too late
Why wait in the seclusion, and steeped in hate and fear?
The townsfolk shunned him harshly, none would let him near

His nights were filled with torment, the nightmares ruled his mind
The sight of her against the stake for days could make him blind
Her screams of agonising death, the demon flames that killed
Invoked by those thought holy, for them her blood was spilled
She travelled to his bedside, her face a twisted mess
She called for him to follow her, a burning sick caress

So haunted by her angry ghost
And crying out alone
He lived his life in fear of night
In fear of hair and bone
Left charred upon his pillowcase
For him to see next morn
So he would know it scarce a dream
And to revenge be sworn

Ten years he met her Samhain Night, her old self as before
And every other night she came, burnt and screaming sore
It tortured him and drove him mad, until one fateful night
He took a dagger through the town, and massacred ‘til light
And with his final breath he flung himself upon the fire
There to burn to ash and find his love, his one desire

So every Samhain Night they meet
And bathe long in the lake
And burn inside the flames of grief
And lonely poison take
The ghosts of all the villagers
Go hunting on that night
And death it rules the world of men
‘Till the dawning of the light

Written by [Liadan_Dark]


Liberty Bell tolled in the distant
It woke the blood demons up
And told them to haunt for their prey.

Sound of crow's flipping wings clouded the sky
Night so cold; cold as mercury
Under an altar, a petite child linger and pray.

Darkness conquers the light of pure joy
Patience ran out as it should
Pure hatred has fed to the fear of an innocent child.

He denies the truth and rebels the demons
But he is forceless, captured, and shall be unforgiven.
Took him to the woods where the air is mild.

They burried him in the tomb of cold dust
It all happened on the night of 31st.

Written by [2000HRS]

Halloween Night

Ghouls and Goblins
Ghosts and Vampires
Are going ‘round door to door
What they want is sticky treats
To fill their bellies all night long

Little tricksters out all night
Some for treats but some for tricks
Beware, be on your guard
All of you who open your door

Eggs and pumpkins
Toilet paper or gas
These tricksters have clever ways
To get your house, your car, your cat

So while you happily hand out treats
To all those little masked ones
Have fun and enjoy the night
But be on your guard all night long

After all, it’s Halloween Night- the spookiest time of year!

Written by [Phoenix_Tiger]

Crematory Worker

Come, warm up near the fire
You look so terribly cold
The flames call to
Each corpse that I unload

Come, closer to the fire
As its embers grow hot
The flames burn the flesh
On those that live not

Come, touch the mighty fire
Feel its glowing heat
The flames melt the ice
Off those hearts that do no beat

Come, lay down in the fire
Rest your head upon its coal
The flames turn to smoke
Smoke, to carry on your soul

Writen byy [KelMarie21]

Nightmare (Part I)

Dozing in the raptures
Of sleep-filled ecstasy
A scene appears
A dream; it beckons me

Walking down the soft beach hand in hand
With my pale beloved, raven-tressed
The stars are bright
On this beach so moon-caressed.

But lo! Suddenly the seas boil
The mist rises and the sands churn
The sky blackens and the clouds writhe
Lunar shards of the fall, cold they burn.

Out of the mists a creature forms
Serpentine figure contorts
Dark dragons, leathern wings
Are this wyrm’s consorts

Drawn blade of no avail
Long-honed yard of ebon steel helpless
Strokes of iron slipping off
This insidious hide of ophidian darkness!

Antediluvian fangs drip grime
Row of dolmen in the gaping maw
Squamous hole of astral horror
Grinding teeth and crushing jaw!

Written by By [Maurer's conclusions]

Nightmare (Part II)

Like a slithering tide it approaches
Embracing the omnipresent night
Encroaching, surrounding
Darksome-thewed might!

Ancient fury manifest
In this hell-spawn of pain
Primal instinct to kill
And seeking my life-ichors to drain

Behind me lap the waves
Of an ancient sea of yore
Where is this strand of dread
What happened to this once Tellurian shore?

A drake swoops and rends my flesh
The tendrils of fire my skin immolate
Attempts to flee are useless
What are these terrifying shadows of hate?

