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This is chapter one of GDP. I can't be as leniant on this RP as I am with most. I ask that you post at least three lines per post. Thank you.

A small, black cat slumbered peacefully in the lower branches of an old oak tree. Her coat was sleek and well cared for, and occasionally her ears twitched at the sounds of the forest.

"You lost the entire eastern squadrant," Reáper said, her eyes narrowed beneath her golden bangs.

Neneh stood, her uniform torn and bloodied from long battle. Her short, black hair was splayed rather helter-skelter about her weary face. She was wounded in several places, though she stood firmly before the angered woman, clutching her deadly scythe in a white-knuckled grasp of apprehension.

"Your irresponsibly has cost you your position and your many graces in my father's eyes." Reáper continued, "Your failure is unacceptable, and I henceforth banish you from these lands. You have two hours to gather your belongings before your cottage is destroyed. You will have another hour thereafter to reach the borders of this land before I have you arrested and executed."

"Princess, it is impossible to reach the border in a single hour!" Neneh couldn't hold her silence a moment longer, "It takes at least a full day of walking!"

"One hour is all you will be allowed!" Reáper roared, stepping from the podium and to Neneh's side. Her blood-red fingernails reached out and grabbed the delicate patch on her right breast. She tore the patch free and threw it to the ground, stomping on it viciously, "You are hereby dishonerably discharged. Get your things and leave." Reáper said coolly, ascending the platform once more.

Neneh stared in shock at the patch on the ground and reached for it, "Leave it!" Reáper barked, "Get out, now!"

Silently Neneh left the throne room, her head bowed in shame. "Neneh, how'd it go?" One of the men standing outside the throne room asked good-naturedly.

She looked at him with hollow eyes, "The princess has banished me." She replied in a monotone, continuing along her way.

"What!?!" His eyes widened in shock, "Why that little jealous-"

"Stop." Neneh turned to him, "Don't speak of the princess in that manner. I understand that I have failed. I've been discharged and am now ordered to leave. Please, don't let your temper get the better of you or something along similar lines will happen to you, then what will happen to your family who relies on you to take care of them?" His eyebrows knitted together in frustration and he watched her retreating form in sorrow.

Neneh packed all of the things that she would need to travel, several new sets of clothes, fresh camping gear, tools to sharpen her blades, spell books and other large tomes, and some food. She stepped outside in time to see the princess and several of her loyal guards approaching the small cottage with lit torches.

She lowered her head and began to walk, not desiring to watch as her home was burned. She allowed several tears to fall as she hefted her heavy bags on her back. The smell of burning wood and thatch reached her nose as she began a light run, adjusting her scythe so that it rested comfortably in the curve of her back.

Her hour was half over and the border was nowhere in sight. Neneh picked up her pace, exhaustion sweeping over her as she ran with everything she had, causing wounds to reopen and her head to start pounding. Her heart pounded in her chest, almost to the point that she felt as though it would beat right out of her chest. Finally, with only moments to spare, she caught sight of the outposts on the horizon. She strained harder against her bodies limits, surprising the outpost guardians as she sped towards them.

Most watched her with sympathy, though several had dark, unreadable expressions and moved forward to stop her flight. "Badge." One held out his hand, knowing full well that she'd been stripped of it.

"I don't have it." Neneh panted, bending over double, "Now if you'll excuse me I have somewhere I need to go." Not too much longer now, she was almost out of time...

"I can't allow you to leave through this checkpoint without your badge." Was the stubborn reply, "About 5 miles east is the civilian outpost."

"I don't have that kind of time!" Neneh exclaimed.

"You don't have a choice." The man's gaze hardened, it was only he and a select few in the area with her. "You are late in leaving, Neneh, you do realize what this means?"

"You can't arrest me when it was you yourself who delayed me!" Neneh growled as he and the others drew their swords and decended upon her.

Neneh had no choice but to draw her own weapon and fend off their attacks. She struggled not to injure them, and in the end she managed to slip by them. "You've drawn your weapon against an officer, you've become an outlaw now!" One hooted in her direction.

She gave a small sigh. "Of course this was their plan all along... Who in their right mind would allow themselves to be stabbed after all?" She began running again, leaving them behind.

She extended her claws, pressing the pad of her paw into the tree branch, still lost in slumber and released a small meow.

Two women in light cloaks whispering to each other heard the meow and goes to investigate it. Once they find the sound they gently pick up the girl or at least they assume it is a girl. An elderly looking woman looks at the younger. "I wonder where this girl came from."

"I don't know but lets get her back to our cottage. She needs rest, it would seem she has been attacked." With those words being said they went to their cottage located about 2 miles south.

The cottage is small has just the basic structure with three rooms. They place the girl in the guest room. Mira stays within sight of this new stranger.

She made a small face as though fighting consciousness, her ears twitching at some unheard sound. Almost immediately her eyes snapped open and her form stretched into the figure of a young woman in the blink of an eye. They young woman wore a uniform with a slight miscoloration on the right breast.

Mira sighs somehow knowing there is an internal battle. Sees the woman and uses a binding spell. "WHO ARE YOU STRANGER!"

Mira feels a cut appear on her cheek. She notices a smirk on the woman's face. Grandmother please don't come in here. Mira feels afraid about this person.

"I hope I can help."

"Who are you?" Neneh asked, struggling against the binding spell, "Just what do you think you are doing, what is this place?" Her emerald eyes flashed in determination to escape the spell.

Mira relases the spell as she senses no threat. "I am terribly sorry. My name is Mira. How are you feeling?"

Mira you just jumped the gun why can't you for once trust in your instincts.

"I'm Neneh, where am I?" She stood up quickly and looked around cautiously. Her hand went automatically to check for her weapon, "My scythe... it's not here..." She said ruefully.

"I think my grandmother is cleaning and sharping the weapon for you." Mira smiles at Neneh's reaction. She relaxes a little more.

"You are in a cottage about 2 miles away from where you were attacked. You were attacked by the cult weren't you?" Mira desides to sit in the chair.

"Cult?" She asked slowly, her memories of the past few days were a blur, "To be honest I'm not really sure of anything right now." She touched the miscoloration on her uniform almost automatically.

Mira just nods at her confusion. "It's ok relax it is just me and grandmother. You need to rest." Mira feels ashamed that she is jumping the gun yet again.

