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2010-06-29 23:11:19
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Well, some extra cats first! Then the good bye party for Azami. Luckily for her, she didn't watch the World Cup, but I guess she'll feel it when coming back to Japan in a few days (She's going tomorrow, but time-zones and shit.).
A black neighbour cat.
Lilo in the sun.
Jozefien and Marcus are leaving some couches to go home tomorrow too.
How much love can you fit in one small couch?
Well, at least this much!
It's not easy to get a good shot of everyone.
Guess who's older! (0 points for Joakim to the left)
Azami doing a typical Japanese camera pose.
Azami's dress. Or one of them to be exact.
Matilda Piggypig in Azami's dress.

/ [Hedda]

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