The sea-wyrm draws near
It’s baleful mien and hypnotic gaze
Fixes me to the ground
Ensorcelled in an arcane daze!

Searing eyes red with hate
Approach slithering near
Heralding my imminent doom
Rooted to the ground in unholy fear.

Shredded by their rending claws
I see my beloved, red lips call
Reach out to touch a raven strand
I see the monster give her its deadly embrace, then I fall.

Written by [Maurer's conclusions]

Night of the Dead

Children hold tight
and cover your head
This is the night
we walk with the dead

Samhain is come
and our loved ones roam
Dead for years now
but they're coming home

Moon guide their souls
like lanterns hung bright
Guard us, keep us
on Halloween Night

The veil is thin
and the two worlds meet
The river is bridged
by Charon's dark fleet

Crone is watching
her cackle the wind
howling through trees
as the dead ascend

So hold tight tots
cower under sheets
The dead are here
bringing their own treats

Written by [giadriana]


The Story Of Halloween

Halloween is old and dusty,
On his back he carries many years, more than a thousand
He’s the one with many influences,
From many cultures over the centuries.

Hundred years ago, lived the Celts,
In the place of Great Britain and Northern France.
They worshipped nature and many gods,
But the favorite was the Sun God.
He who made all very lovely,
Made plants grow and spread beauty.

Druids and Celtic priests met at night
In the hilltop when all the lights went out.
In the dark oak forest, near sacred oak trees,
The druids light new fires
And offered animals, crops, sacrifices.
They danced around the fire,
As the season of the Sun passed.

Ember from their fires would give the Druids,
For each family who would start new cooking.
The little ember would make a fire in every home
And protect from evil spirits and make warm.

On November 1st a festival took place,
It would last three days
And people parade with animal heads on their face.

After hundred of years passed,
When Christian religion spread,
Church made a holiday,
In November 1st named All Saint’s Day
November 2nd became a holy day
And was called All Souls Day.
People would celebrate with parades
And dressing up as devils, angels, saints.

Over the years the customs mixed,
October 31st became Hallow Even,
All Hollow’s Eve, Hallow-en and Halloween.

Written by [Fire Child]

This Night

In the year
There’s only one night
It’s filled with wander
It’s filled with fright

There are no limits
To what you are
You can be an angel
Or a zombie with a scar

All of the candy
It’s sweet and wonderful
You wander where it went
You had a whole bag full

Some of the costumes
Make you start screaming
Dark and Dangerous
On this Halloween evening

You can’t recognize anyone
No longer; anymore
This is all you hoped
And a little more

As it draws to an ending
You wish you could stay
From here on out
Forever this way.
Written by [It isn't so bad here.]

hallowed rhyme

hocus pokus, slither and crocus;
its the time to scare, and to not share;
i got all my sweets, and all my little treats;
and its time to eat; while im off my feet;
ive been walking for years, forced a little girl to tears;
my cosutme isnt that scary, but its a little hairy;
suppose i better be off, so i can go and have a scoff;
see you nest year, were ill b back for the scare.

Written by [cooldude15]

Hollows Eve

People plan,
Stores stock up,
Just to run out,
Children dress up,
Grownups dress down,
Yet you must recall that this night is ours,
We are the spirits of Ancient times,
Long age blood sacrifice was given,
Our night was feared,
None went out,
Unless they longed to die,
Now we are barely there,
You forget us,
But beware,
For we watch you,
And the night will come when we truly revive,
Instead of this hardly existence,
And then when we break free,
Guard you children,
Say your prayers,
And may mercy be upon you souls,
Though I know no from whom,
For in that time we will not dine on the already dead,
But kill you ourselves and dine so fine upon your flesh,
Beware when you nightmares become reality,
One Hollows Eve night,
We shall be free again.

Writen by [elemental]

Day of the Night

On the night of halloween
everyone dresses up pretty
but does the night too?

The Night with its mystic and dark ways
the most wonderful creatures come alive
The night is their day
and Halloween is their christmas

On the night of halloween
the trees start to move
on the night of halloween
the day is the night
of those who are not accepted by men

written by [Decla]


I broke into your house last night
On the night that darkness never ends
There was no one to hold me tight
On that night the evil stands

I broke in and lost and found
Cauldrons, candles, cats
Magic fires, that is been danced around
Witches and wizards with haunted hats.