A kind looking elderly lady walks in. "I'm glad to see you are awake. Come on now lets get you something to eat."

"Something to eat..." Neneh said thoughtfully as her stomach growled, "Yeah... I guess that would be good. I'm ravished." She bowed to the elderly woman politely, "I am Neneh."

"Bless my old soul child. Bowing is not necessary, my famous jumbliyay will fill your stomach and allow strength to return." She looks at Neneh with warm brown eyes as she motions her out of the room.

Mira just stays in the room. She does not feel like eating. She is too worried about her mother and the people she left behind.

"I'm sorry ma'am, it is how I was raised." Neneh said, following the woman out of the room, she looked back at Mira, who had chosen to stay behind and a small frown lined her lips as she curiously wondered why she seemed so worried.

The old woman sighs at her grandaughter. She is too smart for her own good. I guess I will get her to eat later. She guides Neneh to a table and gives her the jumbliyaya. She sits down across from her guest with a bowl of her own.

"I hope you will enjoy this."

"At this point I'd enjoy anything." Neneh said, taking a bite of the jumbilaya. "Wow! This stuff is fantastic," She said, "I've only ever eaten so well in the King's Court..."

The kind old woman smiles and eats some herself. The king's court huh? She looks a little thoughtful but puts it in the back of her mind. "I'm glad you like it, I will have to give some to my dear granddaughter later I suppose." Mira dear. Worrying will get you no where. I hope you will at least eat something.

Mira hears her grandmother's thoughts and decides to join them. She walks and makes her bowl before sitting next to Neneh.

Neneh finished her bowl and leaned back in her seat thoughtfully, her fingers touching the miscolored patch again before she sighed, "I can't stay here too long. I thank you for your hospitality and will repay you in whatever way I can."

Mira nods thoughtfully at Neneh. "Southwest will be the best route to take. Please rest a little while longer."

Mira's grandmother looks at Mira in shock. This feels...fated...but what does my Mira have to do with the Destiny Pendant. "Yes we understand you must be on your way but you have not quite healed yet, it is no bother to us."

"I've been in worse shape, but I will do as you request." Neneh said, lowering her hand, "And what do you mean southwest?" She turned to Mira curiously, "How would you know just where it is that I am going?"

Mira turns to Neneh. "Those cuts were made by high level guards. You were orginally wanting to go to the civilan post but they stopped you. You want to deliver news to your father. The alternative rout is the southwest path that is not guarded but it will take days to travel. I can read your eyes and wound."

The kind old woman sighs and encourages Mira to eat. Once she does so. "Mira and I are hiding royals. She has an unusal gift her country is going to be destroyed."

"Well... you're mostly right except for my going to see my father." Neneh said slowly, "I'm hunting a dark mage. He... well he's up to something that could really be bad for the entire world."

Mira just nods. "I see and according to the prophecy you will meet five others to help you. The Golden Destiny Pendent has choosen others to join you."

PLEASE GODS TELL ME MY MIRA IS NOT ONE OF THE CHOOSEN! The kind elderly woman remains silent.

"The Golden Destiny Pendant. I have read a lot about it." She said, "It is in 6 different pieces, those pieces choose their owner, and once they have chosen the 6 they require them to get together in the sacred land to reunite the pendant." Neneh said softly.

"You hold a piece in your possession,Do yo not?" Mira keeps her eyes locked on Neneh.

Her grandmother still praying her granddaughter is not one of the choosen. "Then you have a long journey." The kind old woman places some jumbliyaya an a bag and freezes it only enough. "This will last you for a while."

"... I suppose I do." She said, pulling a golden chain out of her uniform and showing the piece with the shadowed jewel, "It enhances ones natural abilities quite a bit, so it can only be imagined what could happen should the completed pendant fall into the wrong hands."

Mira nods. "Yes but the pieces are only drawn to those who are worthy. They choose the bearers. Keep it hidden."

The kind woman feels relieved. Maybe Mira is not one of the choosen none of the pieces have appeared to her.

"Yes... the pieces choose their bearers, but they cannot choose who may possess them after they have come together to form the pendant." Neneh said, tucking it back into her shirt.

Mira smiles a little. "Then go and make sure only the good can aid in your cause." Mira turns away and eats her dinner.

"Hmm..." Neneh said, leaning forward in her seat, "To be honest, at the moment the pendant is not my main priority." She said after several minutes.

"Figuered as are after him for a more personal matter correct?" Mira does not look at her just eats.

The kind lady shakes her head and puts the jumbliyaya away.

"Yes, it is a more personal matter. I was sent with the eastern squadrant of my King's army, but he decimated them." She said, "I feel that there is something more to the situation than what I knew at the time."

Mira nods as she is wondering about her home. Mother please be safe. I hope everyone will be all right.

The kind woman smiles sympathically. "How horrible Neneh. I wish you success."

"Thank you, ma'am." Neneh said, "I will most definately need your wish of success. He is a powerful mage indeed, defeated me my first time around in fact."

"You need the other five to help you." Mira adds thoughtfully.

"Mira is right once you get the other five you should be fine." The kind lady smiles. Suddenly there is commotion outside.

Neneh stood up automatically out of reflex, "Ma'am, Mira said that you might have my scythe?" She asked, turning to the woman, "I'll need it, especially if this is dangerous." She moved over to the window and peered outside.

The lady nods and gives her the Scythe. "Be careful."

A blue lights shines outside and the commotion gets louder. Mira stays with her grandmother.

Neneh held her scythe defensively as she slipped outside and began looking around, her footsteps silent. She looked back at the house several times to assure herself that nobody had gotten past her defenses.

The guards are all gathered around what looks like a piece of a pendent but when one touches it, they are knocked half way across the place. Mira watches from the kitchen window with her grandmother.

I hope you will be all right.

"Hey! Get out of here!" She yelled to the guards, running towards them and twirling her scythe menacingly before stopping and slamming the spearhead into the ground, "Get off this land, go back to where you belong right now."

They try to fight you off but the pendent piece gets them off the land and then just lays there. Mira sees everything the happened. A pendent piece can do all that. Her grandmother is just a shocked about the piece.

Mira nearly feels compelled to go outside but she stays with her grandmother.

Neneh was silent for a moment and quickly checked the perimeter to assure herself that nobody else was there before she moved back to the pendant and leaned over it. Silently she closed her fingers about it, there was a strange tingly, but it didn't injure her, for she carried a part of the pendant. She moved back towards the house slowly.

