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Information about RACE as player characters, and cultural distinctions among WFR Stories

A Race of the WFR Char RACE Page
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   Not to be confused with Half-Bloods

Body of Content - Integrate here and in gnome races and faerie races:
   Half-folk, halflings, brownies, hobbits, hybrids, gnomes, and their differences - Well, let's get one thing straight....we all need to know what each other is talking about.
   A halfling is an older term for a half-folk, being one composed of two different races. However, throughout the years of fantasy life in Eastonia, so many races have bred and out-bred in so many despicably various forms, that the term halfling had to be elaborated upon.
   A hybrid is any two or more differing species that create a child of mixed race. If you use the term 'halfling' to describe such a creature, I will slay you in-game....j/k. Please, always, use the following terms to name the appropriate race of your chars.
   A Halfling (with a proper H) is a shorter being, appearing like that of a tiny waist-tall human, and with a rather more elliptical head, and often no significant signs of facial hair. They have a similar build to that of thin humans, and very few have ever been found to become obese, perhaps a racial feature yet undefined. They are often quick, agile, and responsive to even the most surprising of scenarios, many becoming renowned rogues, and master theives. These are generally different from that of the rather stout dwarf-like beings of the plains and woodlands (Hobbits), which can be found to get rather overweight, and often have a rather thick growth of general body hair, neither of which would characterize a (D&D) Halfling, as opposed to a (Tolkienn) Hobbit. Neither of the species have been known to live to older age than most humans, and some have even learned to live aside humans in peaceful nations that welcome the little folk, who are found to be great workers, and humble helpers for any task, great or small. Halflings tend to be light and nimble, while Hobbits are stout, and steadfast, some being particularly strong, even by human standards.
   Sometimes Halflings are also known or referred to as Brownies, and some beings of the TRUE Brownie race (a small division of half-fae little folk) find it amusing and laughable, but not offensive, to have their humanoid counterparts called by their name. Brownies are rare, whimsical beings who prefer to commune with the little people of the land, and play an occasional joke on the 'biggins' when at their most sociable of times. Brownies will occasionally hold conference with the taller, less magical races, and even elves, although only on the rarest event, and within only the most hilarious of proposals, and they never have less than thirteen ways to escape, in the event that their tricks offend the 'big ol' puddy general'. They're crazy antics are near that of gnomes, but even gnomes won't go as far as the Brownie does to give themselves a good laugh.
   Gnomes, although similar to all of these accounted 'little people', are not related, unless by hybrid nature (which is more than possible)
   Both Brownies and Gnomes are known to be inherently very magical, although Hobbits and Halflings are often without special abilities, unless they have done rather intense research into the Arcane Arts, or have magical ancestry, and have been born as sorcerors (natural mages). Also, there is a race of deep gnomes called svirneblin who live in the Underdark, but are not cruel like the Drow.

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