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2009-02-24 20:06:05
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Guide to Play at Covenstead


As far as rules go
this one
Honoured by every Pagan I know
Should do the trick

Covenstead is an imaginary place hoping to find it's way into the real world when it grows up. And as my Father always said, Play was the doorway the imagination and the foundation of reality. So let's play

To begin with I'd like to discuss script notation. Like punctuation it is a necessary evil if we are going to create a streamlined and beautiful playground. I have started by referring to the methods I have seen used other wiki's and would welcome any contributions and idea's you may have about how to refine the process

Script Notation

To indicate your character just type in your ElfTown [Username]
To speak, just type it in, no special notation required
To indicate action, *type stars at either end of the line.*
To indicate telepathic communication ~place a Tilde mark at either end of the line~
To indicate a special character like my bird friend (Corva), just place the name between round brackets
To indicate invocations, rituals, poetic offerings, etc. just center the lines to make them stand out.

Well that's all I can think of for now, so go have fun.

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