Mira gets a towel for Neneh guiding her inside. "So this is another pendent piece huh?"

Mira's grandmother doesn't breath. Please tell me that piece is not here for my Mira.

"Yeah... it is." Neneh said, holding it up, sure didn't want those guards to touch it, they went flying, so you'd best be careful. I think that it's not injuring me because I have a piece of it already."

Mira nods and touches it but she feels nothing. "Strange it is not hurting me at all."

Mira's grandmother feels fear go down her back. NO NOT MIRA!

Neneh blinked, "It doesn't affect you at all?" She said, looking at the piece of the pendant thoughtfully for a moment, "Could that mean that perhaps it is a piece meant for you?"

Suddenly a blue light surrounds Mira. She has a similar suit as Neneh but form a chain around her neck too. "I guess this answers our question."

Mira's grandmother collasped in the chair. My Mira is ment to go to war after all.

"Take it then." Neneh held out the pendant piece to Mira before walking over to her grandmother and kneeling before her, "If it is such the case that your grandaughter is meant to accompany me, I so swear to you that she will be returned alive and well."

The piece attaches itself to the chain. "Grandma you knew I would be choosen. My country is falling into dark hands. It is my time to do something. Don't worry Gram. I will be fine." Mira smiles at her grandmother.

She has tears in her eyes and just nods at both.

Neneh stood slowly and turned to Mira, "I hope that you are prepared for such a journey." She said, "The conditions will be rather harsh, but as I have promised your grandmother- I will bring you back alive."

Mira gets the essentials. "I will be ready.Don't worry I all ready have a distinct idea about the conditions." Mira kisses her grandmother on her wet cheek.

Her grandmother pulls her into a hug. "Be safe both of you."

Neneh slipped her scythe into the sheath on her back, "It's late, we'll leave either in the morning or sometime within the next few days." She said.

Mira's grandmother sighs and goes to prepare the beds for Neneh. Please Mira don't die. Mira helps her grand mother.

Neneh followed the duo, "Is there anything that I can do to help?" She asked softly, "I'm not one for just sitting around after all..."

Mira's grandmother shakes her head. "Rest now both of you."

Mira retires to her room.

Neneh undid the sheath to her scythe and leaned it against the wall nearest the bed. "Thank you for the room, ma'am." She said softly as she climbed into the bed.

After hours past Mira begins to feel uneasy. She walks out into her room to see if she can't talk to her grandmother and she begins to see blood on the floor.

Mira gasps and follows the blood trail but he stomps her toe on a nail. GRANDMOTHER! She lets out a pained yelp as she presses on. She finds her grandmother dead on the floor and lets out an earspliting scream.

Neneh leapt out of the bed immediately. Groggily she grabbed her scythe and unsheathed it before running out of the room, "What's the matter!?" She said as she caught sight of Mira and her grandmother, "Oh no..."

Mira touches her grandmother's face. "Gram...I'm so sorry you had to suffer like this." Tears fall from her eyes as she kisses her grandmother's cheek.

May you rest in peace.

Neneh's gaze hardened, "I'm going to check the perimeter to make sure that whoever did this is not still here." She said, gripping her scythe harder, "I'm sorry that your grandmother had to get involved in such a thing."

Mira just nods as more tears fall. Every memeber of my family is dead or soon going to die. I will help Neneh with her mission but I have nothing to live for beyond that.

Neneh first explored every room of the house, locking doors and windows behind her as she ascertained the safety of the house itself. She then slipped outside and began to circle around the house itself.

It seemed like nothing was around. Whoever was there had left after the deed was done. Mira finished packing.

Neneh slipped back into the house silently, making her way to where Mira's grandmother's body lay. She lifted the woman's lifeless body and went into the guest room, lying it on the bed before going back out and scrubbing the blood off of the floor. She made her way to Mira's room, "Where would you prefer she be buried?" She asked softly.

Mira turns to face Neneh showing her now pale face. "Near the lake about a half a mile where we will need to head to."

"If you wouldn't mind cleaning her up a bit... I'll dig her a grave then." Neneh said, "I don't understand the purpose that she was murdered... why was she killed and the two of us left unharmed?"

Mira's eyes darken. "This was not done by your dark mage. This was done by one of the council members from my country. Gram and I had been in hiding for 5 months. I don't know how they found out about our hiding place. I will clean Gram."

"I know that it wasn't done by him. He would have had no need for the bloodshed, and we would have died here as well." Neneh said, "I am sorry for your troubles, but I will go now." Neneh said, leaving the room and making her way to the lake. There she began digging.

Mira cleans her Gram with tears flowing freely. The mission is the only thing I have to live for. I hope you will be happy now Gram. Mira carries out to the lake near Neneh.

"You are not to blame. My problems are small compared to the mission that lies ahead for us."

Neneh had just finished her digging as Mira approached her, and now she heaved herself out of the deep hole, "Do not say that your problems are small compared to the mission." She scolded.

"In the grand scheme of things it is." Mira places a cross on the ground. She says a small prayer. Mira allows one tear to fall on the ground and picks up her stuff.

"Shall we go then?"

"We still have to go back to the tree that you guys found me in. All of my stuff is in a small hollow in it's roots." Neneh said, brushing dirt from her body.

Mira nods and follows Neneh to get her stuff but begins to feel uneasy. Cold feeling that someone is watching their ever move.

"Mira, stay close and don't wander." Neneh said, looking around uneasily as they came to her tree. Silently she knelt down and began pulling travelling bags out.

Mira stays close but then an arrow hits a rock just barely missing her leg. "Um...Neneh I think we have company." Mira gets out her whip and manages to graze something with it.

Neneh stood and unsheathed her scythe in one fluid movement, "I figured as much. I could sense that there were those foolish enough to follow us." She said coolly.

Mira doges another arrow and ties one of the foolish one in her whip. "I think I got one." Pulls the whip in and smiles.

Neneh approached Mira's captive slowly and lowered her scythe, "How many of you are out there?" She demanded, a deadly gleam in her eyes, "You better answer truthfully."

The guy shivers and is nearly in tears. "I..think about a hundered."

Mira sighs in a frustrated way. "He is a green horn."

"Good, now tell me also- why are you here? And is your group responsible for the murder of her grandmother?" She jerked her head in Mira's direction, exasperated at the frightened man.

