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The sound of a large toad awoke her. Divya's eyes jolted open and she leaned up quickly as if awakening from a nightmare. "Freeze!" she shouted, pulling a gun at the small creature. Although her body was stiff, Divya leaned to the left. It wasn't until now that she realized that she was sitting on a thick, mossy branch of an old tree. With the shift of her weight, she was tossed out of it.
"Ack!" she grunted as she fell. However, she was too surprised to turn on her sky boots and fell into a shallow river. Luckily the river wasn't a fast one and she was able to stand in it. "Ugh! What the hell?!" Divya pulled off her police helmet and ripped the mossy muk out of her hair. "Those idiots- dropping me off on the wrong planet!" she shouted up at the sky, hidden by the branches and moss that dangled from them.
She trodded over to a tree. This place seemed to have no ground to speak of. Everything was covered in water! Even what looked like solid ground, fell away like mush when stepped on. Divya grabbed onto the uplifted roots of the tree and pulled herself out of the thik swamp. Her boots were almost engulfed in muk. She sat on the tree base and began to wash off her boots, swearing to herself and swatting away mosquitos all the while. After her boots were unclogged, she placed her helmet back on and lowered the visor. Pressing a button near her ear, "You idiots!" she shouted into the radio, "This is chief of galactic police, Divya Meejiti! Get your asses over here!" But she heard nothing but fuzz in return. "What the...."

Emireth woke up from a slumber that he was in. He blinked a few times and sat up from his spot under a tree. He looked around through foggy eyes and stood up slightly. "...? Wh... where am I...?" he spoke, his voice rough. The sound of his own voice startled him.

Lydia sat up slowly, rubbing the back of her head. "What in blazes?" she hissed under her breath, a splitting head ache searing through her skull. "Where am I? Bastards..." she fumed.

Divya took her finger off of the radio on her helmet. "Odd." Hitting her ankles together, her boots started up. A blueish glow shot out from under them. She flew up through the trees until she was above it's barriers. The swamp looked endless. "HELLO?!" she shouted, wondering if anyone was near.

Lydia jumped at the sound of someone shouting and managed to hit her already throbbing head on a low tree branch, she cried out in pain, just loud enough for anyone on the ground close by to hear her. Great... she thought. More pain.

"Down here." Emireth called up, standing up. At least my voice is back to normal... he thought. He moved his head before he hit it against a branch, but being tall, his head was really in the limbs of the trees. "Damn..."

Lydia heard another voice echo a reply off somewhere to her left and immediately grabbed her blade. She was not about to take another blow like what those scoundrels had given her across the back of the head. Let them come...

Divya had to admit that she was shocked to hear someone call from such a nearby proximity. Keeping a hand at her hip-where her gun was-she flew down and hovered across the water. The little flames caused the stream to ripple a bit. "Show yourself." she commanded, scanning the area of life forms other then toads and bugs with her visor. 

Emireth help up his hands. "Relax Miss Sci-fi." he said calmly. He got himself untangled and walked forward.

Divya's visor scanned his person. He didn't seem to carry any guns on his person. She kept a hover above the wet, swampy mush that was ground. "Citizen. I need clarification on this current location." The police badges on her helmet and chest glistened in the hidden sunlight.

"Okay... Ma'am, you're taking the sci-fi thing a little to far." Emireth chuckled lightly. He suddenly realised that the mysterious stone was still in his pocket, so he took it out. "This thing... how'd the hell...?"

Divya hovered closer but kept a few feet away. Just then, she felt a pressure in her nose. She closed her eyes and pressed her fingers around the bridge of her nose. "Sci-fi?! At least I'm not wearing antique fabric!" she said as if it were clearly out of fashion and something from ancient times. A drop of blood seeped out of her nose slowly. "What the-?!" she whipped it on her sleeve, which in turn repelled any liquid. The droplets glided off of her clothing.

Emireth blinked. "Hey, you okay?" he asked. He even forgot her mentioning the 'antique'ness of his clothing.

"Maybe we're at a high altitude or something? I'm fine-" Divya whipped off some more blood. "Haven't gotten a nosebleed since I was ten." She shook if off. "Do you know where this place is?" she leaned her head back to stop the blood.

Emireth dropped the stone in his pocket, and let out a sigh. "I wish I did... last I remember, I was in my dojo. Now I'm here, and I don't know how." he grumbled.

