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The Guild of Pagans

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Merry meet and welcome

This page is for pagans and wiccans to come together and discuss... well, whatever! This is an interactive community, so please take part in discussions, etc. We do want your input!

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I just wanted to say Welcome to all members, new and old. Cheers - [Nere]


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[Cenyre]: Ok, this'll sound stupid but I really don't have the time to go look it up anywhere. How is "Wicca" pronounced, with a "w" or a "v"? My dad's driving me insane saying "Vicca". He thinks he knows how to pronounce any "foreign" word. :P

[Delladreing]: Its W. "Whicca" I suppose

[Cenyre]: That's what I thought..

[dead~spirit]: (May I join?)

[lunarflames]: [BarleySinger], that, I believe is actually called/based off of The Vitruvian Man, by DaVinci, who actually himself study a pagan form of religion, if I am correct....

[lady.crimson]: i wonder if anyone can give me some guidance? i am having serious trouble choosing my spiritual name!! i've meditated on it for a year!!

[lunarflames]: Guild Members Page 2 is starting to get too big, now.....maybe a third page? I know its a lot but, it needs to be done....over 305 members? yeah, i think so, lol

[BarleySinger]: You don't necessarily -need- a spiritual name. Some people choose to have one because they do not want everyone in the world to know what they believe and want a way for people to refere to them without giving away who they are. 

Unfortunatly there are other people choose a "spiritual name" in order to sound "special" or "spooky" or "cool" know, they combine a "dark sounding name" with an animal or something supernatural sounding. Names like : "Dark Raven" or "Grey Eagle" or "Black Wolf" or "Onyx Crow" or "Jet Bear-skull" come to mind, as obvious attempts to be overly spooky while trying to impress people.

My favorite purely silly name, which follows this bizzare tradition of trying to appear spooky using this type of combination, is (da da dum) "Styggian Budgie").

However, some people feel that there is a name that describes something about them that is not there in the name that they were born with. Some might use that sort of name as a "craft name" to hide their true identity, and others just use that sort of name as an internet name, for talking to people online. 

If you want to have a spiritual craft name, by all means go ahead, as ther are privacy advantages. Just think about what is unique to you, what are you drawn toward? What describes you?

[lady.crimson]: i agree with the, my name should show how awesome i am-trend!

but i mean more spiritual the kind that doesn't double as your internet handle! a private, between you and your gods type name...

i do have an affinity towards crows but its so cliche i'd rather avoid a typical name...

im really stumped! i practice green magic, very planty so maybe a modified plant name? this isn't something i take lightly and i really want to be sure before calling my new name into the universe!!

fortunately i like my real name (Danielle) so i'm fine with using it till inspiration hits!

thanks for the advice!

[The Dark Wolf]: mine and most of my coven members, craft names have come to us hidden in are dreams. only after writting the dream down and discussing the dream was the name found.

[Fireblade K'Chona]: I don't really have a pagan name. For some reason nicknames of any sort don't stick to me at all. The same thing has happened with craft names. Weird.

[Magdalena Snow]: I never bothered with a "spiritual name" really,although my friends do sometimes call me Lena instead of my real name. Maybe that counts, I don't know. All in all, I wouldn't sweat it if you dont have a name.

[The Dark Wolf]: thats true! dont worry if some thing doesnt come to you!

[The Dark Wolf]: ^^ hello

[The Dark Wolf]: Tell people about my new RPG i need key players... here take a look. Evil wars if you like Vampires Were Wolfs and War this is the Wiki for you!!!!

[Melocrie]: Does anyone know how to pronounce Cleití? I think Clay-téé, but I'm not sure. Help! (it's gaelic for 'feathers', if im correct)

[Mordigen]: i think it's Klay-chee....but dont quote me on that

[Melocrie]: That's indeed a possibility...

[Madame Black]: someone posted a link above to Esoterica of Leesburg... who was that? I'm curious... I live in Leesburg and I frequent that store.

[Tyrvald]: Hello I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand, im looking for a Pagan wikki mailey based on Asatru but im having a hard time finding one. Anyone know of a similar wiki?
Thanks for your time.

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