The man pleads for his life. "I am just a worthless solder. I am not told anything all I do is attack and follow."

Mira cringes knowing no answer will be reached through him.

"Fine." Neneh sighed and shook her head, "Such a fool to follow without knowing what it is that you are doing..." She twirled her staff and set the spearhead firmly into the ground, "If you dare get up and rejoin your comrades I will personally kill you." She said warningly.

He runs not caring what way to run.

Mira groans at the fact they had accomplished little information. "Well that was a waste of time."

"Oh, there's plenty more where that came from. If we're lucky we'll catch a higher up the next time around and get some better information. Stay on your guard."

Mira nods and has her whip ready. She is not sure what will become of them right at that moment. She hears a familiar laughter.

What does that mean?

Mira feels another shot but this time it does not miss. It puctures her foot. "OH THIS IS NICE!" Mira hisses as she gets out the object.

"Mira, calm down and focus." Neneh said, "It will not do for that to happen again." Her tone showed worry, "I would rather that be the worst injury you recieve..."

Mira nods and regains focus. The laughter echos in the air. Mira uses her whip again and catches another man but this one struggled more then the first one.

"I think I caught a higher up rank." Mira pulls but begins to feel someone pulling on the opposite end of her whip.

"Hahaha, oh goody." Neneh said, "I really hope you did, someone with some information'll really come in handy right now..."

Mira pulls but feels her feet draging. She tries to pull harder.


"I've got you..." Neneh said, sliding an arm around Mira's torso and bracing her feet. Idiots, why are they just hiding now anyway? We've really got to get some information...

After pulling we manage to get this gruff looking man. He groans and snarls at us. "WHAT DO YOU WOMEN WANT!"

Mira smirks at this gruff man. "WE HAVE HIT THE JACKPOT!"

"Hey, don't you be talking to us like that." Neneh said, "You were the one bothering us" She smacked him with the blunt side of her scythe, "Now you're going to be good, little gruffy, and answer a few questions for us."

"LIKE HELL I WILL!" He struggles more and spits blood at Mira's feet.

"Oh really then." Mira smirks. Ties him and stares him in the eyes. "Now come on sir. Can you resist this?"

"Look here, you. You eiter co-operate or we'll resort to some... drastic measures." She said, swinging her scythe back and forth nonchallantly, though expertly.

He growls and struggles somemore and tries to reach for the horn but finds it is not there.

Mira chuckles as she holds the horn just out of his reach. "Looking for this?"

"Now then, you would do well to listen to us." Neneh replied, "You should know that I'm an expert at... extracting information. So you can either co-operate and save yourself from the hastle of my methods, or... well, you know the other option..."


Mira pales again at his words. "Mo...mother is dead! YOU ARE LYING SHOW ME EVIDENCE!"

He sneers and shows the Mira's mother Latoyna pendent with blood all over it. "This should tell the tale."

Neneh kicked the man over and placed a booted foot over his throat, "Is that the reason you are here? To destroy Mira?" She growled, digging her heel into his throat.

He just nods. "The mage was willing to help me. That's how all these men are here. MIRA WILL DIE!"

A man comes in and ties her hands together and hold her mouth and nose. Mira struggles trying to breath.

Neneh turned quickly and lashed out at Mira's attacker with the spearhead of her scythe, "You should know that while I am here, Mira will not die." She said coldly.

Mira coughs as her attacker falls to the ground. Mother is dead...NO!

The man sneers and spits more blood. "You will not always be able to protect Mira."

"I made a promise to her grandmother that I would. I am an elite warrior, I will not fall short of my promise." Neneh glared down at him. "Now come, tell me more about this mission of yours." She said, her foot coming back down on his neck. "Mira, focus on the task at hand, if you die, how do you expect to avenge your mother and take back your throne?"

He laughs bitterly at that. "To make sure Mira does not live to see her 21st birthday and she can't rule without marrying someone of royal rank."

Mira gets up and kicks him in the stomach causing him to feel just enough pain.

"Oh, she'll make it to her 21st birthday alright." Neneh replied, "And she will gain the throne, with or without a husband. If you that's all the useful information that you've got for us- I'm afraid you've outlived your usefulness."

Mira looks at the mans eyes and pulls information.

He glares at her. "GET OUT OF MY HEAD WITCH! YOUR MOTHER TRIED THAT AND GOT KILLED!" He tries to avoid her eyes but she keeps him in eye sight.

"Let me know when you're done." Neneh glanced over at Mira, "Then I'll get rid of the slimy bastard." She gazed steadily back down at him.

Mira falls back and pants. " the dark mage wants to get rid of all the worthy people with the pendent pieces...he can retrive the piece if he kills the person worthy. He is waiting for you..."


"Bye-bye now mister gruffy." Neneh said, lifting up her foot and replacing it with the tip of her scythe, "I can't say we'll miss you, you're quite rude. Any last words?"

He smirks and spits something on Mira. "See you in hell witch."

Mira falls backword and feels the liquid getting absorbed. Mira coughs. No...this is the liquid verson of the deadly illness.

Neneh shoved her scythe down, swiftly beheading the man before running to Mira's side, "What did he do?" She demanded to know immediately.

Mira coughs and looks at Neneh. "He has given me the blood of my dead mother, he contaimeted it with a horrible disease. It won't affect my health until a years time...I don't know if there is a cure for it."

Mira shivers and manages to stop coughing. This is not good.

"Well, we'll find a cure. And that pendant piece you have there- it'll help to preserve your health. It'll work with your body to create antibodies that'll fight the disease."

Mira just nods and feels the glow of the piece. "Yes but once the piece unites with the others my health will decline....this disease can copy antibodies...only few cases have survived this..."

Mira looks at Neneh feeling like she is not alone as she once was. "I will keep fighting. There has to be an answer." Thank you Neneh for being my friend.

"Then we won't unite the pieces until we find the true cure." Neneh replied, "I don't much like it when people die after I've promised to keep them alive..." Her gaze grew slightly distant.

"Neneh don't punish yourself. You have done so much for me all ready. The pieces have to be found...the danger of the dark mage killing another inocent person if far too great." Mira offers Neneh a gentle reassuring smile.

I know it is going to be hard but my health is not so important.