I broke in and screamed trick or treat
only ghosts there to awnser my call
Only me and his lonely seat.
Spiders crawling up and under the cracking wall

And there he stood
Standing still just like the everlasting night
In the magical woods
The wizard who brought me the light
In this dark and howling Halloween night.

Written by [Emuse]

True Halloween

The night washes over
Like the beach on the shore
And Halloween begins
Like the years before
Witches and ghosts, wolverines too
Walk upon streets, searching for you
Knock at the door, turn on the light
And you are greeted with a colourful sight
But think back to the times
When Halloween was true
When the faces to greet
Actually scared you
With knocks at the door, you'd turn off the light
And hide in the basement,
Consumed with fright
So when it’s dawning on you, All Hallows Eve,
And for candy you're consumed by sudden greed
Spare a thought, for times not new
When all hallows eve was eerily true.

Written by [.+*Visions of Falling Stars*+.]

The 31st
The 31st of the tenth one, this day is but sadness.
The moon is full, the smiles are big, and all that's wrong is you.
On this night, let it be, but a world of the silly, the happy, the creative.
On this night, let the merriness swing through the grins of the kids- of the ones who are truly the ones.
The one's to be gifted on a night such as this.
This day, the 31st of the tenth, is for the wicked and cruel.
Let your faces be lit, like the jack-o-lantern on the porch.

Written by [cvg54]

Not what appears to be
Ghosts and goblins wicked witches
running all around
when i hear their shreiks and laughter
I don't make a sound
Ghosts and goblins wicked witches
all around the place
Halloweens a spooky season
I just hide my face
but then I learn their not really what they seem at all
because those creatures are just my friends from down the hall
and soon I will join the spooky spirits
with my brand new mask
acting like a goblin should be an easy task.

Written by [frogster]

Mystical Whimsy
The air was eery, cool and surprisingly still
The smirk of the full moon gives a chill
My senses peak with anticipation
Spirits heightened with expectation

Whispers, laughter, joyful and fun
Little feet in costumes charging at a full run
Longing, lonliness, mournful sound
Ghostly presences and demons abound

A night full of glee with a twisted undertone
Skeletons, skulls, and an assortment of bone
Witches and warlocks casting their spell
Albeit while children collect treasures and yell

A paradoxical mix of the living and dead
Those longing for rebirth from their permanent bed
Giggles of the young, so blissful and pure
This mystical night is whimsical for sure

Written by [frogster]

Witches' feast

While delicious children roam the streets
with bags of candy like rattle snakes,
in the woods we all gather to meet
and plan the charge on the those whining packs.

Humen flesh for us witches is good for the skin
extands our lives and makes us more keen.

So when those pescs are in their beds
rush we will there too.
And while they're in dreaming land
take and turn them into stew.

Written by [Ittai]

Halloween night

On the night of all-hallows-eve
The dead will walk to earth
and no living man can concieve
the coming end to all their mirth

The howling of the werewolfs cry
That sounds into the night
And tells that they're about to die
In the rush of onslaught of the fight

Children walk and do not know
what evil lurks ahead
That on this night alone will show
this night of the living dead

Demons stalk the alleys and streets
The vampires haunt the sky
children walk, collect their sweets
not knowing that they might die

But all this seems an awful dream
and may not even be true
but not all the things are what they seem
they might come after you.

Written (and improvised) by [Cookieholic]

Dracula's Night
how I like Halloween’s Eve
then I can walk freely around midnight
pumpkins smile and grin and stare
and the streets are no longer empty

children pass and they do not scream
for just for this evening we look the same
policemen won’t be called to catch me
on Halloween’s Eve I feel so free

in the dark streets are no longer cats
they are smarter and won’t cross my path
people smile and try to find out
how the heck I got my eyes that shiny

how I like Halloween’s Eve
when no one will scream before I bite
how I like Halloween’s Eve
and the pumpkins that shine bright

Written by [Pick Your Own Strawberries]




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