"A dojo?" Divya tilted her head. This guy didn't seem dangerous. Her nose finally stopped bleeding. "I was busting a case on Europa, station 38. But dammit I must've gotten dropped off somewhere off course." she looked at his attire. "Where did you say you were from again?" He looked as if he was wearing garb from hundreds of years ago. "Costume party?"

Emireth chuckled. "I was in my dojo in New York. I'm a sensai, or if you don't know what that means, I'm a teacher. I had just finished putting away all of the equipment and was just getting ready to go home. I got a package, and I opened it. The next thing I know, I wake up here."

"New York? ...Just ONE 'new'? Are you sure you don't mean New NewYork?" Divya asked, taking off her helmet and looking oddly at him. This was getting weirder and weirder by the second.

Emireth blinked. "No.... just one. New York City." he said, leaning back against the tree again. "Are you high or something??" he questioned.

"Perhaps I don't understand your dialect." Divya wondered, "Ok- start over. Hello, my name is Divya Meejiti. Cheif of Galactic Police or...GP." She cleared her throat and turned off her jetpack-like boots and landed on the uplifted root of a tree.

Emireth smiled. "I am Emireth Higetsu, owner and teacher at the Higetsu Dojo, in New York." he said calmly. "And what in hell are the Galactic Police...? You sound like someone who popped out of an old Star Trek episode..."

"Well you sound like you crawled out of an old kung fu cinematic." Divya countered. "My focus is on the inner circle of the Milky Way. It's more dangerous then the outer." she flaunted. The trunk that she was holding onto split off a chunk of bark and almost let her drop down into the mucky water once more. "I HATE nature...."

"You are speaking in something I don't know. I think the furthest we've gotten is to Mars where I am. I have no idea where you're from..." he sighed. "You sound all futuristic... you must be a Trekkie...." he said. He sat up on one of the branches, taking note that his shoes were now all muddy.

"A whatee?" Divya scoffed. "Just Mars? You're...joking right?" She looked at him oddly, seeing that he wasn't. " seems a little late in the game but human's have been all the way past Neptune since 2243." 

"Two.... two... Are you kidding?!" Emireth freaked. "Its only 2008!!!"

"What? Have you lost your gears?! It's 2408!" Divya shouted back, getting nervous herself. "Your...your crazy right? Please say you are crazy and that I didn't stumble upon a black hole. I heard rumors about them but- I never thought..." she grabbed her head, this wasn't real.

"There is no way I'm crazy. I am perfectly sane. I don't know where I am, because this is defidently NOT New York City... this seems more like Florida, or Louisianna.... but I defidently know it is 2008." he said defiantly.

"Umm...No, this looks like a huge bio dome of some sort." Divya said surely. "No way I'm in the past with some ninja wannabe!" she shouted, punching a tree.

"I don't think its a 'bio thing'... we're defidently outside!! And I am no 'ninja wannabe' I beg to differ with you... Divya." he said, remembering her name.

She took a deep breath, "Alright- so! Let's be reasonable here. You say you are from the past, we are in this jungle hell and there doesn't seem to be an explanation as to why I'm here too. How about we just ignore all that for now and find civilization? Maybe that can sort everything out?" she suggested, trying to think reasonably. "When I was above the trees I didn't see anything but forest so we should probably get moving."

Emireth sighed and nodded. "You're right... lets go..." he said quietly.

" know- I could cuff you. That way you could hover along with me and not bother getting much more wet then what you already are?" Divya offered.

Emireth blinked. "Like, with hand cuffs??" he asked. He'd never been arrested, nor had sex with handcuffs, so he had never worn them before.

"Yes. They have a hover mechanism that allows me to guide you in the air. Heh...don't worry. You haven't done anything worth arresting. Besides...I'm WAY out of my jurisdiction." Divya smirked.

Emireth nodded slightly. "O-okay." he let out a sigh. "I'm a little skeptical... we haven't really learned to hover in 2008." he said. He was truthfully, really skeptical. He didn't really believe that this hovering thing would really work.