"The pieces do have to be found eventually I suppose." Neneh said simply, "But I've said it before- it's not my main concern to collect them all just yet."

Mira nods at Neneh. "I understand I will try to help you the best I can...maybe I should get the rest of grandma's jumblyia."

We have a really long journey ahead for us.

"That would help with rations... I can't really go into any of the cities until we leave the country." Neneh said, slipping her scythe into it's sheath.

Mira nods at that and heads back to the cottage. She gets the rest of food she can find and place them in a seprate bag.

Mira sees a picture of her mom, grandmother and her smiling. She takes that too. This is all so unreal...but I will fight. Mira meets back up with Neneh. "Do you think this will be enough?"

"If we ration it well it will." Neneh said as she finished strapping her multiple bags on. "If anything we can rely on the land to provide us with what we need..."

Mira nods and straps her stuff to herslef. She gets some water from the lake in the cantine.

She looks at the family picture and has a misty look in her eyes. Mother...gram...I hope you both are happy.

Neneh looked uncomfortably out across the lake, "I am sorry for your loss, but if you dwell on what has occured you will end up making foolish mistakes in the future. Please, at least for now, do not think them dead. Think, instead, that they are vacationing far from you, or something of the sort."

Mira whips her tears away. "No I have to face the truth. I will be fine. I made a promise to help you in any way I can and I will do just that. It was bound to happen. Thank you for trying to help me my friend."

Mira allows the truth to sink in and has a small smile on her face. I will try to remember their love.

"I made my own promise to bring you back safely." Neneh said, "I will not break that promise no matter what. I just don't want you making some decision that could cost you your life..."

Mira smiles and looks at Neneh. "My life is in the balance of fate. I won't do anything to hurry the illness. I know both my mom and gram would not want me to die before I got a chance to live."

Mira holds on to her supplies and places her picture in a safe place. "There love is not gone...they are apart of me."

"Let's start moving, it's almost dawn. If there are others out there still we'll make easier targets once the sun rises. We have to be quick and silent, keeping to the shadows."

Mira nods and does as Neneh instructs. Suddenly a twigs snaps not too far where they were.

Oh this cant be good. Mira whispers, "Neneh someone is following us."

"Yeah, I know. Climb that tree there and hide. Don't move unless I need your help, and even then wait until you can see an opening." Neneh said.

Mira does as instructed but something is shot in her leg. She keeps going to a comfortable branch.


"You just gave away your position, you fool." Neneh said, moving over to where he was hiding, "Now then, who needs to fall?" Her eyes glinted in the darkness.

Man shivers and tries to run for his life. He tries to hide a couple of trees away.

Mira tries to work through the pain. Blood is slowly falling to the ground. Blast this is not good.

"Idiot." Neneh huffed, following him easily, "Don't you go running away now you fool." She caught up to him and gave him a hard kick in the jaw.

The man gasps in pain and falls on the ground.

Mira is slowly losing strength and energy.

"Now tell me, just what did you do to Mira? It's not enough that you've attacked her once tonight, but you've got to attack her again. Speak, I will not hold back next time." She leapt down beside him.

"SHE THINKS OF MADNESS HER BEING RULER WOULD DESTORY EVERYTHING! THE PRINCESS MUST BE EXCUTED IS THE ORDER OF THE GRAND DUKE!" Man feels his heart pound but stands his ground, smirking as he sees the princess getting weak.

MUST STAY AWAKE! CAN NOT FALL ASLEEP! Mira yawns at and tries to deal with her own bleeding.

"Certainly you must understand that with me around Mira will not die." Neneh smirked, "I feel more and more like getting her onto that throne, if only just to piss you guys off." She raised her scythe and it gleamed in the faint light of predawn.

Mira leans back on the tree and falls asleep.


"And you, my dear friend, will no longer wear your head." Neneh said, glancing back towards Mira distractedly. I'll have to give her some extensive training apparently so that this kind of thing stops happening.

Mira wakes up and looks at her friend. She uses her whip to help keep awake and latch on to the tree.


"She isn't weak!" Neneh turned her attention back to the man, "She's a fairly strong girl who's going to get stronger," She brought her scythe back, poised to swing.


Mira's heart grows cold at the fact all these men want her dead.

"You're not even worth staining my blade." Neneh sheathed the scythe and drew a small knife, "Listen well you fools! Attack us again and I'll slay every last one of you!" She threw the knife.

A blade sings out and cuts Mira's whip and wrist. THIS IS NOT GOOD!


They're really making me angry... not good... Neneh thought as her shadows began to ripple and stretch, part of them moving over to Mira and encasing her in a protective barrier.

Mira looks at Neneh in concern but still feels ashamed she can not defend herself yet.

Please be safe my friend. Everything is silent.

"Be warned, you've gotten on my last nerve!" Neneh's piece of the pendant began to glow brilliantly, "I will not stand for you attacking my friend, either verbally or physically, anymore!!"

Everything is still quiet then suddenly a massive retreat takes place.

Mira looks at the confused. that was strange.

Neneh turned and approached Mira, the pendant still glowing. "That was easy enough." She said, allowing the shadows to fall, "Come, let me tend your wounds."

Mira climbs down to her friend feeling ashamed. She sits on the base of the tree.

"I'm sorry that I was such a weak fighter." Mira winces as she treats the wounds.

"You'll grow stronger." Neneh responded, rummaging around in her bag before pulling out a medical kit, "Don't appologize to me for anything, ever, okay?"

"Very well." Mira looks around at the location and it was evident that there journey would be long and hard.

Mother...Gram give me strength.

"Let me tell you, nobody can be as foul a princess as Reáper." She said, "So don't let anything they say get to you either." She began to clean Mira's wounds.

Mira nods at that and winces again at the cleaning. "The reason they hate me is because I want my people to have a voice...give us monarchs something to work on and not just have absolute rule...this princess banished you correct? She was a fool then because you are a great warrior and a valued heart in my eyes."

Mira still feels foolish but she spent most of her time in the library learning skills.

""She was jealous, a fool of a princess. But I have no choice but to listen and leave the country. If only the emporer hadn't disappeared so many years ago, I feel that these trifle conflicts would not occur. You are a wise young woman, and I am sure that you will gain many followers... this needs stitched."

Mira merely nods and winces some more.

"I don't know my concept is not easily accepted. Absolute Monarchy is still vastly popular."

