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Username: [Hiuko]
Name: Hachen Raine
Race: Human
Age: 20
Weapon: None
Armor: None
Magic: He has one unique magic and that is the magic of enlightenment. Enlightenment happens when as spell is used against him, he learns everything about the spell including how to use it and how to shield himself from it. He remembers all if it unless he cannot withstand the spell which means he either goes unconscious or dies. (Note: He has not died yet)

Spell List:(This list will be updated when an RP is over but will only be implemented in newer RPs)
Shield, Makes a strong shield around target
Spark, Makes a small spark to start a campfire
Call Lightning, A chant that calls forth a lightning strike

Strengths: He is smart and good with words. Also he is very knowledgeable about the land and magic. He is very resilient and has much stamina to spare. He has withstood powerful magical blows and he was able to walk for two days straight through the desert to get to a town.

Weaknesses: He is a normal human with normal human weaknesses, besides that he also has a tendency to walk away and get something done while others sit around and talk of what must be done. He also doesn’t want to stop for too long, he is a born traveler and that’s what he likes to do. He is physically weak strength wise; it is a struggle for him to even lift 100lbs.

Appearance: He is 6 foot 3 and thin, only 155lbs. He has brown hair that goes down to his jaw line in the back and in the front his bangs stop above his green eyes. Lastly he always has light layer of stubble. His shirt is white and has thick fibers for protection but it's non-restrictive (loose) for good mobility. He also wears similar pants but dark blue in color, and brown leather traveler’s boots. He also has a leather belt which holds his water sac. Lastlyly he wears a long brown overcoat where he keeps his money, a small notepad and his magic wand in the pockets. His wand is more like tool than a weapon, this tool can be used as a screwdriver, shovel, key, ect… but it costs no stamina to use this wand’s magic instead of his own.

Personality: He’s charming, nice, and a quick talker. He is able to talk himself out of many situations but when the need arises he can hold his own in a fight. He has never killed a person, nor will he ever, animals however he needed to hunt to survive. He is also very intelligent; he likes to solve hard riddles and puzzles. Lastly, he won’t hesitate a second to protect another.

History: Hachen was born and raised in La’ Marri by his father, a watch maker, and mother, an archeologist. His mother was a talented mage and she taught him many things about magic, the mystic powers of the land, and all that he knows about history. His father may have been a watch maker but he was also a tinkerer and he taught Hachen how to fix things and make new contraptions. His father gave him a wand to use as a tool for this task and taught him the difference between a magic wand and a magic staff.

When he turned 18 many people his age left for towns and cities where they could start careers but Hachen didn’t like the idea of settling down into a boring life, he travels for the joy and adventure. Before he left though his mother gave him the ritual of enlightenment which unlocked his magical powers and she gave him his spark and barrier spells.

Hachen met his pig friend while on the road, bandits were trying to make his their next meal but pig slipped away and met Hachen. Hachen can sometimes understand what pig thinks and feels… sort of. Pig has a good sense of smell but has no sense of direction, usually getting both Hachen and himself lost in the wilderness. Hachen also often forgets pig’s lack of directional capabilities but he always forgets that he has none either. If they weren’t lucky enough to happen upon the people they do they might never find the places they travel too.

Other: Pig has no name, he just responds to pig.
Be sure to check out Hiuko, Bangs, and Icarus Nearanather. This was brought to you by [Hiuko].

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