Divya reached around her belt and lifted a small lime green pistol. At least...that's sort of what it looked like. If anything, it looked like a child's toy. She aimed at his stomach and shot. A green glow shot out and hit his waist. It expanded like a marshmallow and wrapped around his hips like a belt. It glowed a neon green and was comfy- yet snug. She slid the little pistol back into her belt. She clicked her heels together, activating her boots. Divya glided over to him and touched the belt. "Excuse me..." it only shifted when she touched it. She pinched it and pulled away once more, trailing a leash-like twin made of the same green substance behind her. "Kinky."

Emireth blushed brightly. "Akward.... very akward...." he said. He was kind of scared, worried about being too high up. He was, after all, afraid of heights.

As Divya stepped back, a drop of blood seeped out of her nose. "Ugh! It must be you...What the heck do you have? A nosebleed cologne on or something?"

Emireth shrugged. "Nope... I don't wear cologne. I'm allergic." he said truthfully. "Maybe it's the environment?"

"Sounds logical... just makes me hate this place more." Divya admitted, flying up through the branches. The leash and belt lifted Emierth up as well. The pull oddly enough didn't hurt or strain. It was as if he was flying himself. She tugged him along like a balloon.

Emireth refused to look down at the ground, humming the "I Love Lucy" theme song, trying to keep himself calm.

"You didn't hear anyone else call out, did you? I could've sworn that I heard voices from two directions initially." Divya asked, looking over her shoulder as they weaved through the branches.

"I heard it too... I don't know who it was though." Emireth said, his face still looking up to the sky.

Divya and Emireth made it above the treetops now. The landscape seemed vast and endless. Though there was a break in the trees a few miles away. "HELLO?! ANYONE THERE?!" she called down into the trees.

Emireth clenched his teeth and fists, keeping himself stiff as a board. He was really freaking out now, being so high up.

They were nearly 100 feet from the surface of the water now. "Are you alright back there? You're quiet." Divya noted, turning over her shoulder and making sure he wasn't doing anything inappropriate.

"K-Kinda......." Emireth muttered. "I-I'm afraid of heights..."

"You're joking....why didn't you say anything?!" Divya asked, a bit offended. "I would say, don't worry- I would drop you but- who knows, I might."

Emireth looked at her and whined slightly. "Please tell me you're only joking!!?"

"And be stuck in this place with no human contact? Pass.." Divya admitted, "Besides- I'm a cop, remember? Serving the good and needy- all that crap?"

Emireth looked to the sky. "If you say its crap, why do you do it?" he questioned.

"I have my reasons." Divya said with a cold tone in her voice. "Besides-" she didn't want to open up a chance for him to ask personal questions, "it puts food on the table right? Not to mention, keeps me in shape." A breeze picked up and pushed them in the air a little. Divya put her visor down so she could see. She lowered them so that they were hovering over the treetops. "Are you ok?" she asked, worrying about him and his flying-phobia.

Emireth had frozen up. "N-n-n-not really!" he stuttered. He was actually starting to quiver in fear. He hated showing this side of himself. He was supposed to be tough, a hard ass. Not some pansy afraid of a little height.

Divya turned around to him, "Oh come on- what kind of man are you to be scared of a little 100 foot drop? You'll land on the trees first. If not- a pool of mucky water under it." she said, not helping the situation, "Don't worry- the energy bond won't break unless I allow it."

"Everyone has a fear... Mine happens to be heights." Emireth pointed out. He kept his face to the sky, keeping completely stiff.

"Yea- that's true." Divya said, leaving it at that, she didn't feel comfortable telling those sorts of things to Emireth just yet. They didn't even know one another.

Emireth let out a shakey sigh. "Do you see any clearings yet?? There has to be one somewhere..." he said, trying to be calm. He was obviously failing miserably, considering his whole body was shaking in fear.

"Yea- we are getting closer. See it?" Divya pointed to a clearing of a field up ahead. "I can get us there quicker- hang on." she sped up, going nearly double the speed.

"I can't see it... I'm not looking down." Emireth said, laughing slightly. He stiffened more as they went faster, feeling his heart race increase. He was thinking it was the fear, but it might have also been adrenaline.

Before he knew it, Divya landed on the edge of the field. The ground was still wet and mushy but it was easier to stand on then in the forest.
Just then- there was a bellowing grunt from the other side of a hill. Whatever it was, it was big.

Emireth was much better when he was on the ground. He heard the noise and pulled what looked like a stick out of his pocket. With a flick of his wrist, the 'stick' extended into a full length bo-staff.