"With the nobles, maybe." Neneh responded, working quickly on her wounds and beginning to bandage them, "But if you look past them, many are ready for something more akin to a democracy."

Mira smiles at Neneh. She places a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I find it interesting you want me to regain power because it would make all the others angry." Mira laughs softly.

"Yes, well, I really dislike fools like that. And if that's what it takes to get rid of them, of course I'll help you realize your dream. Besides, you're my friend."

Mira nods and gets up. "I will also help you with yours. Lets not forget that my infection could alter that chance."

She really is nice...that princess was a fool.

"Shall we go then?"

"Yes... we should." Neneh stood slowly, "It's getting very light. I'm worried that they might come back soon." She offered a hand to Mira, "How are you feeling?"

Mira nods in agreement and looks around trying to find a place where they could hide.

"I am fine. We need to find a decent place to hide." Mira keeps looking.

"Yes, we do." Neneh nodded and looked around, "I guess we'll have to move quickly until we find a place..." Her gaze took on an oddly hollow look.

Mira feels a little worried for her friend. Is this the side effect of the pendent piece.

She decides not to press her about that. "I found a place but it is a good 2 miles from here."

"Let's go then..." Her eyes closed suddenly, and as she toppled, her form shrank and the bags disappeared. In her cat-form she lay beneath the weight of her scythe, lost to consciousness.

Mira groans and tries to get them both to some form of the shadows. This is not good. Poor Neneh was not able to rest much with me and Gram.

"I hope we don't get attacked."

She mewed softly in her slumber, as though sensing Mira's distress. She'd worked her body too much in such a short ammount of time.

Mira softly pets her. "Everything will be all right rest now."

She sees the bag a few feet away and is not overly concerned about them.

"Hahaha!" The faceless man laughed as he always did, Neneh's smoking form resting several feet before him as she struggled to get up, "I've stolen half of your life force." He said with a grin, holding up a swirling ball of light, "If you want it, come and get it." He turned to walk away.

Neneh grabbed the legging of his pants, "Give... it back!" She gasped out as he kicked her away in disgust.

"As you are now you cannot accomplish this task." He laughed again, "I would kill you... but you aren't even worth staining my hands with."

Mira touches Neneh. Stop blaming yourself...take your life force can not let the fragment overwhelm your heart.

Mira feels uneasy as footsteps are audiable.

Neneh mewled softly, It is not the pendant... Her thought was more akin to a light touch than words.

Mira keeps Neneh close as laughter is heard. She pets Neneh. Ok but it is something that is bothering you.

The fragment of a memory. She whispered, her ears twitching at the odd sound so early in the morning. A fragment of the past...

I'm here with you my friend. It can not harm you. I promise. She strokes her fur softly and in a comforting way.

Mira keeps a weapon at her side.

It already has... though it cannot do more than hinder me... She murmured softly, The past alters the path of the future...

Mira gets shot in the shoulder. You need to face it head need to face something. Your piece will aid you and so will I

She throws the knief and kills about two of the attackers.

Her thoughts were silent for a moment, worry in her aura. Just as I will aid you... A stray arrow pierced her tender belly.

Mira does a desperate act by transfering the wound to herself and use some of the healing remedes her Gram taught her.

"Neneh...please hold on I help rule of democracy will come."

why... did you... do that? She asked slowly, Mira, that's a foolish thing to do- ever. You're the only one of us conscious... If you fall what will happen?

Mira bits on her thumb to keep herself awake. I got a plan but you need to face your past...don't worry I will be fine my piece is helping me

Mira's piece knocks down all the fighters and they flee again.

It's not the past that I'm facing now, but my body's limitations when I take it too far... Please be careful. Neneh murmured.

Mira smiles as she breaths softly.

I will be fine you need rest.

I am resting... I am asleep, otherwise I would not be in this form. It only overtakes me when my conscious mind is replaced by the subconscious.

Mira nods and softly pets Neneh.

I am safe don't worry.

I am sorry to be a burden to you right now... Neneh said softly, I hadn't meant for my body to go so far beyond it's limits...

Mira keeps petting her.

It could not be helped if I was more of a warrior then you would not be in this situation.

If they hadn't made me so angry it could have been avoided. I try not to let my emotions get the better of me, solely because I lose control of my powers when that happens...

Mira smiles at that.

I see but me being weak did not help

Oh believe me, that'll change once you've been with me for a while, that's a promise. Neneh responded.

So my training begins huh?

Mira groans inwardly but knows she needs it.

You better believe it. Find that hiding spot and let's rest for now. We'll leave again under cover of nightfall.

Mira does as instructed all though it took longer because of all the things that was scattered. Finally we made it to the place.

Whew man I think it will be interesting to train me.

Trissa didn't spot the others, she and her wolf companion, Tora picked their path in the woods carefully. Tressa held her arm awkwardly, she had broken it three days before, escaping a strange group. Tora whimpered in sympathy, not sure what to do for her "pup".

Mira heres someone just outside of their hiding place. Worried about her exhausted friend she slides near the entrance with a weapon ready.

Geez do they ever give up?

Trissa stumbles and falls, her injured arm hitting a stone, and getting cut open, she quickly silenced her cry, and whimpered in pain and exhaustion. Tora rubbed against her side trying to comfort her.She lay where she was, to exhausted to move.

Mira lowers weapon and helps her inside the cave and tries to wash her wounds. "You have some interesting wounds on you."

She seems younger then me

Tora growls softly, till she realizes this is help. Trissa whimpered as she saw her, but sagged against her in exhaustion. She merely nodded, afraid to speak.

After heating some of her gram's jumbliya. She gently helps her eat it. She offers Tora some to eat also in a bowl.

"Please do not be afraid. I wish you no harm."

They both started to eat. Trissa looked at her arm, afraid of possible infection.

"Don't worry I will take care of your arm."

Mira cleans it and puts an old family healing cream on the spot.

Trissa looked at her in confusion. Why does she care about me? Shouldn't she hate me? She looked at her bowl. "Th...thank you.."

Mira offers a gentle smile at this girl. Surprised to hear her mental dialogue but decides against disclosing information.

"Your welcome now rest. You will feel better soon."

Trissa lays don in exhaustion, curling up next to Tora, who watched Mira with interest.

Mira smiles at Tora but keeps the the little fire going.

I can't believe she thinks I should hate her.

