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Town Guides are members of Elftown who well know their way around the winding streets, dark caves and sprawling woods of Elftown. They are active on help-wikis and/or in the forums such as the newbie-forum. Knowing the way they can answer all sorts of questions and help new members get acquainted with all that is possible on Elftown.


Town Guides

Illustrious [Flisky]
Illustrious [Ravendust]
Illustrious [wicked fae mage]


I have a Question!

You have a question, what can you do?
1. Go to Help and seek if there is a wiki answering your question. You can also ask questions on those wikis.
2. Go to the newbie-forum and make a post with your question.
To go to the newbie forum, click <URL:view_forum.html?forumnr=1>
3. Ask your question in the comment section of this wiki.

Note: Do not send your question in a personal message. Asking the question as given above will prevent cluttered inboxes of Guides and will also assure you a faster answer!

Please keep this wiki chat free so that the Guides can do their work. Unrelated comments may be deleted.


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2009-07-26 [Lin Star]: Yes, that...I had previously been a member a good...I wanna say 10 months although it feels like eons, ago and had some decent ET experiences. *explained more in house*

2009-07-27 [Kaimee]: My stylesheet makes all my links a dusky purple colour, instead of blue or green, so you could always change it if it bothers you :)

2010-12-05 [Mortified Penguin]: You should totally re-hire me for this gig!

2010-12-05 [Thunder Cid]: I'm going to let Fae give it a try right now before I think about anymore hiring.

2011-03-18 [Thunder Cid]: We have your application and will get in touch with you if we need any additional help :)

2011-06-25 [Nioniel]: Congrats, Cilla! :)

2011-06-29 [the ack]: hi i can't check my messiages when i click he goes to server error who do i talk to about this?

2011-06-29 [Thunder Cid]: Have you brought this up in the Bug forum?

2011-06-30 [the ack]: bug forum?

2011-06-30 [iippo]: The link to the bug forum is <forum:Elftown, Bugs> You can leave a posting in there about any technical problems. :)

2011-06-30 [Thunder Cid]: Not at the moment I'm afraid. I picked up a new trainee the other day and will be working with her for a while.

2011-10-24 [iippo]: Please refrain from commenting on official wikipages.

2011-10-24 [iippo]: You have also been told to stop spamming official wikipages.

2011-10-24 [Teufelsweib]: the comment box section is for, if you read the above well, to ask questions to the guides.

2011-10-25 [Flisky]: Sammie, please stop commenting on this page about this matter. If the guides need help, they will request it. Thank you for your interest, however the current guides have this under control.

2011-10-25 [kians mummy]: Ok then, no worries

2013-12-09 [Teufelsweib]: should cillamoon be removed, since she's not crewbie anymore?

2013-12-09 [wicked fae mage]: If she has been fully de-badged, I think so

2013-12-09 [Mortified Penguin]: Maybe ask her if she still has any interest in being a guide?

2014-08-15 [Ravendust]: I feel accomplished now :D

2014-08-15 [Flisky]: You are. ^^

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