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2007-08-05 20:38:22
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This is a site for people who have or want the awesome game Guild Wars.

offical site

Banners:(not for member pages >.<)

screen name,level,type, war or pre-war(optional):

Beach Bow, ranger/elementalist level.20 (phrophies)

2.[Blue Hawk]
Cecelia Greenwood, ranger/elementalist level.8

tom mole or miss tower, ranger/monk level. 20

4.[Pierre the Bloodstainless]
Gond Carakdae Me/x 20, also Kitue Lamorre Mo/x 20
...and fluctuating PvP characters.

5. [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]
Moredaea Eavatharn N/Mo lvl 20; Saphoraa Nethereyes R/E lvl 20; Lochra of Swiftbane A/R lvl 18; Odyn Tigersoul Mo/E lvl 5

6. [Raziel Ahnara]
Raziel Ahnara (Lvl 20 E/Mo), Alanyra Danrouch (Lvl 17 W/Mo), Rashta Nkaern (Lvl 17 Rt/N), Deraya Ahnara (Lvl 5 E/Mo)

7. [Chimes]
Phire D Louix, Lvl 4, Mesmer/- [Is a newbie]

8. [Nyquilz]
  (prof based chars)
karn the unforgiven -lvl 9-Necro/Mo (new char)
karn the swift -lvl 8-Ran/(not chosen) (new char)
   (factions based chars)
karn the sinner -lvl 20-A/m
karn the spartan -lvl 20-W/Rit
grendal the dark -lvl 20-Ran/necro (not toucher)
darkon wolfbane -lvl 20-ele/necro (fire based for now)
darkon the shadow -lvl 17-Rit/necro
  (nightfall based chars)
darkon the ghost -lvl 9-Par/rang (condition)(new char)

9. [shiro tagachi]
Jariah Senin-lvl 20 r/rt
Ardae Unduringal-lvl 16 e/rt
Damacon gladius-lvl 17 m/e
trogdor diablo- lvl 15 p/r

Username (or number or email):


2006-08-20 [DORK!]: awesome, so do i

2006-08-21 [Coldfire1]: lol ^^

2006-08-23 [DORK!]: :)


2006-09-24 [DORK!]: lol, have u seen the video to that quote

2006-09-25 [Raziel Ahnara]: Hahahaha. XD I have. It's wonderful. XD

2006-09-25 [Melocrie]: Seriously, that dude is amazing! Not that I like him or anything, I mean he's a jerk. But really, because of what he did, he's now famous! There are T-shirts for sale that say: "Leroy Jenkins - 'at least I had chicken'". And there's an american quiz which holds a question about him! He's got remixed and everything! xD

2006-09-25 [Raziel Ahnara]: lol! No shit? Wow. Why is it all the stupid people get famous? Leroy Jenkins, William Hung, the webcam kid with the Numa Numa song... e.e It isn't fair. XD

2006-09-25 [Melocrie]: That's right, it isn't! There's this other noob, Ian Boyd I think he's called. He got a bit famous too, but seriously, that guy really is a nOoOoOob xD

2006-09-25 [Raziel Ahnara]: Hahaha.

2006-10-01 [DORK!]: i have a mate called lee jenkins, he beta tests games :D

2006-10-02 [Melocrie]: hahaha! xD

2006-10-03 [DORK!]: :) u never no

2007-01-12 [Nyquilz]: I sound like i play too much huh ... only 304 hours these past two months..

2007-01-16 [Coldfire1]: if anyone wants to play with me i'll be on for a while

2007-07-25 [Coldfire1]: wow seems alot of you have fractions and nightfall... how are the new games?

2007-07-25 [shiro tagachi]: pretty good, how is prof

2007-07-31 [Coldfire1]: priity awsome ^^

2007-08-01 [shiro tagachi]: i really need to get it so i can get eotn

2007-08-05 [Nyquilz]: ugh im not updating m list of char but lvl 20 for all classes cept monk and para at the moment cuz there going for survior third rank. yeah nightfall is nice with heroes and factions is more pvp oreneted.

2007-08-05 [Coldfire1]: oh i tried pvp, is not really my thing

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