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2006-06-07 16:26:43
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Issues 8 and 9 are finnished and will be released as soon as 6 and 7 are finnished. Progress of Issue 7: Sketching Complete Scanned Yes Frames Started 2/4 Frames Finished 0/4 Speech incomplete Estimated relaease: 3-june-06 Progress of Issue 8: Sketching Complete Scanned Un-needed Frames Started 3/3 Frames Finished 2/3 Speech Complete Estimated relaease: 10-June-06 Progress of Issue 9: Complete Estimated relaease: 11-may-06 • The House Of LimboHOL: Updates


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2006-06-07 [abandonedhouse7 7]: Finished has one 'n' XD Ooh and first comment *boogie*

2006-06-07 [ArchangelGabriel]: oops :P I always do that. It annoys my ICT teacher so badly ^_^

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