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2007-03-08 05:26:06
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Welcome to The Goo Army!

k, this is how it works i've taken the password off the Goo Army so now if you want to join just put your name on 1 of the #s of the thing you want to be (except you CANNOT be a General, the General slots are just for the makers of this wiki). when you become a member of the Goo Army! u go and throw goo at ur friends! for fun. . .but make sure that when u join u don't act snobby or the Generals will eat u!!! Muhahahahahaha. . . nope just kidden u will get a message that says u'v been glopped with red Goo from the Goo Army! that means u'v been taken off the Goo Army! because u'v broken the #1 rule here and the #1 rule of Elftown- Dont be an a** hole! Then in about 2 weeks you will get a message asking if you want back in the Goo Army:)

5/3/06: Message from General Miuka on an added rule:<br>
Members of the Goo Army, or people considering joining, there is absolutly NO SELF-PROCLAIMING! If you want to be ranked higher, message one of the Generals, and we will review you action in the Goo Army before promoting you. If you do good acts and follow the rules, you can be promoted without your asking. If you just decide(like [Nuerotoxin] did) that your going to be a general of your category(forget it, the rules above state no one except the Generals can be generals, unless otherwise stated) then your ranking will be deleted and lowered to the lowest level of your category. If you go back and change it back after it's been changed, we will delete you from the Army, and put you on three weeks of good bye, instead of two, because you broke two rules.
Thank you, General Miuka
If you act like an a** hole again then you will be taken off for 3 weeks ect...

A Message from General Miuka:
GO Goo Army! But really, morale is down. We need people to come up with ideas for the wiki. Art, designs, fighting, military stuff, uniforms, etc. You name it, we want it. Contests may be held. Let's get to it! Dismissed.

Sorry for the recent disasters to the Goo Army! There was a clarical error, but we're fixing it, so don't worry. Just keep posting those ideas on the comments!^_^!

Goo Generals:

[Crazy Cassandra!!!] your general so address me as General Cassandra!!!!!!!!
2)[AnnMiuka] your second General address me as General Miuka please, and that's an order!^_~ I'm a good archer so watch your tongue.

Goo Assasins:
1.[Nuerotoxin][ranking deleted, you return to the lowliest corpral of assasins]
3.[slipknot queen]
4.[Damned One]
9.[Deleted Porn Star][Note:this memeber has not been confirmed as deleted. Possibly, only a name]

Goo Commanders
1.[Babe-a -lious me!]
2.[Dwarf Ronin]
3.[oororjdjjd oejdn ikedruh cfi]"i fart in your general direction!"

Goo Majors:
1.[swabloo] very first
2.[Snowflame] Major Mezzo!
3.[le petit chat noir]

[green_eyed_angel] First Class, address me as Private Angel! [Thats an order!]
[-----] First Class
[MoonDuck] First Class
[~wee~] First Class
[Sana] First Class

First Regiment:[another brick in the wall]
Second Regiment:[apple babble]
Third Regiment:[kulianne]
Forth Regiment:[Kelaru]: address as captain pain!

Goo Soldiers:
[angelic damnation]
[gothic love]
[The evil environmentalist]
[Bad Angel]
[CrAzI FiRe CuTiE_516]
[Artemis Management]
[import driver 2006]
[tiger lily 123]
[*Bite me*;)]
[goodnight tonight goodbye]
[-x- LINDZIE -x-]
[*٧ïℓℓέŝ βůŧτєяƒłỹ*]

Goo Archers
1. [Inuyoukai, Princess of Thieves] MUAHAHAHAHA!!!
2. [ayame.]

Goo swordsmen/women
1. [Dwarf Ronin] Greatest Swordsman known to all.

Goo wizards/witches
1. [sanke]
2. [Sins to Virtues]

Goo sorcerers/sorceresses

There are more ranks to come but i have to get off ET for now...bye every1!~If your joining as a private, you start out at 3rd class.

Please join more than soldeirs!

to Goo Badges and Banners!
to Goo Fights!
to Goo News!
to Goo songs and poetry!
to How To Create Your Own Goo Creature!
to Goo Army Alliences!
to the Goo Army Adoption Center!

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2005-11-16 [MoonDuck]: *glances at sheath, and pouts* I just might.... *says defiantly...*

2005-11-16 [Dwarf Ronin]: Good.

2005-12-03 [AnnMiuka]: *chuckles at foolishness*

2005-12-24 [Nuerotoxin]: boogah boogah *aappears w/ goo knives and slimes evre1

2006-01-01 [AnnMiuka]: Ahhh Wolfegang! THank you for the splenderness of a goo cloak, now, you gift in return.*While talking, An had been walking forward nearer Wolfedgang*Happy New Year.*Lobs a 'Cover All' Green goo at wolfegang.

2006-01-19 [Nuerotoxin]: aaaaw*pooofs out*

2006-02-01 [AnnMiuka]: ^_^ your welcome

2006-02-01 [Nuerotoxin]: *dumps a slime pie in your face from behind* ha ha i got you

2006-02-09 [AnnMiuka]: mmmm slime pie*licks the creamy gooy frosting from her lips*

2006-03-02 [MoonDuck]: *blinks* a pie with frosting?

2006-03-02 [Nuerotoxin]: *smacks MoonDuck in face with a goo pie* yep with frosting

2006-03-06 [AnnMiuka]: heck yah! gloopy greenish creamy goo frosting! *whipes frosting off face and throws a handfull at MoomDuck*

2006-04-23 [MoonDuck]: *licks face and as much of cheeks as she can reach* Yum, tasty....

2006-04-23 [Nuerotoxin]: *throws game over goo bomb and hides* ha ha *bomb explodes and I win*

2006-04-23 [Dwarf Ronin]: *looks curious for flying goo*

2006-04-29 [AnnMiuka]: Hello new people. If you haven't read the rules(and it looks like you didn't) please do so before you decide"you win", general miuka*ducks flying goo, and throws another pie at moonduck, then hides behind my desk*

2006-04-29 [Nuerotoxin]: *poofs w/ a goo knife and "stabs" all in back

2006-05-01 [Dwarf Ronin]: *dodges swiftly*

2006-05-04 [AnnMiuka]: *sits lazily in desk chair, waiting for the sneaky moonduck to attack* Ya know, i'm conserding Moon Duck for a promo, but i'll have to consult first....:)

2007-03-04 [sanke]: *looks at page* O.o whoa...html-ness...

2007-07-02 [Eloura]: *walks in*

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