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2005-04-02 17:00:39
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I love HIM and so should every one i went to his concert the other month and they were fantastic.I got really drunk on guiness and met some people who design and made the him website itz the largest HIM fans site and i met the guy who created it his names matt i recomend this site. Theres also thatz the offitial site.theres a second half to this site its him fans check it out.theres also my site about me and my mates


This is my badge for the wiki page of him fanz all you have to do is copy this code into your description in your house



this is the LOVE METAL album the second latest one img:>

[made drummer]
[.Sweet . cheeks.]
[slash rulz]
[Retired Pirate Captain]
[Katie love Casey]
[Candy Coated Corpse]
[Kai Ken]
[Dark Sekret Love]
[Take off your clothes. ♥]
[Vampiric Neo Sephiroth]
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2006-05-15 [Son of Northern Darkness]: im great just listening to Sothis,

2006-05-15 [Saiyuki Nano]: cool

2006-05-15 [Son of Northern Darkness]: yup, u heard them?

2006-05-16 [Saiyuki Nano]: yeah i have

2006-05-17 [Son of Northern Darkness]: I love them, its like finally a good american black metal band


2006-08-01 [Dark Trance]: WOO HOO! THEY KICK ASS!! i just found a site that plays video interviews to :p

2006-09-28 [SlumDumb89]: how many of those banners don't break the rules?

2006-09-29 [Son of Northern Darkness]: none, lol, and Villie is the biggest cunt on the planet, he is lucky he can sing

2006-10-25 [Saiyuki Nano]: ville is just so fucken hot

2006-10-25 [Son of Northern Darkness]: he is so far in the closet coat hangers are poking him in the ass, i swear that guy is gay as fuck. he can sing though,

2006-10-27 [Dark Trance]: theres no way hes gay, bi most likely tho lol

2006-10-27 [Son of Northern Darkness]: and a pediphile(sp) all his groupies are 14 year old emo whores.

2006-10-27 [Dark Trance]: HEYYYYYY i love ville valo...he rox...and i'm not emo...

2006-10-27 [Saiyuki Nano]: i think he's bi

2006-10-28 [Dark Trance]: uh hu, hes dating jonna and he always flirts with bam and i know he's kissed mige (or at least i think it was mige)

2006-11-01 [Saiyuki Nano]: i don't remember but i think it was.

2006-11-01 [Son of Northern Darkness]: meh, i used to love HIM then i found bands with true tallent, they are ok.... kinda... but if he was ugly they wouldnt have near the following of little girls drooling over his pictures,

2006-11-04 [Saiyuki Nano]: true that true that

2006-11-06 [Son of Northern Darkness]: Some of the best bands on earth are the ugliest motherfuckers out there, take Opeth, they dont have the sex appeal but they are about a million times better musicians,

2007-05-21 [Saiyuki Nano]: yeah that true. b/c look at some of the old bands they were ugly and they rocked.

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