*She has had a rough life.* Mirah heard in her head.
Trissa lay asleep, she wore deerskin clothing, her cloak was badly torn, and blood stained.

Huh who is contacting me?

Mira sees the cloak and finds something to sew it up with.

Tora lays her head on her paws watching with eyes that show intelligence beyond the norm, for a wolf.

Mira looks at the wolf and feels a little uneasy.

Ok...have I done something wrong?

Tora looks away, not wanting the human who had helped Trissa, to be uneasy.Trissa's hand rested on her fur.
Mirah notices the cloak is beyond repair, and crudly made.

Mira then pulls her old blue blanket and alters it to make a cloack. Tora notices the pendent piece dangling from Mira's neck.

"I hope she would like this."

Tora looked to Trissa's green pendent, choker. Than back to Trissa who stirred, and opened her eyes.

Mira just finishes her make shift cloack and notices her guest is awake.

"Welcome I just made this cloack for you."

Trissa ran her fingers over the soft fabric, but suddenly pulled away looking uncomfortable. "I don't want to be a charity case." She said looking hurt,as though she thought Mira was doing these things out of a sense of obligation.

"It's not an obligation I'm doing this as a gesture of friendship and good will."

Mira smiles at the little woman.

Trissa relaxes a little, and pulls something from a pouch on her belt handing it over. She took the cloak carefully, and wrapped herself in it. She watched Mira, waiting for her to look at the item she had handed over. "All right...then I want you to have this."

Mira looks a little stunned. She had not expected her to give her something but she takes it and looks at the item.

"Oh you shouldn't have."

The item is a bone ring made of ivory. part of it is carved into a wolf, that is running. "Now if you are introuble me and Tora will know..." She said.

Mira nods and smiles at both of them.She examines Tora and is wanting to see something.

Tora do you know who I am?

Tora looks as though she hadn't heard, but Mira believes she did. Trissa looked at them. "This is my mother, Tora.." Trissa said, smiling for the first time.

Mira nods. "That would explain a lot. Are you feeling better?"

Interesting so this means a cursed form.

Trissa heard the thought and almost laughed, she was surprised that she had heard it, it was usually animals she heard.
"Ummm yes..."

Mira nods but feels like she is missinterpruting something.

"I'm glad what is your name?"

"Trissa. It means: Beast friend..."

"Nice to meet you Trissa, my name is Mira."

"I...shouldn't stay here.." She looked troubled.
Mira offers her hand to Trissa.

Trissa looks at the hand in confusion. " I do?"

Mira laughs lightly. She should have known she has not been treated this way before.

She takes her hand and gently move it up and down. "This is called a hand shake."

" it for?" She looks even more confused. Tora walks over and brushes gently against them both.

"A guesture of friendship and understanding." Mira smiles at Trissa.

This is fascinating.

Trissa hesitates and then takes the offered hand. "I...never had a friend before..I am not even sure what they are.." Looks ashamed.

Mira smiles at her. "Do not fret you will learn in time."

Mira yawns loudly.

Trissa looks troubled. "Will I? I shouldn't even be here..."


Mira feels really tired.

Trissa shook her head, and noticed Mira's exhaustion. "You should rest.."

"Are you going to leave? I can't guard Neneh alone."

Mira looks sad and pleading but is nearly asleep.

Tora looked to Trissa. *We should help. She hasn't harmed us, and she seems good.* Trissa looked from Mira to Nineh. "I..won't leave, I will keep watch." I hope my pursuers don't find me...if anything happens to them... She shook that thought away and held her knife close.

"Thank you Trissa my friend."

Mira falls asleep.

Trissa kept watch. am I even worthy of friendship? She wondered. Tora watched wanting to help. She knew that Trissa needed human contact too.

Neneh rolled over, and blinked her eyes open slowly. There were two others with them now, somehow she'd descended further into slumber than she'd meant to. Almost immediately her form returned to normal and she felt the familiar weight of her bags returning, and silently slid them off as she sat up.

Mira manages to wake up and smiles over at Neneh.

"Glad to see you are all right."

"Mm, I needed the rest. I believe I've fully regenerated. Thank you for watching over me." She said to Mira, "Who're those two?" She asked.

"The young girls name is Trissa and the wolfs name is Tora. She said that is her mother."

Mira smiles at her friend Neneh.

Trissa looked at Ninah shyly, as Tora slept at her feet.

"Hi there, Trissa. My name's Neneh... What brings you out here?"

Trissa brushed her silver hair from her face, her purple eyes looked frightened. She is asking!If she finds out... She shook herself from that thought. "I...have been out here for a long time.."

"Oh, I see..." Neneh said, looking her over. She is not being completely honest, she's got fear in her eyes... but I won't press. Her eyes caught on the girl's necklace, "Oh my, is that what I think it is?" She wondered out loud.

Trissa's hand came protectively up to cover her choker. " are one of are the enemy!" She jumped to her feet and fled. Tora growled and followed.

Mira groans and tries to find her.

This is just great.

Trissa ran as fast as she could, Tora running at her side. Her breath caught in sobs. I shouldn't have trusted...I should have known better! She thought, tears stinging her eyes. After all...hasn't my life always been filled with betrayal? She ran not sure where but she continued to run, Tora not able to stop or calm her.

Neneh climbed to her feet, and in one fluid movement slid her scythe into it's sheath in case she encountered trouble and took off at a fast run, surpassing Mira almost immediately. "Wait, Trissa! We're not going to hurt you!" She cried, catching sight of the girl and picking up her pace as much as she could.

Mira shakes her head at Neneh's approach. Suddenly an arrow is shot and catches Mira's arm. She hisses in pain and had to dodge another arrow from her but slips and falls.

Oh this is just brillent. She looks at the item she recieved from Trissa and blows in it.

Trissa hesitates knowing only a friend would be able to use the ring, she and Tora turned back to help Mirah.

Neneh's ears twitched at the twang of a bow-string and she ran forward almost without thought, knocking Trissa backwards as an arrow hissed through the air and buried itself into Neneh's lower back.

Mira manages to remove the arrow and uses her crossbow on the shooter of Neneh and Trissa. Her arm hurts really bad after that.

"That should...even...the..." All goes black for Mira.

Trissa looked worried, she laid her hands on the ground and called to the forces of nature. *We are in need of your assistance, protect us from our enemies please.* The sound of creaking branches can be heard, and a man is lounched into the air.

