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Gone Girl: A Novel, by Gillian Flynn review

I was almost instantly sucked into this book, but, gradually, as I figured-out exactly what was happening, I became less enchanted with the story.

The book is fast-paced, told in chapters of two alternating first-person points of view (the husband, Nick and the wife, Amy), and has the makings of an interesting, suspenseful mystery, but, but, but... the characters.

In a brief, spoiler-free synopsis: Nick's wife Amy disappears somewhere in his hometown in bumblefarts Missouri. They'd moved there from New York City after they'd both lost their jobs so that they could help care for his ailing mother and his dementia-addled father.

As the investigation into Amy's disappearance progresses, the two main characters become so awfully and intolerably unlikeable that I eventually didn't care what happened to anyone. Not exactly what I consider enjoyable reading.

/ [Ms. Steel]

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