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This is a site for people who have or want the awesome game Guild Wars.

offical site

Banners:(not for member pages >.<)

screen name,level,type, war or pre-war(optional):

Beach Bow, ranger/elementalist level.20 (phrophies)

2.[Blue Hawk]
Cecelia Greenwood, ranger/elementalist level.8

tom mole or miss tower, ranger/monk level. 20

4.[Pierre the Bloodstainless]
Gond Carakdae Me/x 20, also Kitue Lamorre Mo/x 20
...and fluctuating PvP characters.

5. [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]
Moredaea Eavatharn N/Mo lvl 20; Saphoraa Nethereyes R/E lvl 20; Lochra of Swiftbane A/R lvl 18; Odyn Tigersoul Mo/E lvl 5

6. [Raziel Ahnara]
Raziel Ahnara (Lvl 20 E/Mo), Alanyra Danrouch (Lvl 17 W/Mo), Rashta Nkaern (Lvl 17 Rt/N), Deraya Ahnara (Lvl 5 E/Mo)

7. [Chimes]
Phire D Louix, Lvl 4, Mesmer/- [Is a newbie]

8. [Nyquilz]
  (prof based chars)
karn the unforgiven -lvl 9-Necro/Mo (new char)
karn the swift -lvl 8-Ran/(not chosen) (new char)
   (factions based chars)
karn the sinner -lvl 20-A/m
karn the spartan -lvl 20-W/Rit
grendal the dark -lvl 20-Ran/necro (not toucher)
darkon wolfbane -lvl 20-ele/necro (fire based for now)
darkon the shadow -lvl 17-Rit/necro
  (nightfall based chars)
darkon the ghost -lvl 9-Par/rang (condition)(new char)

9. [shiro tagachi]
Jariah Senin-lvl 20 r/rt
Ardae Unduringal-lvl 16 e/rt
Damacon gladius-lvl 17 m/e
trogdor diablo- lvl 15 p/r

Username (or number or email):


2006-02-24 [Coldfire1]: ^^ kool a new member!

2006-02-25 [Pierre the Bloodstainless]: Yeah! Hey, are you all going to buy factions?

2006-02-26 [Coldfire1]: O.o whats that

2006-02-26 [Coldfire1]: oh really?! kool

2006-02-26 [DORK!]: it comes ut in acouple of weeks/months

2006-02-26 [Pierre the Bloodstainless]: i'm probably going to buy it, but if Factions and TES3:Oblivion come out at the same time, it'll be too hard on the money :S If i have to choose i am buying Oblivion.

2006-07-27 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: I hoped there'd be a wiki for Guild Wars ^^ ... needs more members!

2006-07-27 [Coldfire1]: lol ^^

2006-07-27 [DORK!]: i never got factions, i gopt world of warcraft and im never looking back to GW

2006-07-28 [Coldfire1]: oh, really?

2006-07-28 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: Blasphemy :P I've been thinking about getting Warcraft III, the monthly payment for WOW really annoys me... which is why I started playing GW ^^

2006-07-28 [Coldfire1]: hehe ^^ i didn't know online games cost that much

2006-07-28 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: Eh, I'm not sure how much it is exactly... but you can't go wrong with free! /cheer XD

2006-07-28 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: Oh, peoples, make sure to get on Guild Wars sometime this weekend and check out the PVP preview for Nightfall ^^

2006-07-28 [Coldfire1]: k ^^

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