Divya disconnected the line between the two but kept his belt on just in case. "What the heck was that?!" She looked at her friend, "Are you sure this is Earth?" Putting the visor down on her eyes, she pulled out a her gun. The ground started to shake a little.

Emireth bent his knees slightly and get ready for a fight. "I'm not really even sure anymore..." he said calmly. His grip tightened on his weapon in hand.

As the rumbling grew louder, Divya readied herself with her guns out. Finally something brok the horizon. A herd of triceratops stampeded down the hill. Divya screamed and jumped back, completely not expecting this. Now it all made sense that they hadn't seem any humans yet.

Emireth yelped and jumped to the side to avoid them. "What the hell is this?!"

Divya was wide-eyed and terrified. This had to be fake! That or they were on a different planet for sure. "Come on!" He grabbed his hand and pulled him up to the hill that the dinosaurs ran down from.

Emireth ran with her. "Those things?! What the fuck were they?" he asked. He'd never studied the different type of dinosaurs as a kid.

Even though she was from the future, Divya had learned about dinosaurs of Earth. "Fuckin' triceratops!" she shouted. "Well we are definately not in my time and I assume, not in yours." She started to hyperventilate a bit.

Emireth nodded. "Y-yeah..." he said. He put a hand on her shoulder. 'You okay?" he asked. On the outside he seemed calm but his mind was wizzing with questions so much so that he was starting to get dizzy.

"Oh yea- FINE! I'm stuck in the ancient past with a bunch of fuckin' dinosaurs and a ninja! My radio is broken and there is NO WAY OF GETTING BACK TO MY TIME AND PLACE. I'M FUCKING FANTASTIC!" Divya shouted at him as her eye twitched.

Emireth looked surprised. "Ouch... the ninja thing is getting a bit harsh... if you really are from the future you should've learned about Tai Kwon Doh or something..."

"Oh that cheap form of martial arts? Yea... it was updated decades ago." Divya rolled her eyes. As they reached the top of the hill, they were exposed to many little herd clusters of dinosaurs out in the open pasture of the wild.

Emireth sighed. "Well whenever you updated it I don't know... but that is what I tea..." he saw the dinosaurs. "Holy shit!!"

"At least they are all eating grass." Divya pointed out, still scared shitless. "I'm going to go throw up now. Excuse me-" she turned and ran for a bush.

Emireth rubbed his temples with a soft sigh then sat on the ground.

Divya was gone for a moment before coming back. She whiped her mouth clean and spat any leftovers on the ground.

Emireth looked up at her. "Well... I hope you feel better..." he said with a soft sigh.

"I will once I'm out of here." Divya admitted. "Umm...are you sure you feel comfortable sitting there? Considering..." she pointed to the herds of dinos.

Emireth chuckled. "I just want to stay her a few moments... my head is spinning..."

"Well it's getting late and we need to find somewhere to stay." Divya offered him a hand up. "Come on."

Emireth nodded slightly and took her hand, standing up with a sigh. "Where should we go?" he questioned.

"Honestly- I want to be somewhere high." Divya looked about but there were no mountains or hills that would be a good source of this. "Maybe we can make something out of sticks or something in the jungle back there?"

Emireth nodded. "I think that'd be a good idea... but we should do it fast... it is starting to get dark." he pointed out, pinching the bridge of his nose to try and get rid of his dizzyness/headache.

"Right. Come on." Divya activated the belt she had placed on him. It glowed green and attached her her own hips. Starting her boots up again, she leapt into the air, flying up to the treetops with Emireth trailing behind.

Emireth immediately closed his eyes and clenched his fists, whimpering quietly without even really realising it.

Her stomach rumbled. She placed a hand on it, squeezing at the fabric. "Dammit, I'm hungry...." she looked back at the scared Emireth, "How about you, ninja?"

Emireth had gotten used to the nickname. "Yeah... but I'm not eating dinosaur..." he said simply.

"What kind of man are you?" Divya scoffed, "What the hell else are we supposed to do? Look for fruit trees and berries in the middle of a swamp?!"

Emireth nodded. "There is always something to eat... I'm just not eating dino."

"Well let me know if you see anything. Hold on- I'm going to speed up." Divya warned. Before he could even react, she quickly sped up. They were flying at nearly 30 mph over the treetops. Divya had a visor and protective clothing so she was fine. But Emireth would probably have a whole new hairdue when she stopped.

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