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Haiku Contest

Creator and Moderator: [Thunder Cid]


Contest Theme

There is no specific requirement. Just follow the standards of haiku.






The Haiku must follow the traditional standards. For those who are not familiar with this style of poetry I suggest you look it up. A good reference site to use is



Place all submissions at the bottom of the wiki under entries. I will allow 5 submissions per person.



The winners of the Haiku Contest will be chosen via public poll.



Awards will be given out to the top three finalist. A very special "Mods Award" will be given to one lucky person who impresses me the most.



1. [Leb]
The Word Willingly

I said, "No," not "Please."
I was not a willing Leigh.
Rape became my fate.

2. [Rice]

Twisting and churning,
My desecration and hatred festers,
Clawing and purring your name.

3. [Rice]

Take aim and fire BANG love screamed.
Straight through the heart and out the other side,
I bet she didn't see that one coming?

4. [Nioniel]
Definition Of

A word that hardly means that
She was ever loved.

5. [Leb]
Craving Apathy

Some days I am strong. 
Some days I am weak. I would
prefer to just be.

6. [Leb]
Physical Evidence

Ring on her pinkie
that glares in a black-and-white
photograph. Engaged.

7. [Evolution X]
Backlit eyes

Back glare in darkness.
The world at your fingertips.
Slowly blinding you.

8. [Evolution X]
Lost Penny

Rolled beneath the couch,
among solitude and trash.
Where cold metal dies.

9. [Evolution X]
The descent

Pounding on the floor,
Starting treacherous slick slopes,
Sledge-hammers of hope.

10. [Evolution X]

Sometimes hope is bright,
but it is not a small speck,
but a distant sun.

11. [Evolution X]
Still standing

Misery and loss,
mayhem, war and pestilance...
Might never happen.

12. [Leb]
Poured Out My Heart, But Not the Sand in My Shoes

Sand in my shoes makes
walking with a heavy heart
harder. Pour it out.

13. [Rice]

Love cries 'this is War',
Bloodshed across the battle feild.
I laugh, then break.

13. [Rice]

Sweet, tasty, loathing,
Writhing in my hand - crush,
What a bitter end.


All entries from the last round can be viewed at Haiku Contest Archive

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2009-10-21 [sweet.tx.tea]: Woot! XD

2009-11-14 [Thunder Cid]: Alright we are open for business again.

2009-11-14 [Linderel]: *cough* You might want to change the deadline... unless you mean for us all to dabble in time travel.

2009-11-14 [Thunder Cid]: Well someone needs to do it :P

Sorry, I'll fix it now.

2009-11-26 [*Phoenix*]: Who are the winners?

2009-11-26 [Thunder Cid]: Evolution X Best in Show

A Phoenix Rising 1st place

Flisk_girl 2nd place

Badger Badger Badger Taco 3rd place

2009-12-20 [*Phoenix*]: What do you think? I hope you like it!

2009-12-20 [Thunder Cid]: Works for me ^^

2009-12-20 [Evolution X]: sooooo... we can start them now? Or do we wait for you to say go?

2009-12-20 [Thunder Cid]: I'm pretty sure I opened it, but in case not GO!

2009-12-20 [Evolution X]: ok... hang on... doing work at the moment... >_>

2009-12-21 [*Phoenix*]: Yay! Thankies! :0]

2010-01-15 [Evolution X]: Woo, finally pulled myself up and did some...

2010-02-06 [*Phoenix*]: Hey guys check out this contest I found.
It's a Haiku contest and you can win money too. I thought I'd let you all know. :)

2010-03-02 [Leb]: Wonder why [Thunder Cid] hasn't been on for a few days...

2010-03-02 [Nioniel]: He's got a lot going on in real life right now.

2010-03-02 [Leb]: Aww! :'-(

2010-03-04 [Nioniel]: mhm.

2010-03-30 [Thunder Cid]: No worries I'm still alive.

2010-03-30 [Evolution X]: Woots

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