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HEY, Dudes welcome, im the Dark Lord. This Wiki page is for all you grebos to talk about things: Politics, Music, Love, anything you feel like
So chat away and ROCK ON!!!
Any Questions Just ask me [The Dark Lord]
or [The Outcast Soul]
Dudes Its me above!

thanks to my best mate [The Outcast Soul] for this banner

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Bringer Of Death and Destruction

LETS ROCK!!!!!!!!


We Won Wiki of the month for July, thnx to everyone who contributed to this wiki

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2004-10-25 [Alf]: Im here ....finaly...

2004-10-25 [X. Nightmare]: ah cool

2004-10-25 [Alf]: what time and where

2004-10-25 [Moucher]: about time jo

2004-10-25 [Moucher]: well im meeting ash sometime in the late morning early afternoon

2004-10-25 [X. Nightmare]: ah nice timing!!

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: yeah do u wanna meet 12ish at mine or 11?

2004-10-25 [Moucher]: probably 11

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: 11 it is, jo if u call on oli and we meet u at safeways @ 11:30, remember EVERYTHING!

2004-10-25 [X. Nightmare]: orders lol

2004-10-25 [Moucher]: dude theres a problem

2004-10-25 [Alf]: ok bye!

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: tell oli to ring me

2004-10-25 [Moucher]: i cant bring the air rife if were walking

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: ok, bring bb guns though and knives, r u wearing camo?

2004-10-25 [X. Nightmare]: y u takin guns?

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: so we can but up the chavs and pop there kneecaps

2004-10-25 [X. Nightmare]: erm...ok :S

2004-10-25 [Moucher]: alright then noworries ash

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: im gonna kill em and and every1 else there

2004-10-25 [Moucher]: have you got an axe you can bring

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: mwaahahahahahaha

2004-10-25 [X. Nightmare]: ah ritee!!

2004-10-25 [Moucher]: ash have you an axe

2004-10-25 [Moucher]: has matt rang ya

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: yeah i dunno if im bringing it and yes matt as rang me

2004-10-25 [Moucher]: what did he say

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: we will be staying and to go in the morning, weve got the DECENT field and we will sneak into the abbandoned mansion

2004-10-25 [Moucher]: what go wedsday morning???

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: no i mean to go to matts in the morning he sed, well he sed o get to his before 4oclock as he got doctors

2004-10-25 [Moucher]: right will he be camping with us

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: yeah probably

2004-10-25 [Moucher]: shit

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: ah collins wont ring me bak

2004-10-25 [Moucher]: damn matt aint sleeping in thesame tent as me and hes not having none of my food

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: he wont anyway, we gotta sneak into dat house, do u have camo clothes or not, or completely black like balaclavas so we can sneak about

2004-10-25 [Moucher]: i have camo

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: kewl wear that and black clothes,wearcamo in the day down to mine, so your calling on me at 11:00

2004-10-25 [Moucher]: yeah or around then

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: ok, ill be at home waiting, i gotta go in a 10 mins

2004-10-25 [Moucher]: ok is collins coming

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: yes i do believe he is

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: could u ring him NOW and tell him to call on me at 11 sharp and to ring me now on my mobile, i would call him apart from his parents hate me so i cant talk to him

2004-10-25 [X. Nightmare]: bye ppl have fun lol

2004-10-25 [The Dark Lord]: thnx.....JORD RING HIM!!!!!!!PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

2004-10-27 [X. Nightmare]: hiyaa?!?!?!?!

2004-10-27 [The Dark Lord]:


2004-10-27 [X. Nightmare]: ur gona kill who???

2004-10-27 [X. Nightmare]: ash... who are you going to killl?

2004-10-27 [Orgasmo]: chicken?

2004-10-27 [X. Nightmare]: lol i duno.............. wheres jordan??

2004-10-27 [Orgasmo]: may have behind the couch... i'll check

2004-10-27 [X. Nightmare]: lol thanx.... wish hed talk to me again

2004-10-27 [X. Nightmare]: i g2g so it doesnt matter byebye

2004-10-28 [X. Nightmare]: is there ne1 on here thats gona talk???

2004-10-28 [Orgasmo]: im about... i could talk if u want...

2004-10-28 [X. Nightmare]: ah coool hows u?

2004-10-28 [Orgasmo]: im fine... damn work though :(

2004-10-28 [X. Nightmare]: ah i aint been workin this week welll since the weekend lol...... thats coool i think

2004-10-28 [Orgasmo]: half term?

2004-10-28 [X. Nightmare]: yeah but i normally end up workin must be quiet hehe.... goin shoppin 2moro hehe!!!! WOOOHOOOOO and goin to the cinema... duno wot to see yet tho

2004-10-28 [Orgasmo]: see Saw (see-saw hehehe) i thought that was pretty good!

2004-10-28 [X. Nightmare]: yeah im not 18 tho!!!! slight problem hehe

2004-10-28 [Orgasmo]: mmm sux to be u :P

2004-10-28 [Orgasmo]: AVP sux dont see that... i heard white chicks is funny... if all else fails just rock out!

