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Goddess Art Contest

Hosted by [SimpleEuph]

This is a pretty simple Art Contest. You can either draw the goddess you received from the test or pick any other goddess from the page Goddess Choices. They will have descriptions as well.  You may also post other goddesses from other religions, like egyptian, or celtic. Just contact me first!!

The dreaded Rules
1. Drawings, paintings, and photomanipulations are allowed. (If you have any other suggestions, please contact me.)
2. Nudity is allowed, but it must be artistic and tasteful. NO PORN!
3. Fellow male elftowners are allowed to enter. "We don't discriminate!!"(So if you know anyone else that might be interested, tell them!!)
4. Post enteries, but  make sure they are the an appropriate size. You can post 2 entries
Please make sure that you put your name, Goddess's name, and a short description of the piece with the entry
5. And above all HAVE FUN!!

Prizes will be rewarded after the contest is over. It will probably be a badge to put up in your house, or an art request. 

~Contest Winners~
Judges' Favorite: [moira hawthorne]
Best Digital: [Skydancer]

1st place winner: [selardorart]
2nd place winner: [Zardra]
3rd place winner: [Spirit of Nefertiti]
Honorable Mention: [Asrun]

Peoples' Choice: ????

Badges will be awarded once everyone has vote in the poll.
Peoples' Choice <poll:53115>

Don't be surprised if things will change along the way! Please feel free to leave a comment!!

Thinking about doing another art contest for Gods as well, for anyone who is interested. Just follow the same rules!!

God Art Contest

Link to Main Page
Inner Goddess

{1} [Skydancer] Celtic Goddess Blessing a Sacred Well

{2} [Yuriona] Sekhmet Egyptian Goddess of Vengeance - new version!! I like this one much better. :)
(Don't worry...I do intend to get her coloured eventually.)

{3} [CelticDragon] Morrigan Celtic goddess of war, in half-human/half-raven form.

{4} [Spirit of Nefertiti] Nut Egyptian Goddess of the sky and the heavens^_^

{5} [Spirit of Nefertiti] Wadjet Egyptian Goddess of Lower Egypt, papyrus and protector of Pharaoh...

{6} [Our Lady of Sorrow] I love this pic. It is a wishing well goddess.

{7} [Sunny Silverunicorn] Aphrodite I hope it's good enough ;)

{8} [Sunny Silverunicorn] Hellena My second entry, Goddess of hell and underworld.

[Eyes That Penetrate]
Greek goddess, Daughter to Demetre... She was stolen from her mom by hades and tricked into eating a fruit that would keep her there. She controlled the seasons and when she was away it was cold and harsh so a deal was struck so that she would only have to spen 6 months as queen of the underworld and the other 6 she was happy with her mother. Thus the seasons revolved around that schedule giving us fall winter spring and summer. The colors around her represent these seasons. Purple- Fall, Blue-Winter, Pink-Spring, and Yellow-Summer!

{10} [kamisch]
  Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom & war (odd combination!), born fully armoured out of Zeus (God of all Greek gods). The owl & the olive branch are her symbols...

{11} [Chaos Sun]
Mother Earth, I've had this for a few years and forgot about it (shame on me I know) so here's my addition to the goddess contest.

{12} [Chaos Sun]
This is my idea of Hecate

This is the Moon Goddess Luna in her aspect of the Full Moon. [moira hawthorne]

This is the Moon Goddess Luna in her aspect of the Waning Moon. [moira hawthorne]
<img:> <img:>
(smaller drawing is the drawing for the painting...(and shouldnt be judged as a 3rd since I have 2 already) [moira hawthorne]

This is the goddess of dreams... I can't remember her name though and I will look it up as soon as I can. It is a photomanipulation from a black and white scan..

{16} Mielikki, the Finnish Godess of the forrest, the protector of children and animals


{17.} Tara, Tibetan Goddess of Compassion. Adopted by Buddhism from Hinduism by the 3rd century B.C. , Tara appears in Buddhism, Jainism, and particularly, Tibetan Lamaism, as a complex array of manifestations: goddess of ascetism and mysticism, mother creator, protectress of all humans as they cross the sea of life. [Davorah]

{18} they doesent have a name, if you have any suggestions, they would be much apprechated. there an elven goddess.



{19} [Athanatos Nivalis]
   The Goddess of Night! I very young Goddess isn't she?

20. [Anazalie]
Blodeuwedd, a celtic godess.
She was made from 9 flowers by the magician Gwydion to be a wife for his nephew Llew, cursed by his mother so he couldnt marry a mortal woman. But she then fell in love with another man, and the couple planed to get rid of Llew. When her lover tried, with a sparrow, to kill him, the deceived husband was changed into an eagle so he could escape and flew far away, heartbroken. Mage Gwydion then punishe his creature by turning her into an owl, forgotten and forever cursed to never see daylight anymore... Hope that wasnt too long to read ^_-

22. [Digital Fortress] This is a picture of Selene. According to Hesiod, she is the daughter of Hyperion and Theia. Selene was the Greek godess of the moon. She is associated with Artemis.

