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2006-04-17 23:05:08
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Gunlou's room

The world of the Vampires

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2005-02-04 [Earoluim]: here dear

2005-02-04 [crimson_moon13]: oh ok

2005-02-04 [crimson_moon13]: i can talk to u on this when you are logged on right?

2005-02-04 [crimson_moon13]: I love you and will talk in a bit love

2005-02-10 [Earoluim]: I love you too

2005-02-10 [crimson_moon13]: u there

2005-02-10 [Earoluim]: yeah I am lisse

2005-02-10 [crimson_moon13]: i said i think i am more than ur shadow and i thought u were going to intoduce me to the story line

2005-02-10 [Earoluim]: You are and I am but I'm leaving here in a minute .

2005-02-22 [crimson_moon13]: hey lisse i am so sorry about everyting it will work though i promise i love you so much write me ok i will call u either today or tomorrow right after school from a friends phone please dont be mad a rt me ok much love i send to u

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