2004-10-28 [X. Nightmare]: yeah i waan go see alfie too, i seen collatral its gud so im not gona see it again

2004-10-28 [Orgasmo]: whoa chick flick alert!!!! Back away from the dodgy film, place your hands behind your head and touch ur nose to the ground!

2004-10-28 [X. Nightmare]: lol wot alfie???? it looks really good

2004-10-28 [Orgasmo]: maybe it appeals to girls then... :s i wouldn't even download it!

2004-10-28 [X. Nightmare]: ah well up2 u hehe

2004-10-28 [Orgasmo]: layer cake is good!

2004-10-28 [X. Nightmare]: neva heard of it hehe

2004-10-28 [Orgasmo]: its awesome! and a 15

2004-10-28 [X. Nightmare]: ah rite lol..........

2004-10-28 [Orgasmo]: whoa i should be a film consultant!

2004-10-28 [X. Nightmare]: yeah hehe

2004-10-28 [X. Nightmare]: im gona go now ill bbl maybe tk to u then hehe byebye

2004-10-29 [God called in sick today]: YAY im writing a message is everyone? *waves at you all*

2004-10-29 [X. Nightmare]: hiya *waves* im ok thanx u?

2004-10-30 [God called in sick today]: Yes im cool! lol *dances* im a grebo, im a grebo! lol

2004-10-30 [X. Nightmare]: cool...........yeah i know u r lol

2004-10-31 [X. Nightmare]: is there ne1 there?!?!?

2004-10-31 [The Dark Lord]: Check out

Rezzerection Fans

2004-10-31 [X. Nightmare]: ok then

2004-11-14 [hippychick]: hey hey, so how du ya join this wiki? am just a little bit...slooooowwwww

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: just start watchin the wiki and talk that means uve joined i dotn think there is actually a member list on here!!!! :P

2004-11-14 [hippychick]: kewl thankies, so why *vermillion* is it after the song

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: yeah lol

2004-11-14 [God called in sick today]: lol hey guys, hey kate [hippychick] how are you today hun? *hugs her* how are all of you guys....*waves* hiiiiiiii lol

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: hiyya

2004-11-14 [The Dark Lord]: 3

2004-11-14 [The Dark Lord]: saturday whootwhoot

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: erm........3 what?

2004-11-14 [God called in sick today]: helloey people *waves*

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: hiya *waves*

2004-11-14 [The Dark Lord]: doesnt matter bout da 3 bit

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: ok wot u sooo happy about?

2004-11-14 [The Dark Lord]: but i cant wait till saturday

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: y?

2004-11-14 [The Dark Lord]: cos im going to town with this girl and then recording a cd at my uncles place

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: ah coool!

2004-11-14 [The Dark Lord]: i know...gotta go!

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: ok byebye

2004-11-14 [God called in sick today]: lol saturday sounds cool! sorry im nosey...he he he

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: hehee it does dont it

2004-11-14 [God called in sick today]: *nods* so how are you?

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: yeah am gud wot about u?

2004-11-14 [God called in sick today]: yea im cool! what you up to? anything good?

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: just listenin to kerrang and playin sims and chattin u?

2004-11-14 [God called in sick today]: oooooow karang...oooooow sims...he he he can i play to please?

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: yeah if u want!!

2004-11-14 [God called in sick today]: YAY *jumps around and starts to play with you* im playing the sims to...its great! :P

2004-11-14 [The Dark Lord]: hehehehe....saturday

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: yeah its cool im not gettin newhere tho

2004-11-14 [God called in sick today]: owww *hugs you*

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: *hugss bk* thanx

2004-11-14 [The Dark Lord]: hello

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: hiya

2004-11-14 [The Dark Lord]: hi i cant wait

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: so u keep sayin hehe

2004-11-14 [The Dark Lord]: do i

2004-11-14 [X. Nightmare]: lol well yeah hehe

2004-11-15 [God called in sick today]: He he he is this about saturday? lol

2004-11-15 [the esscence of broken dreams]: new challenge- hell hath no mercy

2004-11-15 [God called in sick today]: YAY mercy...*shrugs*

2004-11-15 [X. Nightmare]: hes recordin a cd

2004-11-15 [God called in sick today]: riiiight! lol *shrugs and walks off*

2004-11-15 [The Dark Lord]: good one

2004-11-15 [God called in sick today]: hu?? *looks shocked* he he he how are you today [The Dark Lord]??

2004-11-15 [The Dark Lord]: im great thanks how about yourself

2004-11-15 [God called in sick today]: Yea ok i what have you been upto, anything good?

2004-11-15 [The Dark Lord]: yeah went to france last week....

2004-11-15 [God called in sick today]: Ow wow...did you have a good time?

2004-11-15 [The Dark Lord]: twas amazing, andi came bak to present of another badge in my house(not really a present)

2004-11-15 [God called in sick today]: YAY...*hugs you* thats cool...what did you do there?