23. [Asrun] A sketch I did last year of the Greek Goddess Artemis....The crown is suppose to represent her archery.

24. [Lord Dog] Freyja- Norse Goddess of love, sex, and fecundity. Pictured in her golden chariot drawn by cats, as she searches the world for her husband. She weeps tears of gold for him and flowers fall from her flowing tresses

25. [eskalilah] Hel - celtic godness of dead and her animals Helhesten and Garmr

26. [Claude K Winchester] Just a random sphenx, the skanner kinda robbed the quality from my drawing tho...

27. [XAXAXAX] Freya - the most beautiful norse goddess of love ,fertility and also war.

28. [Lord Dog] Idun, the Norse Godess who was in charge of Distributing the Golden Apples of Immortality to the gods.

29. [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"] (original photo credit to [Skydancer]) - Goddess of the Efreeti

30. [Raziel Ahnara] ~ Nyra Firesoul, the Goddess of Fire and Hatred

This is a photo of my 14x18 Acrylic painting of the Moon Goddess. There was glitter on the painting, but the photo doesnt show it too well..

32. [Aki kun]

Japanese goddess of snow.


Greek goddess of the underworld, Hecate.


34. [Beautiful Mess] I'm not sure what goddess this qualifies as...I whipped her up during a particularly boring anthropology class at the university in which we were discussing Hindu culture...If anybody can remember her name, please tell me...


35. [selardorart] kind of an old piece...but i like it anyway; Gaia, Greek goddess/personification of the earth

36.[Sus] Bastet, an Egyptian goddess. Most seem to see her as a black cat, but I liked the stripes myself!

36.[Coco caca]Terpsichore of choral songs and the dance

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2005-04-11 [moira hawthorne]: wow this was a long contest!

2005-04-11 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: Sure was ^^ best of luck to all the entries!

2005-04-11 [moira hawthorne]: *squirms* yes best of luck to all the entries!

2005-04-12 [Sus]: uh, where do we vote?

2005-04-13 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: Ah, that is, if we are indeed the appointed voting party. If I'm correct, this contest hasn't specified who will handle the votting. Be it the contestants & the general ET public, or the owner herself...

2005-04-13 [SimpleEuph]: it will be judged by me.....and some fellow ET artists.......All entries are will be a hard decision

2005-04-13 [Sus]: Oh! no polls? ::sniffs:: lol..okay!

2005-04-13 [Yuriona]: Polls suck. I'm glad this is being judged.

2005-04-13 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: Polls sometimes ruin the fun. I like contests better when they're judged ^^

2005-04-13 [Yuriona]: Yeah, especially when some entrants like to do the 'vote for me' crap. I hate that. -_-' And no, I didn't mean anyone on this wiki, I meant in general. :P

2005-04-13 [SimpleEuph]: with so many would be hard to vote.....and make a poll

2005-04-14 [Ironballs "the Preposterous One"]: I don't mind that as much as people who vote for themselves in contest polls. I suppose the best way to go about it is to advertize the poll itself without slapping people with "Vote 4 Me!" Either way, I'm glad this is how it's being done. ^_^

2005-05-26 [SimpleEuph]: Judging among the panel is just about was extremely hard....there are all very wonderful.......Well are also going to put up a poll for "The People Choice" give everyone a chance to pick their favorite.......the vote will not be voted on one picture......the vote goes for the artist's overall artwork.....Please enjoy

2005-05-26 [SimpleEuph]: <poll:53115> vote now

2005-05-27 [moira hawthorne]: THANK YOU very much for Judges' Favorite award

2005-05-27 [SimpleEuph]: your welcome.....your paintings are we made a special award for just you ^.^

2005-05-27 [SimpleEuph]: And I must apologize for making you all wait so long.....its just been too chaotic and stressful in the real world....and gathering the judges whom i could trust to help me out

2006-01-07 [Asrun]: Ew.. I should have updated with a newer drawing.. That one is like.. 3 years old. X___x;; *lol* Thanks for the honourable mention. ^.^ Congrats winners! *smoocher Moira cause her paintings are fabulous* <5

2006-01-08 [SimpleEuph]: I wished I had more time I would make some badges

2006-01-08 [moira hawthorne]: I dont think people mind.. BTW we got a new entery... abit late...

2006-01-08 [SimpleEuph]: I see.....very pretty......I wish i had the time to do another contest....i love seeing everyones me indulged into Tattoo design......designed one for my fiancee

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