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2011-05-28 16:38:06
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grand turismo 5 for ps3 review

This game has amazing graphics and brilliant car handling. It actually feels like you are driving a real car in real life. You do not want to miss out on this game. It's just so amazing. I suggest all elftowners play it.

The cars

There are a wide range of cars. You can even get go-karts. You can go on the top gear track. You can basically do what you want. You are the god in the game.

/ [kians mummy]

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2011-05-28 [Alexi Ice]: Could you spell/grammar check both your new submissions please ^^ Some people may be willing to check it for you!

2011-05-28 [Alexi Ice]: Don't forget, periods are your friend! ^^

2011-05-29 [kians mummy]: lol. i hav to do this on my phne. so could you get some one to do it for

2011-05-30 [Alexi Ice]: I already fixed most of it ^^ Mystin would probably be happy to help you though

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