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Guild of Pagans Members List! Please, add your user name (and your PUBLIC craft name IF you have one) to the BOTTOM of the list and get involved.

230. [Ghanima] Oceania " Greetings from the Pagans at !"
231. [~Shadow~] well, i'm known by "Shadow" and by "Twilight"
232. [~*Lonely Wanderer*~] 'Wanderer is my name and wandering is my game' ~Wanderer~
233. [crimson_moon13]astra fayiana
234. [Wicked Witch] Names I go by "Numb" but for magickal purposes "Star"
235.[Shardae] I am most called in the local society of Pagans by the name of Brittney Le Fae.
236. [Sylraïana] I'll go by Sylraiana, or Sylra, for now...
237. [Brigid] I go by Wolf Morrigan, call me Wolfie.
238. [WolfBrethren]Wolven if u dont mind
239. [Firenze] Celtic warrior/pagan, my craft name is Kelly, Uasail Geamhradh.
240. [gone forever never loggin back on again]
241. [*~`Lady of Avalon`~*] Te`a
242. [neowolf_92612]
243. [Driochtor]
244. [earthkynd]
245. [Outside The Wall] My name is Kat, my craft name is Rowan :D
246. [Raventhorn] Xander Anamiriah Raventhorn
247. [Konoha ANBU]
248. [SatansAngel]
249. [Titchy-Witch] my name is emillie, mostly called Ruiya(as my craft name) needing guidance thru her pagan belief and faith
250. [Wild Rose]
251. [once you fall in love, that's it!!]
252. [hottie gizmo] Tiffany (my real name) tiara (my craft name)
253. [Snakes on a Plane] Lunarvian WolfStone is my craft name Cynthia is my birth name
254. [Flisky] just call me Lizard, my craft name is a closely guarded secret, but is you really want to know, just ask nicely.
255. [Dasner] My real/full name is Desirée Dawn Dove Healey, it means Longed for the Morning Dove in the High Woods. I am trying to find my craft name but my name's meaning is it for now. Blessed Be! ^_^
256. [Captain Thorne] craft name not revealed yet
257. [Hart's Nephew] my name is devlin
258. [elvenrogue] Munfae Du Silvershield (Norwegin for: Lady of the moon and night)
259. [razorskiss666] Shadow Wolf
260. [Madame de la Nuit] Fiyza (as its my name) but also Night works with me
261. [IX.Dollface]
262. [Shiorysm] finally, i'm part of a pagan wiki
263. [Angel of Shadows] I'm new to Wicca, but I'm here to stay. I don't have a craft name as of yet but... *shrugs* Just call me whatever you want
264. [Middnight0star]
265. [Artemis The Forgotten], Tygria if you please
266. [phoneix]
267. [.x..tiffles..x.] I do not yet have a Craft name, I havn't came across anything that draws my eye yet.
268. [Lakayana] descendant of Cooper, Lord of the wind and waves. My craft name is Fairy perry banou the elfish grand sorcerrer. I surf the winds in elftown.
269. [Famous Last Words] Peregrine
270. [sequeena_rae] Aoifa Brigid Catriona
271. [elf_iceprincess] knower of pandora. not the one who opended her own box though
272. [Ulferth]Lucien, Communer of Lost Souls
273.[gypsygirl] I haven't found my craft name, but friends call me Fred
274. [mystic magic]I have yet to discover my craft name
275. [AngusMacLeod] Phoenix FireLight at your service. Im also an Apprentice Wizard by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart. Oh My lots of Pagans!
276. [Joey18] Call me Joe. don't have a craft name yet.
277. [Ŧhe Jøker] im just beginning in my discovery of the pagan world...
278: [x//Love Like Winter\\x] i liked to be called shadow
279: [Thisbe] looking
280: [Melocrie] Blessed be, I am called K'i-Lin.
281: [~Intoxicating~] I wish to be called by the name of Flash.
282: [Horton elf] I love our great mother
283: [Lucivar 6907]
284. [Daemeon Arkenyon Zane] Just Call me Daemeon Zane... Or Fallen One..
285. [Shanlia] They call me Sheila Dragon
286. [Nekudae Andromeda] Nekudae
287. [gwing999] I go by Serephina
288. [wiccanmaiden] katsandra evenlight
299. [duckofdoom] Wolf DragonStar
300. [lunarflames] I prefer the name Elisabeta Artimus when I am doing this oriented with Wicca and Pagan/Earth things.
301. [MidSuMMer.Nights]
302. [circles]
303. [dead~spirit] Call me what you want.. Spectre, Michael, Tafia...Any of them work.
304. [PnkShpGnWld] Im Erin. My real name shall stay disclosed and stay the information i nkow and youll never find out
305. [rien151] my name to be called by is Lorie my spirit animals are a white wolf who wishes to be called Roku and a black panther who likes to be called Shawri. They both appered at the same time when i went to find them. They are my constant companians
306. [unawen] i go by Hateya
307. [~Lilim~] first i walked in the light for quite some time but then discovered that it was not for me so now i have chosen to stay in the dark of the night.
308. [Willow Rose]
309.[Shadow serpenz] 2 years practicing the darker arts 3 years in the ligher ones and now neutral
310.[The Dark Wolf] its Archer, but my birth names Jami
311.[SlightlySpiked] i like my black. most others dont, but i dont care, im me not them
312. [Asator Stormbringer] Call me Narandir or Sorath
313. [Galadwen] Nimuel Astara
314. [apple babble]
315. [Able Insane] Isa Ebony
316. [Hikaru Hitachiin] I have been practicing Wicca for eight years, with my mother. White and Black magic is the same, it just depends on how you use it.
317)[Silver Moon]I have been raised as a pagan all my life. People need to know what our religion is about before they decide we are satanists or we do human sacrifices!
318. [SLYsilver42]

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2009-09-22 [Daemeon Arkenyon Zane]: yeah, but thats what ya get when you eat a soy burger... or, you get soy "meat", that actually has beef in it... so, just a little thing i like to call LOOK AT DA LABEL, YO!!!

2009-09-22 [SlightlySpiked]: lmao true

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2009-09-24 [Daemeon Arkenyon Zane]: and breakfast, and second breakfasts... and brunch... and lunch... and then theres the midday snack, don't forget that... :P

2009-09-24 [SlightlySpiked]: lmao lovely reference

2009-09-24 [Daemeon Arkenyon Zane]: I couldnt remember the actual line, but i knew it went something a little like that anyway... all i could remember was second breakfasts...

2009-09-25 [SlightlySpiked]: you hit it right on, if not rly close lol

2009-09-25 [Daemeon Arkenyon Zane]: coolness :P you know, i remember when the first installment came out... I sat thru that damn movie, after having bought a big gulp at the gas station... i had to piss for about two hours, and couldnt drag mehself away from the seat :P

2009-09-26 [SlightlySpiked]: roflmao nice!!!! bet that was hell

2009-09-26 [Daemeon Arkenyon Zane]: all those waterfall scenes were a motherfucker yo

2009-10-01 [SlightlySpiked]: y do you say that?

2009-10-02 [Daemeon Arkenyon Zane]: because i had to piss so bad, and all the running water...OMFG...

2009-10-04 [SlightlySpiked]: ouch lmao that beefs

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2009-10-16 [Daemeon Arkenyon Zane]: a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do....

2009-10-22 [SlightlySpiked]: yup lol

2009-11-12 [PnkShpGnWld]: There isnt meat in all Veggie burgers. And hello Spike, Im back :D

2009-11-29 [SlightlySpiked]: i h8 veggie burgers. heyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

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