2004-11-15 [The Dark Lord]: wot in france....loads of stuff, met sum kewl peeps and went to this theme park

2004-11-15 [God called in sick today]: wow sounds great...

2004-11-18 [JAAN]: YOu should go to Britpop Rocks if your inot music

2004-11-18 [the esscence of broken dreams]: Erin Go Bragh

2004-11-18 [God called in sick today]: ermmm o...k....

2004-11-18 [X. Nightmare]: lol cool

2004-11-19 [God called in sick today]: *wispers to [X. Nightmare]* what are they on about? lol

2004-11-19 [X. Nightmare]: im not 100 % sure now lol

2004-11-19 [God called in sick today]: ow ok.*shrug and nods for the sake of it*...

2004-11-19 [X. Nightmare]: lol yeah i think we shud hehe

2004-11-19 [God called in sick today]: he he he...not that i dont listen or anything *shifty eyes* lol

2004-11-20 [X. Nightmare]: lol

2004-11-20 [God called in sick today]: so how are you people?

2004-11-20 [X. Nightmare]: im ok u?

2004-11-20 [God called in sick today]: yea im doing good! have soooo much work to do...*crys* lol

2004-11-20 [X. Nightmare]: yeahi no wot u mean

2004-11-20 [God called in sick today]: guess you have a lot to do as well then :P lol damn you school...

2004-11-20 [X. Nightmare]: yeah and ive also dropped a subject

2004-11-20 [God called in sick today]: ow you can do that? no fair we cant! what have you dropped?

2004-11-20 [X. Nightmare]: german and i got chuched off the course

2004-11-20 [God called in sick today]: did you do that? i hate german...*shifty eyes* not that i would get chucked off the course mind you *cough cough* lol

2004-11-20 [X. Nightmare]: lol i did for sum unknown reason

2004-11-20 [God called in sick today]: he he he

2004-11-20 [X. Nightmare]: lol

2004-11-20 [God called in sick today]: did you like it?

2004-11-20 [X. Nightmare]: did i like german....HELL NO

2004-11-20 [God called in sick today]: he he he...dont understan it my self lol :P

2004-11-20 [X. Nightmare]: nah me neither i got my first wiki started wana join it bunny hobbits yey :D

2004-11-20 [God called in sick today]: as long as you join mine to elelphants in tutu's WOOO...

2004-11-20 [X. Nightmare]: its not workin put it bk on and ill join 2moro bye

2004-12-10 [X. Nightmare]: i joined lol

2004-12-10 [God called in sick today]: YAY lol

2004-12-10 [X. Nightmare]: lol

2004-12-10 [God called in sick today]: Hey i see you around alot lol...shes a member of my wiki as well *hugs [X. Nightmare]* lol

2004-12-10 [X. Nightmare]: yeah i no lol *hugs back*

2004-12-10 [God called in sick today]: lol

2004-12-10 [X. Nightmare]: yep we follow each other lol

2004-12-10 [God called in sick today]: :P

2004-12-10 [X. Nightmare]: :P:D

2004-12-16 [X. Nightmare]: does ne1 chat on here ne more?

2004-12-17 [God called in sick today]: sorry havent been on for a while! :P

2004-12-17 [X. Nightmare]: lol neither have i

2004-12-17 [God called in sick today]: lol might stay away again lol, i had tonnes of messages :p

2004-12-17 [X. Nightmare]: ah rite lol cool

2004-12-17 [God called in sick today]: :p

2004-12-17 [X. Nightmare]: lol

2004-12-17 [God called in sick today]: LOL

2004-12-17 [X. Nightmare]: :P:):P:D

2004-12-17 [God called in sick today]: ermmm *tries to laugh but is to scared!...then falls over trying to run away* :p

2004-12-17 [X. Nightmare]: lol how weird.. im not scary (i dont think) :( well sum ppl think so obviously

2004-12-17 [God called in sick today]: just kidding lol

2004-12-17 [X. Nightmare]: ah thats cool then

2004-12-17 [God called in sick today]: lol

2004-12-17 [X. Nightmare]: im off c ya l8a

2004-12-17 [God called in sick today]: lol ok...erm dont know when though but erm bye!

2005-01-04 [JAAN]: The Holy Bible by tyhe Manic Street Preachers is exactly the no frills indie, art rock, metal, punk bastard fix u guy, i digress

2005-02-19 [God called in sick today]: no one talks on here anymore, someone last talked on here months ago. and my last comment was last year :S lmao...whats going on dudes. Youv'e not converted and become townies have you? :| NOOOoooo lol

2005-02-20 [J.T.]: hey people. What's up?

2005-02-20 [God called in sick today]: Hi dude :D How's you Josh?

2005-02-28 [JAAN]: 3 manics albums got on to the top kerrang 100. one waws 10 while hthe other was 24 and contrived to be 2nd best q album that year and won a brit award


2005-05-05 [Matt Buckley]: black metal?

2005-05-11 [God called in sick today]: :O apsorlutly shocking

2005-05-11 [Matt Buckley]: k#

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