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Group 2.0 and Group 4.0 combined.
group 5.0,part1


After everyone was asleep, the storm slowly moved away from the area. Luckily, they weren't attacked or disturbed through the stormy night and no one would wake up until morning. But now that it was about nine'o clock, the group started to stir.

Divya groaned and tried to open her eyes. In her groggy state, she failed to realize right away that she was cuddled up to Solomon all night. Stretching back as she yawned, Divya felt the weight over her shoulder. "Hm?" she lazily looked at her right to see someones hand over her shoulder. Her eyes jolted open and she turned her head like a bullet and looked at her other side only to see a groggy Solomon awaking as well. Divya was frozen for a moment, completely appalled and disgusted.

Solomon woke with the absence of whatever was keeping his shoulder warm. He glanced over sleepily, saw Divya curled up next to him, and immediately retracted his hand, scooching away from her quickly. "Um," He muttered. "S'cuse me."

"GLADLY." Divya coughed, scooting away quickly. She wanted nothing else but for them both to drop what happened last night. As she woke up a bit more, she started to recall exactly how much she broken down and opened herself up to him. Not to mention, the strange dream she had last night. But thank goodness it was only a dream. Divya got to her feet and brushed herself off. Her eyes caught sight of the splattered brains all over the wall and jolted her eyes back to Solomon. "So you're feeling better? I mean-" Divya was being too nice...what was THAT all about, "What I save your ass and don't even get a 'thank you?!' You arrogant prick!" Yea, that's better.   

Solomon grinned. "And a very good morning to you too," He replied easily, getting to his feet. He pushed his hand against the freshly healed scars on his chest thoughtfully. He wasn't sure how he was completely well again--he couldn't have been out THAT long. He glanced over and picked up the cross from the ground, which still had a lump of something on it. "Thanks, toots--I owe you one."

Opening her mouth to yell something at him, she stopped when she heard him thank her. Divya closed her mouth and paused for a moment, not exactly sure how to reply to that. Instead, she looked at the fleshly clump in his hand. "Oh- please tell me you aren't thinking about wearing that." she cringed.

Solomon tugged at the mass, which felt more like polished stone than meat. "I dunno," He replied thoughtfully. "What do you do with something that almost killed you?"

"Don't wear it. If it gets lodged again, it's going to rip through all of that scar tissue." Divya argued, "Just keep it in your pocket til we get out of this place." She looked around, "Where'd the German go?"

Solomon snickered. "What are the odds of that happening twice?" He looped the necklace around his neck and buttoned up his shirt. "Really silly, since it's ruined completely anyway," he muttered quietly to himself, looking at his bloodied shirt with dismay. He scanned the cavern for any signs of Todd. "Maybe he went further in," He said. "Look--the cave keeps going."

"Well what the hell were the odds of it happening once?!" Divya rolled her eyes and grabbed her helmet from a few feet away. Men... She couldn't see much down the cave, "Did you see him leave last night?" Divya was so worked up that she didn't even notice when Todd left with the body.

"Yeah, he was taking Emireth's body to be buried," Solomon said, and decided against wearing the bloodied shirt. He took it off and crossed the cave to the waterfall, trying to rinse some of the crusty brown stains out.

She started to feel a little stupid about last night. Did Solomon even remember how she acted and what he did? How he comforted her like that... The two even shared a 'moment' together, discussing secretaries and his wife and child. They had chatted until they both fell asleep in one anther's arms. Just recalling it sent unpleasant shivers up her spine. Would he bring it up again? Divya removed some dirt from her helmet, thinking it over.

In the other room of the cave, Todd had fallen asleep leaning against the cave wall, surely he would regret that with having a sore neck. He yawned, still tired. It had been a while since he had fallen asleep at night.

Leilani groaned and stirred, she'd fallen asleep without realizing and regretted it almost immediately. Her limbs were stiff and sore, and her clothes were still damp. She ran her fingers through tangled hair and stood slowly, attempting to stretch and relieve her muscles.

