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Golgotha Library

Welcome, I'm Mrs. Mukka, the senior librarian. Looking for stories aboutthe asylum, city and chemical museum? Perfect, I can direct you to them immediatly. Eh..? you say you want to know the characters of the stories? I can provide you with a character sheet.

-smiles- Welcome to Golgotha, my dear.

House of Golgotha
This is where the neutral character's are placed.
The Darker's
This is were the evil characters are placed.
S.T.A.K Squad
This is were the good characters are placed.
The Cult of Scar
This is were the dark worshippers are placed
Golgotha's Minors
This is were the minor characters are placed.
Golgotha Asylum
The mental asylum run by [Rice]
Golgotha Museum of Chemical Research
The research lab run by [Rook.]
Golgotha City
The streets of Golgotha run by both [Rook.] and [Rice]
Golgotha Library

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