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2007-10-28 13:46:15
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Greek Halva

<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> 1 cup olive oil
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> 2 cups of semolina
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> 3 cups of sugar
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> 4 cups of water
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> Cinnamon (1 stick)
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> Some ground clove

<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> 1 cup of chopped nuts (not essential)
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif> 1/2 cup of raisins (not essential)

<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif>Heat the oil in a small pot. Add the semolina and the nuts (if you use them) and stir constantly until the semolina is cooked and golden brown.
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif>Add the water, sugar, cloves, raisins(if you use them) and cinnamon and let it on high heat until it boils.
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif>Turn heat to medium-high and simmer until sugar has dissolved and the mix looks very thick and well blended.
<img:stuff/colorcandybullet.gif>Put the mixture with a spoon in a mold and let it cool. Unmold onto a plate and sprinkle with cinnamon.

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