Solomon scrubbed at the stains half-heartedly and walked to the middle of the cave away from the thundering water when he head a groan further into the cave. He frowned and set the soaked shirt aside, one hand on the hilt of his gun as he walked further through the cave into the other room.

"Guten Morgen," Todd muttered, regretting moving to stand, "Are you feeling better Solomon?" He asked carefully, popping his back into allignment and shifting around his belt.

"Substantially," Solomon replied. "I see you've found a friend," He said, looking at Leilani. She might've been very beautiful if she didn't have the expression of a wet rat on her face.

Divya followed and stared wide eyed at the other female in the corner, "What the shit?! What you bury one and bring another back with you?!"

Leilani wasn't entirely certain how to reply to Divya's comment, though forced a smile, "Name's Leilani. I don't suppose either of you knows where exactly we are?" Her tone was flat and unemotional, guarded.

"Yes Divya I have t'at skill, didn't you notice?" He answered sarcastically, "She found me in the storm." Todd made a rude sound and turned to look away, glaring at the side of the cave.

"We are in a cave during prehistoric times. Did you managed to not see the dinosaurs?" the futuristic cop placed her hands on her hips. "I'm Divya." she said plainly. "Let me are from a different time and place too?"

Solomon glanced at Divya as she introduced herself without her captain's title. He leaned against the cavern wall and waited for Leilani's reply.

"I saw no dinosaurs." Leilani shook her head, clearly confused, "Prehistoric?" She tested the word on her tongue, "In either case, I suppose I am from a different era. And thinking upon it... It makes some sense." She indicated each of their choices of dress. She felt dizzy, the thought of not even being in her own time was somewhat a relief, and yet a frightening aspect. She sat back down, her legs feeling like jelly beneath her- just what was going on?

"You're lucky, then," Solomon said, having only just recovered from a prehistoric beast attack. "Hopefully you'll never see any."

Group 6.0 (Groups 3 and 5 combined)

Group 2.0
Group 4.0
And so it began

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2009-11-22 [Ravendust]: naaaaah

2009-11-22 [Chel.]: Nothin' I'de rather do on my 21st then get hammered and text roleplay.

2009-11-22 [Pnelma Tirian]: lmao, congrats, Raven :D

2009-11-22 [Ravendust]: haha,thanks, I'm trying to keep my spelling decent.

2009-11-22 [Chel.]: How cute would it be if Todd came up and cuddled them too? XD

2009-11-22 [Ravendust]: XD, it'd definitely be interesting...

2009-11-24 [Chel.]: Todd didn't even care that Divya was moved in on? Jeez.. Now that there is a NEW piece of ass on the playing field.

2009-11-24 [Aeolynn]: ... he saw them both sleeping? Jeez lol I'm doing as best as I can with posts right now, gimme a break chellie

2009-11-24 [Aeolynn]: I AM working on a ten min speech i have to do tomorrow =P

2009-11-24 [Chel.]: Chellie....? I wasn't called that since middle school. Before the whole 'fire crotch' thing.

2009-11-24 [Aeolynn]: Yes that's what I call you when I'm getting you in trouble! Buahaha

2009-11-24 [Chel.]: O_O

2009-11-24 [Aeolynn]: I really really need to get this speech done, so I'm finished posting for tonight

2009-11-24 [Ravendust]: hehe XD, I'm just glad to have some active Rping time in my own RP XD

2009-11-25 [Aeolynn]: completely appalled and disgusted lmao...

2009-12-01 [Chel.]: Ah crap! I forgot about her title! Ugh.... oh well. Maybe it was due to recent drama events? Yea...let's go with that.

2009-12-01 [Pnelma Tirian]: woah, when did Todd move over to the entrance? o.o?

2009-12-01 [Aeolynn]: He's ninja like that. >.>

2009-12-01 [Ravendust]: lol, I'll wait for Chel to post before I do, no idea what I want to write anyway...

2009-12-02 [Ravendust]: an allowance for group 3 to come in :)

2009-12-02 [Ravendust]: Group 6.0 in case it wasn't noticed ;)

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