Neneh pulled the arrow out of her back and lowered the scythe as she ran over to Mira's side and stood over her protectively, her wound bleeding profusely.

Soon the woods went back to silence. Trissa approached them slowly. " so's my fault. If I hadn't left..." She looked down ashamed of herself, and unsure how to help.

If only we could blind these fools somehow and get back into the cave.

Mira groans as if trying to say something but words don't come out.

"The trees are holing them back." Trsissa said carrying Mirah to the cave.She looked to Tora as though communing with her. Tora took off.

Neneh followed slowly, "Don't say it's your fault, Trissa. If anything I'd think it were my own for ever coming to this place... Nothing would have happened if I'd only just kept on my way through..."

Mira got frustrated and started kicking the ground.


Trissa stopped as they reached the cave, she suddenly began to sway and sank to the ground. She looked very pale, and started to tremble. "Oh no!" She moaned as though horrified. She soon was overcome by darkness.

"Oh... you've got to be kidding me..." Neneh resheathed her scythe and lifted both girls up, setting them gently into the cave as she quickly worked on Mira's wounds before turning to Trissa, "Oh... what's happened to her?" She muttered to herself, looking the girl over for any sign of being wounded.

Tora entered, her maw stained in blood. She quickly rushed over to Trissa and whimpered. Trissa appeared to be unharmed, but she was very pale.

She looked over at Tora silently for a moment, "Trissa... what's wrong with you?" She murmured helplessly.

Her choker glowed a soft green, and she slowly opened her eyes. " so..tired.' Her eyes began to close agian.

Mira wakes up and gently hugs Trissa in a comforting way.

will this help you?

Neneh touched the pendant gently with one hand, and her own with the other. The two resonated and she managed to transfer a little bit of energy to Trissa. "Rest now. I will check the perimeter." She said, "Mira, stay with Trissa. She's very vulnerable when she's like that."

Mira nods and keeps Trissa close.

"shh it's ok you are safe."

"I...used to" Trissa mumbled, as Tora nudged her,in concern.

"Such a foolish decision to come out on your own, chief." A familiar voice taunted, "Looks like you didn't heed the Princess' warning about getting out of the country in two hours... and on top of that, you attacked two of the gate-men."

Neneh unsheathed her scythe, "I did not attack them, they attacked me." She responded.

"Put away that foolhardy weapon. You've no strength to wield it right now. Come quietly and I will not have to make you bleed further."

Neneh lowered the scythe defensively, "I am no fool."

"Oh, but indeed you are." Two arrows were fired out of the darkness, colliding with both of her shoulders.

She gasped and the scythe fell from her numb fingers as several figures grabbed and bound her roughly, dragging her away without a sound.

Tora shot to her feet growling, she quickly ran from the cave following Neneh's scent.

"Majesty!" Neneh was forced into a well-guarded camp and thrown to the ground before the power-hungry princess, "We have captured the traitor."

Tora stalked the camps perimeter, being sure not to be spotted.

Reáper looked her over coolly, "She'll be executed at dawn." She said with a laugh.

Neneh's eyes flashed darkly as she struggled to sit up, only to have someone kick her in the shoulder, burying the arrow further in the muscle.

Mira's eyes widen as she knows Neneh's in trouble.


trissa sends out a silent call. A large black bear burts into the camp attacking the soldiers. Tora darted in quickly and dragged Neneh away.

Mira shivers and hope that Neneh will be all right.

Please something be happen to save her.

"That's not fair!" Reáper shouted angrily, "Get her, don't just stand there gawking, kill that bear and get her!!"

Mira prays to her pendent piece and it starts to glow.
Please save her..

She holds Trissa in a comforting way.

The bear runs off, only meant as a distraction. Tora dragged Neneh into the cave with the others.

Mira gets up and helps Tora with Neneh. "Thank goodness."

"Are you all right Trissa?"

Tora pulls Neneh to the back of the cave. Trissa sighs. " all right. I used to much energy after those men......"She trailed off looking ashamed.

Mira smiles and hugs her close.

"Don't be ashamed you were scared that we would use you."

trissa sobs,going limp in her arms. "They...came after me before..they tried to hurt of them tried made me fill wrong." Shudders.

Mira holds her in an tender motherly way.

"I am sorry you had to suffer like that."

"He remove my clothes..Tora saved me." Sobs. "Was it my fault? was it becouse I am a freak?"

Mira smiles as she remembers how she use to comfort her siblings.

"Shh no it is not your fault it was that perverts."

Trissa pulled away to look at her, tears rolled down her face. "Why? you help me...why do you care about a freak like me?"

Mira smiles and wipes those tears away.

"Because I'm different like you are. Don't say you are a freak you are special in your way."

Trissa shook her head looking down sadly. "There's nothing special about me...if that where true why would they..."Looks saddened.

Mira lifts her head with her finger.

"I see more then what you are allowing yourself to see. You are special."

"Why..did my family...and my tribe throw me away? Why did I become a slave? Why will none but the animals be my friend?"

Mira sighs but keeps her smile.

"Those are questions I cannot answer but am I not also your friend?"

trissa finally looked up. "You...still want to be? I only couse trouble though.."

Mira smiles and nods.

"I also cause trouble but I like having friends."

Trissa higs her tightly. "Th..thank you..'

Mira hugs her back and looks at Tora.

Will this help?

Tora watches, and you could almost swear she was smilling. Trissa slowly relaxes in her comforting hold.

Mira smiles and keeps her close.

"Rest now."

"Shouldn' rest too?"

Mira nods at Trissa.

"I still have to keep watch."

"Tora could keep watch.." She said looking at the wolf with affection.

Mira looks at Tora and smiles.

"If she is willing."

Trissa looked to Tora, who padded over towards the cave entrance. She sat down to keep watch.

Mira slowly falls asleep with Trissa in her arms.

This is good.

Trissa fell asleep without worries for the first time in as long as she could remeber.

Neneh came back to her senses after a short while, her head was reeling with dizziness as she yanked the arrows from both her shoulders, hardly releasing even a single cry of pain as she reached into her travelling bag and pulled out some gauze, which she used to tightly wrap her wounds, which would do until they reached a town outside the country.

Tora rushed over to her and nuzzled her near her wounds, they started to heal.

Chapter 2-GDP

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